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Chapter 371 - Sister, Is It You?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 371: Sister, Is It You?

    "Is it because you're not used to me…"

    The woman thought that Su Cha might simply be taken aback by her sudden appearance.

    She was a little nervous and did not dare to approach Su Cha again, but she could not help but cry, "I… I haven't seen you in many years. I didn't expect…"

    Compared to her excitement, Su Cha frowned slightly after she pushed her away. Then she was expressionless.

    From a bystander's perspective, Su Cha was scarily calm.

    The smile on Butler Xiang's face changed slightly when he saw Su Cha's reaction.

    "The Zong family told us that you were missing. I knew they were lying to me…"

    The woman was crying, but she suddenly laughed as she spoke, which gave Su Cha a headache.

    Her heart had skipped a beat. She could tell from the moment she and Su Cha met.

    She could feel the familiar unfamiliarity of this woman.


    The emotion within Su Cha was different.


    Su Cha's mouth twitched. She did not know where this hatred came from.

    She disliked this woman in front of her, even if she was her mother.

    As far as she could remember, she had not seen this mother for at least ten years. How could she have such feelings for her?

    Could it be that she hated that they had not looked for her in this past decade?

    Su Cha did not understand, but she did not think so.

    The hatred was engraved in her bones. She could hardly control it when she saw these people.

    If not for Su Cha's strong self-control, she could not have guaranteed that she would not do anything to this woman.

    "Su… Cha Cha, look at me, I'm your mother!"

    Seeing that Su Cha remained silent, the woman became anxious and sad. She called out to her anxiously.

    Su Cha frowned instinctively. "You… just call me Su Cha."

    She did not like this woman calling her Cha Cha.

    Ruan Yin was stunned.

    Su Cha's cold and distant tone was completely different from what she had imagined.

    She could tell that Su Cha did not want to get close. Seeing her heartbroken gaze, the butler went forward and whispered, "Madam, Miss just came back. Perhaps she's just not used to it. It's normal that nothing is familiar to her."

    Ruan Yin believed his words and felt better. She refused to accept the fact that her daughter did not even want to kiss her. She wiped her tears and said gently to Su Cha, "Come here. You must be tired. I know you have a lot of questions to ask, but can we have a good talk? I haven't seen you for more than ten years. I'm so happy. I want to have a good talk with you. Your father will be back tonight. And your sister, your brother…"

    She seemed to be very happy. But Su Cha did not have a good impression of her father, so her eyelids twitched when she heard him mentioned.

    Because of this inexplicable feeling, she did not hold much hope for the biological parents who had always existed in her imagination.

    Hearing that she had a younger brother and sister, she raised her eyebrows slightly and clicked her tongue.

    "Eh? Sister, it's you, sister!!"

    Suddenly, a little boy's happy voice could be heard. Ruan Yin and Su Cha followed the voice and saw an extremely beautiful little boy suddenly appear. When he saw Su Cha, his eyes lit up and he ran over happily.