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Chapter 6

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 6: Vol1 Ch6: The manipulator

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    When the two hunters buried the corpse, they both breathed in a certain amount of germs. Of course, they didn't breath in too much, but under Wang Yuan's control, the bacteria inside their bodies were rapidly multiplying and even undergoing drastic change.

    "Not enough" Wang Yuan floated next to the two of them. His soul was still incomplete, so his control over the germs could only be described as ‘weak' at best. If this power of manipulation was strong enough, he could've controlled the germs inside these people's bodies like he did with the crows and completely take control of them.

    "Baby steps, success doesn't come overnight" Wang Yuan approached one of the two people. Because of the bacteria's interference, the white mist surrounding his body had become extremely weak, so Wang Yuan was able to easily neutralize it with his own white mist and expand his field of cognition into the man's body.

    After so many days of being supplied the cold aura by the crows, combined with the huge package he absorbed from the man who died earlier, Wang Yuan's field of cognition had increased together with the healing of his soul. It was currently able to reach six meters in the air, and about three centimeters inside the man's body, of course, this was only the man didn't have the white mist protecting him.

    The temples were the weakest point of a person's skull, so when Wang Yuan poured his field of cognition inside the man's head through his temples, he lost his life in his sleep through brain-death. Because of dying in his sleep, the man let out a huge amount of white mist.

    After some hesitation, Wang Yuan still decided to absorb this white mist. As the bubble of white mist around himself expanded, he felt a sense of assurance, followed by a strand of coolness that carried the man's memories into Wang Yuan's body.

    Receiving his memories, Wang Yuan silently stood still and slowly digested it, carefully rejecting the non-important parts of the memory. Sure enough, this man's memories and emotions were much easier for him to take in.


    The main emotion that the man was feeling was confusion and loss, there were basically no feelings of grudge or hatred, and thanks to his experience during the first time, he managed to prepare himself and didn't get affected by these emotions.

    "Let's continue!" sensing his soul being replenished a bit more, Wang Yuan approached the other person who was infected by his germs and poured his now-more-powerful interference force into the man's head.

    "This feeling is…" Wang Yuan suddenly stopped himself from killing the man right away.

    Perhaps it was because his soul was healed a bit more, Wang Yuan could faintly sense the existence of the man's consciousness the same way he felt the crows' wills. However, this consciousness was a lot more powerful, and unlike the crows that completely obeyed him, Wang Yuan couldn't dominate this person at all, the most he could do was send him a message.

    Wang Yuan tried sending a few words into his mind, causing the man in his sleep to scowl and twitched his body slightly, proving that Wang Yuan's words did indeed have an effect.

    "Very good, this way manipulating them would be a lot easier" thinking that, Wang Yuan mercilessly killed him, absorbed the white mist and cool aura that flowed from his body and replenished his soul a bit more.

    When dawn came and the night guard woke everyone up, they finally found out about the death of these two people.

    Standing in front of the bodies, everyone was anxious, together with the person from before, 3 people among them had died, in this hunting party of 8, that was almost half.

    "What's the cause of death?" Dax asked with a serious expression, their village's hunting party hadn't suffered such heavy casualties for over a dozen years. The previous time something like this happened was when he had just joined the hunting party. At the time, in order to hunt more prey, the party had entered deep into the wilderness and ran into a Tacre, causing them to abandon the bodies of 4 of their comrades in order to escape.

    "I think… either a disease or poison?" one person covered their nose and lifted the dead corpses' clothes using a cloth, showing a few large black spots on their skin. After some hesitation, he pulled his dagger and cut off a small bit of their skin to see some sort of black and red jelly slowly spilling from the wounds.

    At this point, a large crow flew across the sky and cawed like tolling the bell of the dead, causing everyone to feel a chill running down their spines.

    "Are we really being watched by Negary, the God of disease and omen!?" someone scowled and commented, then quickly covered his nose and backed away.

    "Yesterday it was them who buried Naike after he was pecked to death by crows, and now it was them who died from a disease, it must be Negary, he must be watching…"

    "Enough!" Dax loudly cut him off: "We have to leave this place now, but we'll continue the hunt. Before confirming that we did not contract the disease, we can't return to the village"

    Seeing the distressed hunting party, Dax sighed, if only one person had died, he would be able to use his authority to calm them down. But now, two more people suddenly died from some unknown disease, causing everyone's minds to veer towards Negary.

    The current state of their faith towards the Gods was extremely shallow, but due to these faiths being deeply ingrained in every part of their culture, even if they normally didn't believe it, when they saw it happening in front of their eyes, it was hard for anyone to dismiss it.

    "Very good, the initial ideal state has been achieved" Wang Yuan was hovering not too far away from these people, observing their reactions. Their mental state was now extremely sensitive and weak, the only reason they could appear to remain calm at all was due to Dax giving them a fake sense of security.

    "All I need to do now is dispose of this leader. After multiple consecutive blows like this, they will thoroughly break down" this was also the reason why Wang Yuan did not kill the bearded man Dax the night before. People don't completely break down after a single setback, but rather multiple consecutive blows that leave them a sliver of hope before completely destroying it.

    "At that time, they will be completely under my domination, the same way as my crows" Wang Yuan had such a thought while immersed in the joy of manipulating others. It was also this joy that made him realize something very clear, he needed to become stronger, only then could he manipulate even more things and not be manipulated by anything.

    "It was because I was weak that I was manipulated and fell as low as I currently am! I have to become even stronger and manipulate even more things, only then will I no longer be manipulated!!!"


    Wang Yuan looked at the slowly rising sun and didn't hesitate for long before deciding to strike while the iron was hot. If he left them for a bit longer, these people might realize his weak essence, and at that point, it would be extremely difficult to break them.

    Under the sunlight, his white mist was quickly dissipating, but Wang Yuan didn't care too much. Now that he had absorbed the white mist from two dead people, it was enough to support him under the sunlight for a long while.

    He couldn't wait any longer, once he killed Dax, he would be able to dominate this group of people, then use them to dominate their village. At that point, he would have the support of many humans who would provide him with sacrifices. They would continue to provide him with white mist and breed more crows, creating more mutated crows and allow him to manipulate even more things!