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Chapter 538 - Farming Mythical Creatures

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 538 Farming Mythical Creatures

    The golden trident’s body trembled violently as golden light shot forth from its surface.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly used his movement technique to dodge and hide behind Six-Winged so that he was spared from the golden beam’s attack.

    The golden light clashed with Six-Winged’s holy flames, slicing apart the holy flames and slicing through its scales, leaving deep wounds that reached to the bone.

    As expected of a Mythical creature in the form of a weapon, this destructive power is truly terrifying. Zhou Wen was alarmed. If he was struck by the golden light, even two layers of armor wouldn’t be able to protect him.

    It was a pity that no matter how powerful the golden trident’s destructive power was, it was still suppressed by the Six-Winged’s claws. It could not unleash its immense power.

    Six-Winged held onto the golden trident tightly. It did not loosen its claws no matter what. Its body was lacerated by the golden light. Fortunately, it was not fatal.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned Demonic Neonate and got her to use the ancient sword to attack the golden trident.

    Six-Winged was good at almost everything. It could fight, tank, and still survive. The only bad thing about it was that it did not have an offensive Wheel of Destiny. It was also six-winged, but the Six-Winged Seraphim had Holy Angel’s Redemption. That was truly a good weapon.


    However, there were pros and cons. The life-saving ability provided by the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was not something the Six-Winged Seraphim possessed. Otherwise, John wouldn’t have had his throat sliced by him.

    Thankfully, apart from the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, Zhou Wen still had Demonic Neonate, a pet with relatively strong offensive powers. Demonic Neonate controlled the ancient sword as she sought out an opportunity, slashing at the golden trident again and again. Furthermore, she targeted a particular spot. She hid behind the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and was even safer than Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen also found all sorts of opportunities to strike at the golden trident. The two pets and the human worked together in a frenzy to slash at the golden trident, leaving it covered in wounds. The deepest impression of the trident was about to be halved.

    The golden trident had already gone berserk. Its entire body was shimmering with golden light. In particular, its tip was glowing with a dazzling divine light, as if it could pierce through everything in the world.

    Unfortunately, it couldn’t move due to Six-Winged’s pressure. The tip couldn’t touch Zhou Wen and company, so it was useless no matter how much strength it unleashed.

    After about half an hour, Demonic Neonate’s ancient sword slashed down again. With a clang, the golden trident was cut in half.

    ‘Killed Mythical creature, Golden Battle God Halberd. Discovered Dimensional Crystal.’

    Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed when he saw that the golden trident didn’t drop a Companion Egg. On careful look, he saw that the dimensional crystal was a Strength +80 crystal. It was high enough, but Zhou Wen’s upper limit was only 40. He couldn’t raise it before breaking through.

    Zhou Wen picked up the Strength Crystal and absorbed it. Indeed, his Strength was still at 40. Unless he found a way to raise his Strength to 41 or advance to the Mythical stage, it was impossible for him to raise it any further.

    With the experience gained from killing the Golden Battle God Halberd, Zhou Wen kept grinding the Metalwork Temple instance dungeon. He didn’t believe that the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg wouldn’t drop.

    After two or three battles, Zhou Wen had roughly figured out the situation with it. Its destructive power was much stronger than the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. Furthermore, the miraculous power of the Wheel of Destiny was also a destructive power. If one was struck by the miraculous power, even the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon would be penetrated. Its Mythical body would be like paper.

    However, the Golden Battle God Halberd’s miraculous powers couldn’t hit its target easily. This was because the miraculous powers were actually unable to pierce through the air and injure the opponent. It was only the tip of the trident that carried a tiny blob of resplendent golden divine light. That golden divine light could almost pierce through everything. It was much more powerful than the Overlord Sword’s Ever-Victorious but the attack needed to be close range.

    Zhou Wen was confident that as long as he had the Golden Battle God Halberd drop, he had more than an eighty percent chance of killing Torch Dragon.

    The only regret was that after the Golden Battle God Halberd was killed, even if he respawned the dungeon, he would have to wait 24 hours before a new Golden Battle God Halberd appeared. He couldn’t grind it to his heart’s pleasure. He would still have to wait for some time.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t idle. Since he couldn’t grind the Golden Battle God Halberd, he ran to the Curse Demon Palace. There was still Medusa there.

    Before it was strengthened, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was not Medusa’s match, but it could still fight with her for a while.

    Now that Six-Winged had been strengthened, together with Zhou Wen and Demonic Neonate, there was a chance of killing her.

    After grinding the rare Epic creatures, Zhou Wen ran to the Curse Demon Palace and charged all the way to Medusa’s hall. He gently touched the beautiful girl and she immediately turned into a terrifying demoness.

    The palace was sealed and the blood-colored avatar couldn’t leave. All it could do was fight Medusa in the palace. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon fought without a fuss as it charged forward with a roar.

    With the Sanctification ability, Medusa’s normal Eyes of Petrification was actually much less effective against the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. It could only slightly petrify its surface and cause a minimal effect to the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon.

    Zhou Wen had the Evil Nullification ability to restrain the Eyes of Petrification, but he could only restrain the ordinary Eyes of Petrification. If he was struck by Medusa’s miraculous Eyes of Petrification, he would still be petrified.

    Thankfully, the miraculous Eyes of Petrification shot out substantial light beams from her eyes. As long as he dodged the beam, he wouldn’t be petrified. If it was like the ordinary Eyes of Petrification, he wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

    The miraculous Eyes of Petrification was truly invincible. Even the guardian dragon would be petrified upon being hit by the light beam.

    What surprised Zhou Wen was Demonic Neonate. This fellow was actually immune to the ordinary Eyes of Petrification despite not having any Evil Nullification abilities.

    The human and two pets joined forces to fight Medusa. After spending a great amount of effort, they finally killed Medusa.


    A crisp sound came from the phone, jolting Zhou Wen. He saw that Medusa had dropped an Essence Energy Skill dimensional crystal. Inside the crystal-like dimensional crystal was a demoness-like Medusa shadow.

    I actually have Medusa’s skill crystal drop again. Unfortunately, my stats aren’t good enough. I can’t absorb it at all. Zhou Wen was in a dilemma.

    The requirement of 41 Constitution and 21 Cursed attributes was too high for Zhou Wen.

    If he did not absorb it, the skill crystal would be gone after the dungeon respawned. However, if his stats were not enough, he would not be able to absorb it.

    In the end, Zhou Wen had no choice but to give up on Medusa’s skill crystal. After all, he could now kill Medusa. There was still a chance for him to grind skill crystals in the future.

    Zhou Wen heard from An Sheng that the chance of a Mythical creature dropping Companion Eggs and Skill Crystals was very high. There was about a third chance. After a few days of grinding, it shouldn’t be difficult to obtain the Companion Eggs of Medusa and the Golden Battle God Halberd.

    Zhou Wen rested for a while before considering if he should eat something. An Sheng personally came to school and sent over a document that contained John’s testimony.

    Zhou Wen had already guessed most of what had happened. John had obtained the Six-Winged Seraphim from an ancient cathedral in the West District. However, according to him, the ancient cathedral had a terrifying Mythical Creature protecting it. He had avoided the Mythical creature thanks to the advice of a mysterious person, thus obtaining the Six-Winged Seraphim inside the white cocoon. He never expected the Six-Winged Seraphim to betray him.

    When Zhou Wen saw a paragraph, his expression turned odd. When An Sheng and company treated John, they realized that John had a body part missing.