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Chapter 369 - A TV Show

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 369: A TV Show

    Su Cha agreed to go with him.

    The reason why the production crew agreed to come in directly to look for her was probably because of the guest's identity.

    Looking at him, Su Cha knew that her biological parents were not ordinary.

    After all, ordinary people would not have someone like this old man in their family.

    He looked like a butler.

    Su Cha got into the car and asked directly, "Who are my parents?"

    She asked very calmly, and no one could tell what she meant.

    It was as if it was just a natural thing to ask.

    The old man glanced at Su Cha through the rearview mirror and smiled slightly. "Miss Su is indeed different from what your parents have imagined. You will be able to see them soon. When we saw you on television, we were also very surprised. After all, we never thought that Madam's Missy would still be alive."


    Su Cha's eyelids twitched unconsciously.

    Still be alive?

    What do you mean?

    Of course, Su Mingzhe never had the intention to return their money to them. So why did he imply that they thought she was dead?

    Su Cha quickly understood the situation after coming up with the only reasonable explanation.

    That is, that this was their excuse. They were just afraid that Su Cha would develop resentment or such because they were not able to find her after so many years, so they made up a reason.

    She suddenly smiled. "How should I address you?"

    She could still maintain her manners in front of the old man.

    The old man remained smiling. "Just call me Butler Xiang. I'm the butler of your parents."

    "Okay, Butler Xiang."

    She changed the direction of the conversation. "How can you prove that I am the lady you speak of? I haven't even done a paternity test. Aren't you afraid that you've found the wrong person?"

    These words were not polite at all. There was even an inexplicable sense of oppression in them. The manager's smile suddenly became difficult to grasp. "Missy's appearance is exactly the same as Madam's. This is also how we can quickly confirm Missy's identity."

    Su Cha clicked her tongue.

    It felt like a dream, but it was not a dream.

    Everything happened so suddenly.

    There seemed to be no reason behind it.

    But this reason was rather ridiculous.

    She could feel the butler's gaze on her non-stop. But was there anything wrong if he was looking?

    On the way, Su Cha did not speak.

    Until the butler drove her to another direction in the city.

    The famous wealthy district, the Imperial Capital's top mansion.

    The only residence that had a unique status was the Lookout Pavilion, but ordinary people did not know about that.

    This, on the other hand, was the residential area that the upper-class circle of the Imperial Capital yearned for.

    It was possible that a person who lived here was someone who had control over the Imperial Capital's lifeline or a top tycoon in the industry.

    The famous Zuo family was located here.

    When the car stopped, Su Cha lifted her eyes and glanced at the magnificent building past the car window. She could not help but click her tongue.

    Even a villa paled in comparison.

    The mansion in front of her had a modern style. The servants standing on both sides of the huge fountain statue showed how extraordinary it was.

    The butler stopped the car and opened the car door for Su Cha. Then, he gestured respectfully to her.

    Su Cha got out of the car. The moment her feet stepped on the ground, the servants on both sides suddenly made an orderly sound.

    "Welcome home, Miss Su!"

    Su Cha: "…"

    She suddenly felt that the Lookout Pavilion was too low-key.