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Chapter 372 - Why Are You Here?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 372: Why Are You Here?

    "Sister, I've been looking for you for a long time!"

    The little boy was about seven or eight years old. He was handsome and pretty. He was truly an excellent-looking child.

    This child looked familiar.


    Ruan Yin was a little shocked. She saw her son rushing in her direction, but it was not towards her but towards Su Cha, who was in front of her. He immediately hugged her leg and was pleasantly surprised. "Sister, why are you here?"

    Su Cha frowned and said slowly, "Who are you?"

    Zuo Nanfan was stunned. He did not expect that this older sister would not recognize him. He felt a little down, but his eyes soon lit up as he said seriously, "Sister, you saved me before. They said that you saved me. I was almost injured by the bookcase…"

    Ruan Yin looked at Su Cha in shock. "You were the one who saved Nanfan?!"

    Su Cha recalled the incident after hearing their words.

    Oh, he was the child she saved in Dai Xiaofu's vocal lessons last time.

    At the time, Le Anqi said that the child looked like her, but now Su Cha understood the reason.

    There were indeed many things in this world that could not be explained by coincidence.

    Ruan Yin stammered, "Su Cha, why did you save Nanfan? We wanted to thank this benefactor, but the teacher said that it was your first time there. They didn't know who you were…"

    Because of this, the Zuo family did not look for her on purpose.

    Su Cha did not care about it. She was not used to Zuo Nanfan hugging her legs, but strangely, she did not reject Zuo Nanfan's contact. Instead, she was only guarded against Ruan Yin.

    Su Cha let go of Zuo Nanfan's hand. Zuo Nanfan pouted. "Sister, you haven't told me why you are here."

    Ruan Yin was pleasantly surprised. "Nanfan, she's your sister. Like Zhici, she's your biological sister."

    Zuo Nanfan was surprised. "Really?"

    The little boy looked at Su Cha. His pretty eyes could not hide his fondness.

    Children are honest about their feelings. It was obvious that he liked Su Cha very much.

    Su Cha crossed her arms and said coldly, "We haven't done the paternity test. We can't be sure. Don't be too happy."

    Her words were like a bucket of cold water for Ruan Yin and Zuo Nanfan. The corners of Ruan Yin and Butler Xiang's lips twitched. Would she really need a paternity test?

    The servants came up with fruits and vegetables. Ruan Yin was at a loss. "Su Cha, you… sit…"

    Zuo Nanfan also ran to the sofa and patted it. "Sister, take a seat."

    Seeing the looks in Ruan Yin and Zuo Nanfan's eyes, Su Cha was a little irritated. She did not seem to like staying here, but she had no choice but to sit down.

    Ruan Yin had not seen Su Cha for many years, and she did not know what to say to her. She smiled gently. "Your sister and your father should be back soon."

    Just as she finished speaking, a sweet and crisp female voice came from outside. "Mom, I'm back."

    Everyone turned around and saw a girl who looked very similar to Ruan Yin walking in.

    There was pride and arrogance between her eyebrows. It was obvious that she had been spoiled since she was young. She was originally happy, but when she saw Su Cha, her expression changed.

    She was puzzled, confused, and shocked. In the end, she was filled with anger. "Are you the contestant Su Cha? Why are you here?!"