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Chapter 443 - Little Tang Tang, Are You Worried About Me?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 443: Little Tang Tang, Are You Worried About Me?

    Tang Jinyu looked at her. This girl would take advantage of every chance she had!

    Although he was cursing her in his heart, Tang Jinyu walked toward her. He held her hand and pulled her in.

    Jian Qi threw him onto the ground.

    They fell onto the ground instantly.

    At the same time, they pulled out their guns and aimed at the corner. They pulled the trigger.

    Two bullets were fired at the same time.

    The person hiding in that spot immediately fell to the side.

    Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi quickly stood up from the ground. They aimed their guns at that spot and walked over cautiously.


    Because of that shot, the person moved slightly to the side and blocked their view past the wall.

    They looked at each other. Tang Jinyu walked to the side and surrounded them.

    As they approached, someone threw a pile of white powder at her.

    Jian Qi raised her hand to block it, but some powder still flew into her eyes.

    At that moment, the other party lifted their leg and kicked at her.

    Jian Qi dodged. The person was about to continue attacking her when Tang Jinyu aimed his gun at them.

    The opponent was shot in the arm, and their gun fell to the ground.

    Tang Jinyu attacked again, and the person quickly dodged.

    But no matter how fast the person was, they couldn’t be faster than bullets!

    Just as the person dodged, Tang Jinyu raised his hand and hit his opponent’s chest. Then, they fell to the ground.

    Tang Jinyu quickly ran toward Jian Qi when he saw her fall.

    “What’s wrong?” Tang Jinyu asked worriedly.

    Jian Qi wiped away the powder on her face with one hand and tried to open her eyes. However, she couldn’t open them. She reached out to rub her eyes while Tang Jinyu held her hand. “Don’t move. I’ll wash your eyes with water!”

    After saying so, Tang Jinyu quickly took off his backpack and opened it. Then, he quickly took out a bottle of water.

    He quickly opened the cap with a trembling hand.

    “Give me your hand,” Tang Jinyu said hurriedly. His voice was not as cold as usual, but rather nervous and worried.

    Jian Qi put down her pistol and reached out.

    Tang Jinyu poured the water on her palm while Jian Qi washed it quickly.

    At that moment, a figure took out a gun from the wall and aimed it at him.

    Tang Jinyu continued to pour water into Jian Qi’s hand. Soon, the bottle was emptied.

    “Try to open your eyes slowly.” Tang Jinyu looked at her and gently wiped away the water stains on her face with his sleeve.

    Jian Qi smiled. “Little Tang Tang, you seem so worried about me.”

    “Since when? You’re still talking nonsense!” Although Tang Jinyu was chiding her, he couldn’t hide his worry.

    Jian Qi smiled. She could clearly feel his worry. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I can protect you even if I’m blind!”

    As Jian Qi spoke, she tried to open her eyes slowly. Her vision was not as clear as before, but she could still see the person opposite her clearly.

    “Be careful!” Jian Qi exclaimed as she threw herself at Tang Jinyu. At that moment, a bullet was fired from above their heads.

    Tang Jinyu reacted quickly and shielded Jian Qi. Then, he aimed the gun at the person and fired.