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Chapter 420 - Till Death Do Us Par

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 420: Till Death Do Us Part

    Lu Xingzhi sat in silence for a moment before chuckling and training his gaze on Jiang Yao until she moved her eyes away timidly.

    That was all he needed to know; she was lying indeed.

    He would never divorce her.

    “Jiang Yao, I did not tell you how much effort I put into marrying you. The word ‘divorce’ did not for once cross my mind. I would never do that, even if I must waste my entire life away to be with you. As long as I live, you belong to me—Lu Xingzhi. Only till death do us part.”

    It felt egotistical, but it was his intention. Once they were husband and wife, he would never separate from Jiang Yao, no matter what the circumstances were.

    Truth be told, Lu Xingzhi had always known that he was a little lacking with words.

    “I only have one regret in my life.” Lu Xingzhi pulled her toward him and covered her lips with his, only breaking apart after a good couple of seconds. “It was the way I married you.”

    “What do you mean by that?” Jiang Yao followed up.


    “If I knew you were a shallow person, fixated only on someone else’s looks, I should have seduced you before asking for your hand.”

    It was a slight disappointment of his. He was young and dumb and had not the slightest idea on courting women. To him, once he had set his eyes on a person, he needed to marry the person, fast.

    It was clear that his goal was to marry Jiang Yao. The method to do so was very straightforward and frankly, crude. He went straight to her parents and asked for their permission to marry their daughter.

    How dumb was he! He liked her, but Jiang Yao did not even know who he was!

    In the end they became husband and wife. Yet, Jiang Yao, for the longest time, was very unhappy and did not seem to care about Lu Xingzhi.

    If only he courted her and proposed after the feeling was reciprocated, their lives would have been very different.

    Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Lu Xingzhi. “Did you see how dictatorial you used to be? I am sure that you only had one thing in your mind, that was to marry me! Say, what did you do to my parents for them to agree?”

    Lu Xingzhi let out a soft giggle. He did not tell her how he was chased away by Mr. and Mrs. Jiang with brooms the first time he visited them and asked for their daughter’s hand.

    He persevered and visited at least a dozen times before they finally relented. And yet, Jiang Yao herself did not agree to the marriage.

    Looking back, Lu Xingzhi was reminded of just how naïve and dumb he was.

    He should have focused his attention on Jiang Yao, winning her affection. Instead, he put even more effort into winning the hearts of her parents.

    Once Jiang Yao agreed to the marriage, although reluctantly, Lu Xingzhi was on cloud nine for the longest time. Not wanting to waste time, he brought his parents over to the Jiang family and formally proposed to Jiang Yao.

    Jiang Yao was right though, Lu Xingzhi was a very authoritative person.