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Chapter 539 - Baby Tiger“s Fusion

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 539 Baby Tiger“s FusionAfter An Sheng left, Zhou Wen continued grinding. He didn't know if it was because lady luck had finally smiled at him or because he had spent too much time grinding, but he managed to grind a baby tiger Companion Egg again.

    The attributes were about the same, but it didn't matter. He never expected to have it fight. The key was that the Lucky Baby Tiger's Life Providence was useful.

    However, it was useless bringing two baby tigers with him. Repetition of Life Providences did not stack Luck.

    What kind of Companion Beast should I fuse with the tiger? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    This fusion wasn't easy. If he used the baby tiger as the main pet and used another Companion Beasts to fuse with it, he would still get the baby tiger. The Life Providence obtained from fusion would still be useless.

    If he used other Companion Beasts as the main pet and the baby tiger Companion Egg as a supplement, its Life Providence might be the main pet's Life Providence. Then, there was no point in a fusion.

    Therefore, the only way to fuse them was to combine two Companion Beasts without any main or supplement. Then, the Companion Beasts that were combined would randomly combine the various attributes and skills. Even the Life Providences and Life Souls could be changed randomly, just like the Silver-Winged Sky Spider.

    Zhou Wen looked at the Companion Beasts he currently possessed and then at their compatibility with the baby tiger.

    The baby tiger's compatibility with other Companion Beasts was surprisingly high. It was more than 60%. Very few were below 60.

    It can even fuse with Mythical pets? Zhou Wen realized that the baby tiger had a compatibility score of 67% with the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon.

    However, after trying out the other mythical pets, they all indicated that they could not be fused.

    Zhou Wen naturally didn't fuse the baby tiger with Six-Winged. After taking a look, Zhou Wen realized that one of the Companion Beasts had a compatibility score of 98% with the baby tiger.

    However, when he saw the pet's stats, a dark cloud hung over Zhou Wen's head.

    The Companion Beast with such a high compatibility rate with the baby tiger was actually Ancient Sovereign City's Skeleton General.

    Strange. One is a skeleton while the other is a beast. Why is the compatibility so high? Zhou Wen looked at the stats of the two Companion Beasts and felt somewhat hesitant.

    The Skeleton General was obtained when he went to the Fire God Platform to pluck out the stone saber. He wanted to know if there were any changes in the game's Ancient Sovereign City. He went in to grind a few times before a Companion Egg dropped. Its stats were rather good, so he hatched it and left it for future pet fusion.

    However, no matter how good its stats were, it was ultimately a Legendary Companion Beast. It was useless to Zhou Wen.

    There was no need to mention the baby tiger. As one of the weakest Epic creatures, any Epic creature could defeat it.

    When these two Companion Beasts were fused, they might even form a Legendary Companion Beast. It might not even reach the Epic stage.

    However, this was the first time Zhou Wen had encountered such a high compatibility. He carefully observed the stats of the two Companion Beasts and made up his mind to give it a try.

    Anyway, what he wanted was the Luck attribute. The level and skills were not that important.

    He fused the two hatched Companion Beasts. Amidst a lustrous glow, the fusion succeeded as expected.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly looked at the screen and saw that the Companion Beast he had fused looked like the Skeleton General. However, it wasn't riding a skeleton horse but a skeleton tiger.

    A skeleton general riding on a skeleton tiger holding a bone spear in its hand looked quite powerful.

    Tiger Soul General: Epic

    Life Providence: Malicious Evil

    Life Soul: Tiger Soul

    Strength: 29

    Speed: 27

    Constitution: 27

    Essence Energy: 24

    Talent Skill: Armor Breaker Spear, Jinxes Master

    Companion Form: None

    Where's my Luck Life Providence? What the hell is a Jinxes Master? Questions filled Zhou Wen's mind.

    Zhou Wen regretted it terribly. What the hell were these stats and skills? Not only did none of its stats exceed 30 points as an Epic Companion Beast, but there was even a Jinxes Master skill. Wasn't this going to jinx him?

    The Skeleton General and baby tiger didn't have such a sinister skill. How did they come up with such a thing?

    Zhou Wen knew that he had really screwed up this time. Not only did he fail to have the lucky Life Providence inherit, but he had also obtained a skill that jinxed the master. He definitely couldn't keep this pet.

    Zhou Wen had a very deep impression of the Jinxes Husband skill from before. It was a necessary skill to screw one up.

    He casually swiped a Companion Beast and placed it with the Tiger Soul General. Zhou Wen didn't even take notice of what Companion Beast it was. All he saw was that the compatibility was rather low—less than 10%.

    He was deliberately trying to make the Tiger Soul General disappear through fusion. He would rather not have it than let it harm him.

    Although Zhou Wen didn't take a careful look, he roughly knew that the compatibility score was only 7%. He felt that the outcome was doomed to fail, but with a flash of light, a new Companion Beast appeared.

    Eh, it succeeded? Zhou Wen was greatly surprised. Although he wasn't happy, he still looked at the pet's appearance.

    The skeleton tiger and skeleton general were both wearing heavy black armor. However, their faces were exposed. The black armor had dark tiger stripes that looked like lava. It looked domineering.

    What I used to fuse with it should be a Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior, right? Zhou Wen vaguely remembered that the one he had casually selected was likely the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior. He couldn't help but look at the stats.

    Heavy-Armored Tiger Soul General: Epic

    Life Providence: Malicious Evil

    Life Soul: Tiger Soul Runes

    Strength: 34

    Speed: 37

    Constitution: 38

    Essence Energy: 36

    Talent Skill: Rampage, Armor Break Spear, Jinxes Master.

    Companion Form: None

    These stats aren't bad, but I really can't keep the Jinxes Master skill. Zhou Wen searched his Companion Beasts again and found one with an even lower compatibility.

    The Steel Cauldron Fiend that dropped from the Metalwork Temple was a rare Epic Companion Beast. However, it was too slow and didn't have any offensive means. It was just a half-fire elemental creature that guarded a steel furnace.

    Its compatibility with the Tiger Soul General was only 4%. It was impossible to find Companion Beasts from two different species to have a lower compatibility score.

    He placed the Tiger Soul General and the Steel Cauldron Fiend together and pressed the fuse button.

    That should be the end of it, right? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    However, with the shimmering light on his phone, Zhou Wen actually heard the notification of a successful fusion. Looking at the new Companion Beast on his phone screen, Zhou Wen's mouth gaped open for a moment.

    He had no idea if it was good or bad luck from succeeding two consecutive fusions with single-digit compatibility.

    The newly fused Companion Beast still looked like the Heavy-Armored Tiger Soul General. However, within the heavy-armored tiger and the heavy-armored general's armor was a bluish-white flame. It looked even more powerful and domineering, like a mighty being that had charged out from hell.