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Chapter 417 - I Am Sorry

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 417: I Am Sorry

    After arriving at the hospital room, Jiang Yao got straight to stitching Lu Xingzhi’s wound and hooked him up to the medicine retrieved from the Medical System. She came out of the bathroom to hear Lu Xingzhi on a phone call with Zhou Weiqi. He told him to bring Luo Ruoran home and not to come to the hospital.

    After hanging up the phone, Lu Xingzhi waved at Jiang Yao, who was watching from afar, motioning for her to come closer.

    Jiang Yao walked over and wiped his face with a clean cloth. “Don’t do this again. You scared me. I was chasing after the snatch thief, why did you follow when your body is not fully recovered yet? Are you trying to be a hero? Even if I could not make it, there are still police officers, right?”

    She finished speaking and the room fell into a hushed silence.

    “So, you know that the police were there? Lu Xingzhi’s voice was as cold as ice. “Don’t you understand? I was running after you, not the snatch thief!”

    He grabbed her hand, holding her fingers tightly, his veins popping out. “Like you said, I had no reason at all to be a hero. Why would I want to chase after a non-threatening criminal who was just after some cash?”

    She still did not understand who was in the wrong!

    Lu Xingzhi sighed and let go of her hand.


    Jiang Yao was silent for a full ten seconds, she understood that Lu Xingzhi was genuinely angry.

    She finally realized why he ran after her, ignoring his own injuries. It was out of concern for her safety, and not to take down the snatch thief like she thought.

    Causing his wounds to tear, she was to blame.

    “I am sorry, Xingzhi.” Jiang Yao genuinely recognized her mistake. She should not have run off just like that, without a single explanation.

    She held his hand. “It was my mistake. I swear, there will not be a next time!”

    Lu Xingzhi looked at her remorseful expression and felt instantly weak.

    There were more secrets to Jiang Yao than he thought.

    Her leap over the metal fence was a feat no worse than his.

    Yet, he was a professional soldier who graduated from military school and had never missed a single day of training.

    And her? A demurred young lady who did not even venture out of her town before attending university, where did she learn all these skills?

    Lu Xingzhi stretched his untethered arm out and wrapped it around Jiang Yao. “What is there to achieve by chasing after a snatch thief? He’s not out for blood, let the police handle it. If human lives are involved, let me go instead. I am a soldier and protecting the people is my responsibility. Do you understand?”