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Chapter 74 - An Old Friend of Grandma

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 74: An Old Friend of Grandma

    Gu Qingyao was in baggy clothes. She covered her face also and only her eyes could be seen. She looked just like a little girl.

    That was why she addressed him as grandpa.

    The elderly could not look away from the roasted chicken. His family was very wealthy in the past and he had eaten countless delicious foods. However, after the family suffered from reformation, he rarely had a chance to eat those foods again.

    The roasted chicken really smelled good!

    The elderly looked up at Gu Qingyao, “Young lady, I… I want it! I’ll exchange with you some other things!”

    He then took out a pair of golden jade bracelets. The design looked ancient but pretty. It was a pair of delicate dragon and phoenix bracelets.

    The design was classic but they were made by one of the best craftsmen. There were two rubies inlaid on the bracelets. They were really breathtaking.

    The elderly stared at Gu Qingyao with anticipation and said, “Aren’t they pretty?”


    He looked towards the bracelets in his hand and felt hard to give them away, “I bought them when I was engaged with my fiancee. It was made by the top craftsman in Shanghai. It will be a pity if the rubies are detached from the bracelets. Though the Gold bank was willing to trade for it, I did not trade them off. Furthermore, I would not dare to go.”

    His family was affected by reformation. Though gold was one of the currencies used now, he did not dare to take them out. If others knew about the gold they possessed, the entire family would be under threat.


    Gu Qingyao’s eyes flickered, “Grandpa, you’re from Shanghai?”

    Her grandma was from Shanghai as well. Maybe she knew this elderly!

    The Wen family was one of the top families that were very wealthy. If this grandpa was from the elite families, he might have known grandma.

    “Yes. But I left long ago.”

    Gu Qingyao felt closer to the elderly as he was from the same place as her Gu Qingyao. She was more generous to him. Besides the half roasted chicken, she also gave him a fish.

    “Grandpa, this is fresh fish. Cook some fish soup.”

    The elderly’s eyes opened wide as he saw the fish. Did he encounter an angel today?

    That was fantastic!

    The elderly was touched, “Young Lady, my surname is Guo, you can just call me Grandpa Guo. I really cannot reject the food. I really need them now. Take the bracelets. Thank you!”

    The elderly passed the bracelets to Gu Qingyao, took all the food and headed back home.

    These were all good food!

    His wife had not eaten those for a long time.

    Gu Qingyao changed her outfit and went to another black market. In total, she gave out 20 kilograms of white rice, 25 kilograms of flour, 35 kilograms of cornflour, 15 kilograms of dried sweet potato and 30 kilograms of potato flour.

    Additionally, there were 50 kilograms of coarse grains, 2.5 kilograms of smoked meat, two dried fish, a dozen sausages, 10 apples and 5 kilograms of oil.

    In return, she received six hundred dollars and coupons for 5 kilograms of grain, 30 inches of cloth and a bicycle. She also received many ancient jewelry sets.

    A whole set of jade jewelry, a set of diamond jewelry and a set of gold head ornaments.

    Though this set of jade was not as valuable as the set from Grandpa Guo, its quality was good as well. Gu Qingyao was satisfied with what she received this round.

    With a huge amount of money, Gu Qingyao stood in front of the department store. She wanted to buy something from here in order to prepare for her brothers’ weddings in the future.