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Chapter 622 - That’s the Aura!

Medical Master
     Chapter 622 That’s the Aura!

    “You’re stuck at the second class?” Fang Qiu gazed at He Gaoming. Judging from his aura, Fang Qiu knew that He Gaoming was indeed a second-class Martial Superior, but Fang Qiu could not tell what his actual level was.

    Fang Qiu said, “Strike a blow. Let me see.”

    “Okay.” He Gaoming’s eyes lit up.

    For him, this was equivalent to Fang Qiu’s concession. If he wanted him to make a move, he must want to instruct him.

    With great expectation, He Gaoming took two steps back and then used all his strength to throw a fierce punch at Fang Qiu’s face.

    “Bang!” Fang Qiu reached out his right hand and caught hold of He Gaoming’s fist.

    Fang Qiu sensed the power erupting from He Gaoming’s fist.

    It was at the peak of the second-class Martial Superior!

    “Master, what do you think?” He Gaoming withdrew his fist and then quickly approached Fang Qiu. He looked at Fang Qiu expectantly, waiting for Fang Qiu’s guidance.

    Fang Qiu nodded gently and said solemnly, “You have indeed reached the peak of the second class. But if you really want to be one of the lower ends of the third-class Martial Superiors, I can help you.”

    Hearing this, He Gaoming’s expression immediately changed and he said, “What? Forget it. The lowest person in the third-class Martial Superiors is not as good as the best among the people reaching the peak of the second class.”

    “Besides, my talent is so incredible that I can’t let you destroy it.”

    Fang Qiu was speechless.

    After rolling his eyes at He Gaoming, he stepped away directly.

    This time, He Gaoming did not stop him.

    He knew what Fang Qiu meant.

    Although his strength had indeed reached the peak of second-class Martial Superior and he could barely break through, this was not the time for him to do it. At least he did not have a sense of breakthrough in cultivation. Obviously, Fang Qiu had also seen this. If he really wanted to improve, Fang Qiu could help to promote him to the third-class Martial Superior. However, in that case, it would leave him in potential danger and was also a defect for him.

    After thinking about it carefully, he thought that it was better to make a breakthrough naturally since cultivation could not be rushed.

    After leaving the detective agency, Fang Qiu took a taxi directly to Elder Yi’s manor outside the city.

    Instead of going through the front gate, Fang Qiu flew directly to the backyard of the manor.

    At this moment, Elder Yi was in meditation in the practice room.

    The moment he heard the sound of the wind, he immediately woke up. He quickly got up and opened the door, only to find that the person who came was the mysterious man John Doe, who had disappeared for quite some time.

    “Senior, long time no see.” Elder Yi hurriedly greeted Fang Qiu, cupping his fists.

    Fang Qiu also greeted him in the same way and then said, “Long time no see. I’m sorry to bother you. The reason why I suddenly paid you a visit is that I want to ask you for a favor.”

    Elder Yi asked, “Oh? What’s the matter?”

    Fang Qiu said sincerely, “I heard that you have a sword that carries the aura of a master. Could I please have a look at it?”

    “Of course.” Elder Yi laughed. He thought that John Doe was going to ask him for something important, but he did not expect that he just wanted to take a look at his sword. Although the sword in his hand was valuable, it was not something that could not touched by others, let alone John Doe wanting to borrow it.

    “Thank you.” Fang Qiu thanked him.

    “Follow me.” Elder Yi nodded with a smile, then walked out of the practice room and led Fang Qiu into the hall next door

    Elder Yi felt that it was normal for John Doe to show his gratitude to him.

    He knew that the mysterious man John Doe was a young man.

    In terms of martial arts cultivation, he had to respectfully address the mysterious man John Doe as Senior. But when it came to age, he was John Doe’s elder. He could certainly receive John Doe’s thanks!

    They arrived at the main hall.

    “Have a seat and wait for a while. I’ll get the sword now.” Elder Yi said and went straight upstairs.

    Fang Qiu sat down in the hall.

    One minute later, “Dong, dong, dong…”

    Elder Yi came down from upstairs.

    Fang Qiu turned and found that there was a sword in his hand.

    This sword looked a little old, with a blue scabbard and hilt inlaid with gold. At first glance, it gave off an air of elegance.

    “A fifth-class Martial Superior carried this sword during his whole life.”

    Walking in front of Fang Qiu, Elder Yi handed the sword to Fang Qiu and said, “This kind of sword is rare. I also saw it by chance. It took me a lot of effort to acquire it.”

    Fang Qiu took the sword.

    He found that the sword was not heavy, but very light.

    It also gave him a good feeling when he held it.

    “Whiz!” With a gentle pull, the long sword made a thumping sound. A cold light burst out from the scabbard, which chilled the atmosphere around him.

    “Good sword.” Fang Qiu exclaimed.

    Although he was not familiar with weapons and did not know what kind of weapons were good, he knew that a weapon that could make people feel cold must be good!

    Elder Yi looked at him with a smile.

    Putting away the sword, Fang Qiu said to Elder Yi, “Elder Yi, could you let me stay in a quiet room? I need to observe it carefully.”

    “Okay.” Elder Yi nodded in response.

    After taking Fang Qiu into a quiet room in the depths of the house, he turned around and left.

