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Chapter 71 - Forgotten Pas

Plague Doctor
     Chapter 71: Forgotten Past

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    It was quiet in the barracks. Gu Jun looked at the screen, and it felt like the patient inside the video was looking at him as well.

    “This is just a simple line up procedure meant for facial recognition,” Wang Ke explained. “The people doing the identification are all 1024 patients who have suffered from hallucinations inside this camp.”

    ‘A line up procedure?’ Gu Jun knew that was a type of investigative procedure used in criminal investigation. Normally, the victims or witnesses would be asked to pick out the suspect from a line-up.

    “We mixed together the pictures of thirty people. They have different builds, facial features, and hairstyles. The psychology group assured us that there is no existent unique property within the selection of pictures, and before the process, we did not drop any suggestions toward any of the patient,” Wang Ke said. “The procedure starts with the computer randomly playing the pictures of the thirty people to the patient. The first time, the patient only needs to look through them, but after the second rotation of random thirty pictures, the victim will be asked, was there anyone among the thirty that was similar to the person they encountered during their hallucination? If they had to pick a picture among the thirty, which picture would it be?”

    Right then, in the video, the eyes of the patient suddenly widened. He raised his finger to point. “This is him. I have seen this man.”

    The video swapped to another angle. Gu Jun now saw that there was a computer placed before the victim, and the picture showing on the monitor? It was his internship ID from Phecda. It was him, Gu Jun.

    “…” Gu Jun took a deep breath, but it did nothing to unfurl his heart. He did not recognize this patient; he had not met this man in his life. Before he could settle on his thought, the video switched to the next patient and the next… but the picture they all identified was of the same man, Gu Jun. The members of the Investigation Department around him sliced at him with their gazes that spoke of suspicion, danger, and violence. They were demanding an explanation from him. Or perhaps this was their psychological tactic to pressure him into submission so that he would surrender for a lighter punishment.