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Chapter 70 - : Isolation Camp in the Mountain

Plague Doctor
     Chapter 70: Isolation Camp in the Mountain

    Lonelytree  Lonelytree

    When Gu Jun was led out of the Surgical Floor, it was right at midnight. The sky was as dark as ink, and the bird calls from the surrounding mountain lent an eerie atmosphere. He had a deeper introduction with the three members from the investigation department. There was Captain Wang Ke. The other man was called Cao Yichong, and he was slightly younger, just over thirty. The woman was called Tang Ziyin. She was young, probably just several years older than Gu Jun was. She sported a short bob. She walked ahead to the vending machine to buy some bread and several bottles of mineral water. The three of them escorted him into a police car, the kind that looked like a normal police car. It had the symbol of the normal law enforcement, no sign of it being from Phecda. Those who walked in and out of the Surgical Building were confused when they saw this, but before they could ask anything, the police car had already sped away. After leaving the medical department, the police car did not head toward the city but instead headed deeper into the mountains on the northeastern side.

    “Captain Wang, may I know what is going on?” Gu Jun was seated at the back. Next to him was Wang Ke. Cao Yichong drove while Tang Ziyin took the passenger seat.

    “There is still quite a distance to travel.” Wang Ke took the bread and mineral water that Tang Ziyin had just bought and handed them to Gu Jun. “Doctor Jun, you should have some food in you, and then get some rest.”

    Gu Jun was not familiar with Wang Ke’s personality, but this appeared to be a man with a warm heart but cold exterior. At least from the way they treated him, it did not appear like they saw him as some kind of massive criminal.

    ‘I should stop fretting myself about this. After a long day of surgery, all this thinking is hurting my brain.’

    He munched on the bread and took sips of water. Then he leaned against the cushion and went down for a wink. No matter what, he needed the time to rest.

    However, as tired as he was, he was unable to fall asleep. The car rocked harder and harder as they went deeper into the mountain. To get an idea of their direction, he would intermittently open his eyes to look out the car window. The car was definitely moving into the secluded mountain range; they were not heading toward the Investigation Department. Wang Ke did not stop him even though he knew Gu Jun had been stealing glances.