    In the quiet room, Fang Qiu pulled out the long sword.

    He observed it carefully.

    He found that the sword was a good one, but apart from the chill that it exuded that made people tremble, there was nothing special about it.

    Where was the master’s aura?

    “Could it be that I have to practice with the sword?”

    When he thought of that, Fang Qiu turned his wrist and recalled a set of swordsmanship that the old master had taught him before and began to practice it.

    Fang Qiu had practiced this swordsmanship countless times.

    According to the old master, Fang Qiu had already practiced this swordsmanship to the extreme.

    However, this was just a basic swordsmanship.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu did not have the habit of using weapons.

    Now Fang Qiu was a guru.

    The skill he used to practice this swordsmanship was even smoother than before.

    After a while, he reached a state of great harmony with the sword.

    Right at this moment, “Hmm?”

    Fang Qiu suddenly felt that there was a slight aura coming out from the sword.

    It was a kind of strange energy aura.

    After this slight aura appeared, it actually tried to activate Fang Qiu’s internal Qi.

    When Fang Qiu felt it, he quickly lowered his level of cultivation.

    After all, the aura of this sword came from a fifth-class Martial Superior. It was almost impossible for the aura of a Martial Superior to mobilize the internal Qi of a guru-level master!

    Therefore, Fang Qiu had to suppress his cultivation to the level of a first-class Martial Superior as soon as possible.

    After he suppressed his strength, Fang Qiu felt that the aura of the sword was obviously more active. Not only did it flow with Fang Qiu’s internal Qi, but it even went directly into Fang Qiu’s body, driving Fang Qiu’s internal Qi to circulate in his body.

    The aura ran through all the meridians that he had opened till the fifth-class Martial Superior. And then it returned to the sword again.

    After he stopped practicing the swordsmanship, the aura of the sword disappeared.

    “I see.” Fang Qiu smiled.

    Just now, after careful observation, Fang Qiu found the aura. It was because the owner of this weapon had been using it for a long time. Every time he used it, he would drive the internal Qi in his body and then transmit it to the weapon.

    Everything in the world had its own spirit. As being used for so many times, the weapons that the masters carried with them would naturally be attached to these auras. The only difference was the amount of aura that would be attached.

    When these weapons that were attached to the masters’ aura fell into other people’s hands and were used to practice or fight, its aura would be stimulated and would then drive the internal Qi, once the people who carried them entered a certain state.

    If the owner of this weapon was a fifth-class master who opened ten meridians and it happened that his weapon fell into the hands of a second-class Martial Superior, even if the second-class Martial Superior only opened four meridians and six of his meridians were not opened yet, the internal Qi in his body could still flow smoothly through the ten meridians with the guidance of the sword’s aura.

    This was just a feeling. Real internal Qi could not run in the un-opened meridians, but this feeling could make the user feel the apprehension and experience of opening the meridians in advance.

    Even a small amount of comprehension and experience was very precious for a person who lacked strength.

    “So, what should I do to let the weapon absorb my own aura quickly?”

    After figuring out the aura on the sword, Fang Qiu touched his chin and thought carefully.

    After thinking for a long time, Fang Qiu walked out of the quiet room and returned the sword to Elder Yi. After expressing his gratitude, he left.

    The next day, Fang Qiu went to the street selling antiques early in the morning and bought three swords.

    The three swords were Longquan Swords made using modern craftsmanship.

    After buying the swords, Fang Qiu immediately found an empty park and began to practice.

    At first, Fang Qiu directly injected internal Qi into the sword, but it did not work at all. It would be gone once he stopped injecting.

    “I can’t do it by force.” Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

    In the beginning, what he wanted to do was to force his internal Qi into the sword and try to leave his aura on the sword. But obviously, it didn’t work.

    “Maybe I need to reach the great harmony of human and sword.”

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu turned his head and looked around. He was a little hesitant.

    After all, it was a park.

    When practicing with the sword, once he entered the state of great harmony of human and sword, he would be oblivious to everything.

    This practice required the use of internal Qi. It would be bad if he should accidentally hurt anyone in the park. Even if it did not hurt anyone, it would not be good to let people see such a shocking display of swordsmanship.

    After thinking for a while, Fang Qiu saw a mountain which was located at a distance from the park.

    He immediately went out of the city and directly rushed to the top of the mountain. After making sure that there was no one around, he began to practice.

    Because it was an experiment, Fang Qiu did not use all his powers. Instead, he deliberately suppressed his strength to the level of a fifth-class Martial Superior.

    As he practiced, he controlled the flow of the internal Qi in his body. He even regarded the sword as part of his body, so that the internal Qi could connect with the meridians in his body from head to toe.

    Soon, after finishing practicing a set of swordsmanship, Fang Qiu checked again, but the result was still the same! Nothing happened.

    “What’s going on?” Fang Qiu was confused.

    “Is it really necessary to carry it for a long time in order to produce a sword with the aura of a master? If that’s the case, how can I mass-produce them? How can I make money?”

    At the thought of money, Fang Qiu had a headache.

    Even if there was no other way, he had to find a way!

    Helplessly, Fang Qiu tried again.

    However, even after trying several times, it was still useless.