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Chapter 78 - Gu Yunshen Leaves

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 78: Gu Yunshen Leaves

    She had a keen sense of smell. After all, she was nourished by the spring water in her interspace, and had experience in studying medicine in her previous life. She was sure that her father had added something to Zhang Xiaohui’s bowl of soup.

    And that medicine had almost the same effect as what she had given to Zhang Xiaohui.

    It was not a strong drug. If a woman who had even some sense of propriety and virtue ate it, nothing would happen. But for Zhang Xiaohui, who longed with all of her heart to be together with Wang Guozhu, it would definitely have an effect.

    It looked as if her father was aware of what was going on.

    Zhang Xiaohui was contemptuous. She had always despised Gu Yunshen.

    She had liked Wang Guozhu in the past. He was a university student, with a bright future.

    Unfortunately, Wang Guozhu had later married Zhou Hong. Then she saw that the older brothers of the Gu family had grown capable and often sent good things back home, so she temporarily married Gu Yunshen.

    But she continued to stay in contact with Wang Guozhu. She had been together with Wang Guozhu before she married Gu Yunshen.


    Now, Wang Guozhu was finally thinking of divorcing Zhou Hong. How could she possibly have any regard for Gu Yunshen left?

    It was just pork rib soup!

    In these times, these items were rare. She would be a fool not to eat such good food. So Zhang Xiaohui gladly ate it, as did Gu Ruoqing.

    But Gu Qingyao knew that Gu Ruoqing’s bowl contained normal pork rib soup, with nothing added to it.

    After she drugged Gu Ruoqing, she neutralized the drug the day after Gu Ruoqing returned, and the latter had sensed nothing.

    Gu Qingyao packed his luggage. Gu Yunshen only needed two changes of clothes. It was more important to bring food. Once the weather got colder, Gu Qingyao could just send his clothes over, but it was inconvenient to send too much food, in case it attracted unwanted attention.

    He would be bringing two pieces of bacon, two dried rabbits, two dried fish, a dozen sausage links, a bag of peanuts, two bottles of Maotai, and three packets of Chienmen cigarettes.

    Gu Yunshen was shocked when he saw all these!

    “Where did you get these?”

    Gu Qingyao shrugged. “I bought them at the cooperative.”

    Gu Yunshen shot her a look, but did not say anything. He knew she had money.

    Her older cousins all doted on her and sent her pocket money every few months. Mo Beihan always gave her pocket money as well. This girl was truly rich.

    She was even wealthier than him!

    There were also five kilograms of rice, five kilograms of flour, three kilograms of vermicelli, ten kilograms of cornflour, five kilograms of sorghum noodles, five kilograms of rye flour and ten kilograms of brown rice.

    Lastly, she had packed some cloth – three kilograms of cotton.

    Gu Qingyao looked at it and thought there was still not enough. So she found a small box and lined it with plenty of straw before packing thirty eggs into it. Only then was she satisfied.

    “Father, be careful! I have no way to send these eggs, so you have to bring them yourself. It’s not too far from the provincial capital, so they probably won’t spoil. Oh, that’s right, I better add some oil.”

    As she spoke, she packed five kilograms of soybean oil, two tins of malted milk and some sweets.

    Gu Yunshen: “…”

    She was truly extravagant!

    “When your Third Uncle and Aunt see this, they will probably faint from shock!”

    “Hehehe!” Gu Qingyao chuckled. Then she took out a small cloth bag, which contained a small box. She handed it to Gu Yunshen. “Father, this is a present from me to Third Elder Brother. Help me give it to him. Keep it on your person! It’s very valuable.”

    Gu Yunshen’s eyebrows rose. “What is it?”

    Gu Qingyao laughed. “You’ll find out when you get to Third Uncle’s house!”

    Gu Yunshen rapped her little head, then took it with a smile.

    Last was the food that Gu Qingyao had prepared for Gu Yunshen. The train to the provincial capital took more than a day; in fact, almost two days. He would need to eat during that interval.

    When everything was packed, it formed a big bundle that Gu Yunshen carried on his back to the train station.