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Chapter 8

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 8: Vol1 Ch8: Personality defects

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    Dax's hands were trembling, his nose bleeding non-stop, but he was still firing arrows one after another.

    With each arrow that pierced through the fishing net and hit the crows, Dax's grin became wider.

    After the first of his comrades died, followed by the deaths of two more, he had faintly realized that they were being followed by the crows, and so he planned this out. It was fine even if all of them died here, as long as these monsters were killed so that they couldn't spread the plague back to the village, then that was enough.

    All of a sudden, the eye of one of his comrades exploded, an invisible power then pierced his skull through his eye socket, splattering black blood everywhere. The man fell to the ground and died with a frenzied grin on his face.

    Wang Yuan didn't stop there, he ordered the wounded crows that were close to death to quickly block for the ones that were still alive, while he jumped towards the next person and killed him with interference force.

    "Comoros, quickly kill those crows!" Dax coughed up black blood as he shouted, he didn't have the strength to pull his bow anymore, he had almost reached the end of his life.


    Comoros trembled as he raised his bow. Earlier, he could fire his bow because the others were there. Now that some of them suddenly died for no reasons, and the others were close to death, when he became the only person left capable of attacking, he became fearful and didn't dare to attack, after all, they were still messengers of Negary.

    "Do not be afraid, Comoros!!" Dax used the last of his strength to shout and give Comoros the courage to nock an arrow and pull the string.

    At this point, Wang Yuan didn't even have time to regret leaving Comoros uninfected, he was wracking his mind trying to get out of this situation.

    There were only 6 crows left alive, three of which were already wounded quite badly by the arrows that it was a problem whether or not they could survive, but the main issue was that as long as Comoros wasn't dealt with, then all his crows would surely die!

    "His white mist is still too thick, if I want to neutralize it, I will need a few minutes, and that time is more than enough for him to kill the remaining crows" Wang Yuan stared at Comoros, the white mist surrounding him was so thick that Wang Yuan couldn't even attempt to communicate.

    "There must be another way" Wang Yuan forced himself to calm down and looked at the crows' blood spilt on the ground, then came up with a possible solution: "But my interference force isn't strong enough"

    Wang Yuan turned to look at the dying Dax, didn't give himself more time to think and killed Dax without hesitation before absorbing all the white mist and aura that came from his body.

    Dax's emotions weren't like the other dead people, it was full of frenzy, determination and satisfaction, his memories and emotions caused Wang Yuan to be a bit stunned. Meanwhile, the consciousness of another crow disappeared within his field of cognition.

    Wang Yuan's interference force came out, enveloped the crow's blood on the ground and threw it at Comoros' face with full power.

    Suddenly being splashed with the foul blood, Comoros was shocked, screamed in fear and missed his shot.

    Even if this world's medical knowledge wasn't very advanced, in fact, you could even call it primitive and non-existent, they still knew one thing very clearly. Plagues can spread and especially easily through the blood of those infected, once you are infected, you would be watched by Negary just like them.

    『 Were you the one who killed my messengers!? 』a familiar yet eerie voice called out, causing Comoros to jump and hurriedly look for the source of the voice.

    But as soon as he found it, he was scared stiff, fell back on his butt as he fearfully backed off: "Dea—dead people coming back to life!"

    The one who spoke was the dead Dax, he was lying limp on the ground, his eyes dull and lifeless, but his mouth was still moving, opening and closing like a fish out of water.

    His voice was extremely eerie to hear, the pronunciation was hard to catch, and without paying close attention, you would not be able to tell what was said.

    『 Did you kill my messenger? Human!!? 』this time, the words were a lot clearer, even though there were still some mistakes, Comoros was at least able to understand what the other party was saying.

    "You, yo-you are Negary!!" Comoros cried out in fear.

    『 You killed so many of my messengers! I curse you, you will die suffering the plague, your skin will rot away, your blood will turn black and your bones will crumble 』

    "No! Please don't curse me, I didn't want to do it! It was Dax that forced me to, please forgive me, great and venerable Negary, please forgive me! Please take back your curse, please give me a chance to redeem myself of my mistakes!" Comoros prostrated himself and hurriedly begged in horror.

    『 Is that really true? 』the dead Dax questioned with an eerie tone: 『 If you want to redeem yourself, then there certainly is a way 』

    "Please… tell me, great Negary" Comoros was trembling, his voice contained all sorts of emotions, including joy, horror, hatred, regret and humiliation.

    『 Kakakaka! 』Dax's corpse laughing sounded like scraping sandpaper against a rock: 『 Since you killed my messengers, you will only need to help me breed more messengers 』

    The two last remaining crows finally managed to struggle themselves out of the net, the wounded crows had already bled out and died, apparently, Dax had coated the tips of their arrows in some sort of poisonous liquid. Wang Yuan now only had 2 out of the 13 mutated crows that he originally started with.

    『 These two messengers of mine will follow you and help suppress the disease on your body. You shall spread my greatness and find more people to help raise my messengers, otherwise, not just you alone, but your entire village will fall under my curse and be destroyed by the plague!! 』

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! O' great Negary, I will do as you command" Comoros hurriedly replied.

    『 Human, from your foolish appearance, I find it difficult to trust that you will succeed. Because of your piety, I shall grant you the right to call upon me, when you are faced with difficult situations, you may seek my aid 』

    "Thank you, O' benevolent Negary" Comoros hurriedly thanked him, then carefully asked: "Then how should I call upon you, great Negary?"

    『 Simply provide the same as what I am currently speaking to you with! 』after declaring so, Dax's corpse went completely limp.

    Comoros carefully waited for a bit to confirm that the great Negary had indeed left, but the two black crows were still staring at Dax with their jet-black eyes.

    Wang Yuan sighed in relief, the problem was solved for now, besides the untimely death of 11 crows, things were basically going as planned.


    Wang Yuan's thoughts moved, he needed to change and become stronger, not just in strength alone, but in mind as well.