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Chapter 73 - Picture with the Foreign Characters

Plague Doctor
     Chapter 73: Picture with the Foreign Characters

    Lonelytree  Lonelytree

    When Gu Jun woke up from his illusions, he realized that the patients in the other room had already been cleared away, but Captain Wang Ke and the rest were standing next to him, studying him.

    “Captain Wang, everyone, I have just remembered some of the memory from my childhood…”

    “I need you to come look at the recording with us first,” Wang Ke ordered. So, Gu Jun followed them back to the earlier barracks. His heart was still processing the meaning of the memory from the illusion earlier. Of course, there had to be abnormal energy in this.

    The people from the Afterlife Cult were connected to the foreign civilization. Perhaps on the night before that world was destroyed by the strange disease and monsters, some of the people there believed that they had been abandoned by the Goddess of Life and resorted instead to serve a ‘real god’ of darkness, and their lingering consciousness had awakened in this world. Then, they captured him and other children as experiments, doing sacrifices and rituals of summoning and seance. However, he had no idea how he managed to reach into the past through the illusion to speak and had no idea how he could manage to receive the energy that belonged to another world through the system. Was he different from a normal person? After all, he had almost died from a simple flu when he was fifteen, and that was way before the threat of the brain tumor.

    However, Gu Jun was certain that he was a mere mortal. After all, that was what the system categorized him as, ‘homo sapien’.

    ‘That has to be the case…’ he told himself.

    The computer monitor in the barrack soon played the recording from the room earlier. Gu Jun saw himself seated in the chair, the expression on his face getting more and more pained. His hands gripped his heads as he was suddenly pulled into the illusion. First, there was a death-like silence. Then, his lips uttered intermittent incoherent words, and that lasted for about ten seconds…