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Chapter 73 - Delicious Roasted Chicken?

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 73: Delicious Roasted Chicken?

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    After she walked one round in the black market carrying her basket, she saw an elderly.

    The elderly was of advanced age. She could tell the passage of time from his face. But his eyes looked different from other people.

    His clothes were sewn many times. It was old but very clean. He looked poor but he also gave her a different feeling.

    As Gu Qingyao sized up the elder, he looked over as well. He stared at her basket and his eyes revealed his intention.

    “Do you want fine grains?” Gu Qingyao walked over and asked.

    The elderly’s eyes sparkled, “Yes. Can I exchange with you?”

    His second sentence was said very softly.