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Chapter 373 - I Am Not Interested

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 373: I Am Not Interested

    The girl knew who Su Cha was.

    But during that first moment, everyone was stunned by her inexplicable anger with Su Cha.

    “Zhici… come here quickly!”

    Ruan Yin waved at her excitedly. “I… I never told you that you actually have a sister. She is Su Cha, your biological sister! We finally found her!”

    Zuo Zhici was stunned.

    She looked at Su Cha and then at her mother as if she could not accept it. She shook her head, “Impossible! I don’t have a sister! I don’t have a sister! Nanfan has only one sister!”

    She walked over angrily. Her attitude was baffling and discomfiting. She pointed at Su Cha’s nose and said, “You can’t be my parents’ child. You are a fraud! Mom, don’t believe her!”

    Su Cha: “…”


    Even if this person was really her biological sister, it did not stop Su Cha from thinking something was wrong with her.

    She was not in a hurry to prove her innocence.

    Su Cha remembered that she had never seen this young lady before. How could she have offended her?

    However, judging from her first reaction, Zuo Zhici knew that Su Cha was participating in a show, which meant that she already knew about her.

    She saw a talent show contestant that looked like her mother…

    Su Cha understood why Zuo Zhici was so angry.

    Ruan Yin was a little angry. “Zhici, how can you be so rude? Su Cha is your sister! She’s not a fraud!”

    She was very confident, even though she had not done a paternity test with Su Cha yet.

    Su Cha was too lazy to speak. She sat languidly on the sofa as if she was watching a show.

    There was a hint of mockery in her indifferent expression. Calm and composed, she had an aura that was far beyond that of ordinary people.

    Butler Xiang, who was watching from the side, was surprised. Wasn’t it said that Miss Su had been raised in an ordinary family since she was young? How could she have such an aura?

    For a moment, the butler was hesitant.

    Zuo Zhici blushed when she heard Ruan Yin’s words. She had been raised by the Zuo family since she was young, and as the daughter of a wealthy family, she should have exercised her own self-restraint. However, she had always been willful.

    In this family, everyone had to follow her wishes.

    Zuo Zhici felt wronged when she saw her mother, who had always doted on her, scolding her over a woman she had not seen in 18 years. She did not know whether she was really her biological sister or not.

    She looked at Ruan Yin as if she was about to go crazy. “Mom, why are you yelling at me? You’re trying to force me because of an outsider? I’m not mentally prepared. How can I accept you suddenly telling me that this person is my sister?”

    Zuo Zhici’s grievance made Ruan Yin feel extremely guilty. She looked at Zuo Zhici apologetically and immediately comforted her, “I’m sorry, Zhici, Mommy didn’t do it on purpose…”

    Zuo Nanfan was puzzled as he watched from the side. He said to Zuo Zhici in a childish voice, “Sister, what are you doing? Can’t we have an older sister?”

    This brother of hers had always been lovable, but it did not stop Zuo Zhici from glaring at him.

    “Zhici, Mom knows how you’re feeling…”


    They were preparing to put on a show of deep affection between mother and daughter. Su Cha was not interested in watching them. She sat there, and even her mocking expression showed a sense of nobility. “What kind of loony play are you acting? I’m not interested.”

    Everyone: “…”