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Chapter 368 - Her Biological Parents Came to Her

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 368: Her Biological Parents Came to Her

    Bo Muyi gritted his teeth and called Su Cha.

    "Cha Cha, do you want my life?"

    The man's usually clean and calm voice was obviously being suppressed to sound patient. Su Cha found it amusing that the man who could act so calmly in front of her was also able to act like this. She was so happy that she wanted to roll around in bed and deliberately asked, "What did I do?"

    Bo Muyi was furious. All he wanted to do now was to hold this person in his arms and do whatever he wanted. But since this person was in the country and he was overseas, it was unrealistic for him to do anything, being too far away. He could only hold it in. "I will teach you a lesson when I get back!"

    He emphasized on teaching her a lesson.

    Even Su Cha's heart skipped a beat when she heard his harsh tone. Her ears went numb and her body went soft. "Then I'll wait for you to come back."

    She was very innocent and did not dare to push this person into a corner.

    He might be able to fly back home immediately.

    Every word Su Cha said seemed to have other meanings in Bo Muyi's ears. He could not suppress the impulse in his heart when he thought of Su Cha's pure and innocent face.

    Bo Muyi had something to do and it was midnight. He could not chat with Su Cha for long.

    After hanging up reluctantly, he looked at the documents on the table. His usual arrogance and calmness did not seem to work. His mind was filled with Su Cha's face.

    The man's eyes darkened and he finally got up and walked to the bathroom.

    He had to take another bath.


    Su Cha, who'd been teasing Bo Muyi, felt like she had discovered a new world. She found it ridiculous when she saw Bo Muyi's rare look of exasperation.

    She thought that she might be in trouble when he came back.

    But he was not back yet, so what was there to be afraid of!

    Before the competition for the Top 15 officially began, Su Cha's peaceful life suddenly became turbulent.

    She was in the villa that day. Suddenly, a staff approached her, saying that someone had come to the villa to look for her, and it was not a fan.

    Even fans would not be able to enter.

    At that time, Su Cha did not think about who it was. However, since the production crew came to her to tell her that they had agreed for her to meet them, she went out directly.

    On the road outside the villa was a low-key luxury car.

    Su Cha recognized the logo of the car.

    Even the cheapest one cost millions.

    Standing next to the car was an old man in a suit.

    He was about 50 years old. Even his hair was neatly trimmed. His gentle face exuded a strictness and an indescribable elegance.

    When he saw Su Cha, he even bowed slightly to her. "Miss Su."

    Su Cha paused. One of the contestants who saw Su Cha coming out was shocked.

    Such an exaggerated way of greeting. Were they filming a drama?

    The old man stood up and crossed his arms in front of him. He smiled and said, "Miss Su will definitely be surprised by who I am. You will find out soon. I wonder if Miss Su is willing to come with me? This matter concerns your biological parents."

    He spoke with a respectful tone, which was not dissimilar to the one used by Ah Chen and Bai Kun.

    Su Cha squinted at the mention of her biological parents.

    She roughly understood what Bo Muyi had told her about her biological parents.