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Chapter 370 - Push Her Away!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 370: Push Her Away!

    It was not to the extent of being mistaken for a nouveau riche, but it was obvious that this place was very classy.

    With so many people, it could only be said that the people who lived here were of high status.

    But if we speak of "luxurious"…

    Su Cha had once enjoyed the supreme status of being the Empress Dowager. As soon as she appeared, everyone worshipped her.

    This was not something modern society could express.

    Hence, Su Cha found the present display amusing and ridiculous.

    When she followed the butler to this mansion, she was like a noble who lived in the present. She always gave people an ethereal feeling, as if her life here was destined to be superior and extraordinary.

    The two doors opened, and the servants at the door bowed to Su Cha. It was easy for these people to feel light-headed, or even fearful.

    Su Cha did not believe that she could not figure out how they felt. After all, she used to be an ordinary person.

    The butler's employers had brought her to such a home, but it was unclear what the other party was up to.

    After all, ordinary people would not be able to withstand such immense pressure.

    However, Su Cha walked calmly the whole time. She even felt that it was only natural for them to be respectful.

    She walked to the main hall and saw its magnificence.

    The luxurious and elegant top-notch decoration was obviously the work of the world's most famous designers. Every scene here made people feel like they were in a palace.

    But Su Cha had lived in a real palace for decades.

    What caught her attention was not these, but a noble woman who was already crying in the main hall.

    Su Cha was surprised to see her.

    It was not because of her stunning beauty, but because of her looks. As the butler had said, she really resembled Su Cha too much.

    They looked very similar.

    But the remaining four points formed two different women.

    She had extreme beauty. Su Cha did not seem to have inherited it completely, but she was not inferior to her.

    She was wearing a long dress as she stood there, delicate and elegant. This woman seemed to have been doted on to the extreme. The superior aura she exuded was stronger than that of many people. It was obvious that she must be very happy.

    But looking at such a woman, Su Cha suddenly felt strange.

    She felt as if a drum was beating in her heart. At first, she did not feel it, but in the end, it became louder and louder.

    Her heart raced until the woman suddenly pounced on her and grabbed her arm. She exclaimed excitedly, "Daughter, my daughter!"

    Looking at her face, it was as if there was no need for any proof.

    Anyone could tell that Su Cha was indeed the daughter of this woman.

    Su Cha stared at her tightly clasped hands in a daze. Her fingers were long and delicate, and even her nails had been carefully protected. They were beautiful and charming.

    From beginning to end, such a woman could only be described with the words exquisite and perfect.

    However, a terrifying thought suddenly came to Su Cha's mind. It was baffling and could not be stopped.

    Push… push her away!

    Push her away!

    She pushed her away and let her fall!

    It was like a voice had suddenly appeared in Su Cha's mind. She felt her head ache and did not know why she had such a thought, but she could not control her movements, and though she did not use too much strength, she still easily pushed the woman away.

    The woman was stunned when she saw Su Cha push her away.