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Chapter 1080 - Who Exactly Is Gu Yuexi?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1080: Who Exactly Is Gu Yuexi?

    Wen Xinya heard about Gu Yuexi the most in the past few days.

    Hence, she could not help but develop a strong curiosity towards Gu Yuexi. To her knowledge, Gu Yuexi was Si Yiyan’s most trusted assistant and was highly respected by the members of Lucifer and Xiasi Group.

    Gu Yuexi had been running the Xiasi Group branch in Italy. Hence, she did not have the chance to meet him.

    While eating some fruit, Wen Xinya asked, “Gu Yuehan and the rest have been in Capital city for five days. When exactly are they leaving?”

    Lucifer had just been through a cruel bloodbath and the outcome had yet to be confirmed. Yet, Lucifer, Gu Yuehan, Yueze, and Xu Xianghu were actually spending their days relaxing in Capital city leisurely, despite being the leaders of Lucifer. Wen Xinya was extremely displeased about that because she was worried that they might slack off and create trouble for Si Yiyan, who might have to clean up their mess at the end of the day.

    Noticing the displeasure in her tone, Si Yiyan laughed and answered, “Hmm, they’ll be boarding a flight back to Russia at five in the evening. They should have already reached the airport by now.”


    He was rather curious and bewildered by Gu Yuexi’s unusual leniency with the three of them. He thought that Gu Yuexi would at most allow them to stay in the city for three days before giving them an ultimatum. Contrary to his expectations, he allowed them to stay for five full days! What a record-breaker.

    Wen Xinya asked, “They left in such a hurry without even informing me. Did something happen to Lucifer?”

    Wen Xinya began to feel a little worried. Si Yiyan had been receiving treatment from Old Mr. Du and hence, could not tire himself out. She hoped that Gu Yuehan and the rest could settle the matters, regardless of what they may be. It would be best if Si Yiyan need not intervene, for handling the complications in Lucifer was strenuous and required tremendous effort.

    Chuckling, Si Yiyan answered reassuringly, “With Gu Yuexi around to see to the matters in Russia, how could anything possibly happen?”

    Oh right, he had yet to inform Wen Xinya about Gu Yuexi being in Russia.

    Wen Xinya asked in surprise, “Isn’t Gu Yuexi in Italy? Doesn’t he need to be in charge of the Xiasi Group’s branch in Italy?”

    Gu Yuehan and the other two were in charge of the situation in Russia. Gu Yuehan was conscientious while Yueze was alert and intelligent. On the other hand, Xu Xianghu had brawn and might. Hence, the three of them formed a strong triangle that could not be broken. With the three of them around, no one could get up to anything fishy at all. Meanwhile, in Italy, Gu Yuexi was the only one in charge. Hence, she did not expect that he would go to Russia.

    Of course, she would have never expected that Si Yiyan had done all of that just so that he could spend some blissful time with her during her summer break.

    Si Yiyan explained, “The situation in Italy has been confirmed and I’ve also begun treatment for my old ailment too. Gu Yuexi is just worried that I might be too exhausted. Hence, he decided to take over matters in Russia.”

    He obviously wouldn’t let Wen Xinya know that he was the one who made Gu Yuexi go to Russia on purpose.

    Wen Xinya remarked in a moment of enlightenment, “That explains it.”

    Throughout the many years of their relationship, Wen Xinya had never seen him so busy with handling things at Xiasi Group before. It seemed that he was mainly occupied with the internal management of Lucifer. Lately, he indeed had more spare time than usual.

    The thought of it made Wen Xinya feel in awe of Gu Yuexi whom she was curious about too.

    The capable ones tend to work harder.

    She truly hoped that Gu Yuexi could manage everything on his own and Si Yiyan could relax.

    Si Yiyan could tell that she seemed to be rather interested and curious about Gu Yuexi. Despite feeling a little unhappy, he decided to clear her doubts. He continued, “The situation in Russia has yet to be settled. Apart from me, Gu Yuexi is the only one who can manage everything. Most of the members of Xiasi Group and Lucifer are afraid of Gu Yuexi.”

    When he was not fighting violent battles, Gu Yuexi was a refined heir of a European aristocratic family that originated during the Middle Century. When he was violent, he was just like a raging storm that no one could stand. Wherever Gu Yuexi went, there would be no way of making a living.

    Wen Xinya asked, “Are Gu Yuehan and the rest afraid of him too?”

    Gu Yuehan was Gu Yuexi’s brother at the end of the day. Yueze was smart while Xu Xianghu was full of antics. The three of them did not seem to possess the potential to be afraid of Gu Yuexi.

    Si Yiyan laughed out loud peculiarly.

    Wen Xinya asked in confusion, “Was I wrong?”

    Si Yiyan continued to guffaw. “You’re wrong. The three of them are the most afraid of Gu Yuexi. Why do you think the three of them scrambled over here so mindlessly?”

    Si Yiyan was the only one who could control and order Gu Yuexi around. Hence, the three of them were obviously there to cozy up to Si Yiyan.

    Wen Xinya asked in disbelief, “Is Gu Yuexi really that daunting?”

    Revealing his beautiful pearly whites, Si Yiyan answered, “Gu Yuexi is rather polite towards others, but he’s rather strict with the three of them. You probably know that Xu Xianghu has always had beast-like instincts which allow him to avoid trouble. Do you know how he got those instincts?”

    Wen Xinya was shocked by the ambiguous smile on Si Yiyan’s face.

    Si Yiyan explained smilingly, “Xu Xianghu has always been sharper and more sensitive than others, though he’s not that precise. Gu Yuexi once poured a pot of animal blood over him and threw him to the beasts. Xu Xianghu was then made to survive three months with the beasts without hurting any of them…”

    Wen Xinya’s smile became lopsided. Si Yiyan had also lived with beasts before, but the ones that he lived with were all tamed. Besides, Si Yiyan’s purpose was to get to know the habits of the beasts and learn from them. Unlike Si Yiyan, Xu Xianghu was struggling to survive.

    Blood would entice the beasts to launch maniacal attacks! Wasn’t Gu Yuexi afraid that Xu Xianghu would be devoured by the beasts?

    Noticing the changes in her expression, Si Yiyan smiled smugly and continued, “Many often get deceived by Gu Yuexi’s appearance.”

    No man in this world would be willing to see his woman developing an interest in another man, and he was no exception either. What he was trying to do, was to get rid of all roots of curiosity before they could sprout and develop.

    Recalling Xu Xianghu’s complaints about Gu Yuexi, Wen Xinya shivered and exclaimed. “Indeed, the more capable they are, the more… um… special they will be!”

    She wanted to say that Gu Yuexi had a twisted mind, but she decided not to do so since Gu Yuexi was Si Yiyan’s able assistant who was hardworking and even did his best to help Si Yiyan shoulder the burden of Lucifer.

    However, she obviously couldn’t hide her thoughts from Si Yiyan, who knew exactly what she was thinking. He pulled her into his arms smilingly.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “I suddenly find you to be very impressive.”

    Of course he had to be impressive in order to have control over such a cruel and ruthless man like Gu Yuexi. Hence, Wen Xinya felt incredibly proud.

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter and said, “Baby, hurry and let me taste your little mouth. Let’s see if you smeared some honey on it today.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, he began kissing her, unable to hold himself back at all.