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Chapter 9

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 9: Vol1 Ch9: Arrival

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    Due to the feeling of superiority by being a world traveller compared to the primitive natives of this world, combined with the fact that they hadn't been able to resist any of his means, Wang Yuan had underestimated these humans a bit too much.

    "I was originally only a human being as well. Disregarding my supernatural powers, everything else about me is that of a person, and not even an exceptional person. How could such personalities surpass others and become the manipulator of all things?"

    Wang Yuan glanced down at the ground full of bodies, recalling the emotions and memories he took in when he absorbed their aura.

    If a person holds immense grudge and hatred in their hearts before death, then these negative emotions would attack Wang Yuan's consciousness.

    "Like how Dax was" Wang Yuan looked at Dax's corpse.


    As for if these changes would make him not himself anymore, Wang Yuan didn't care. In the end, his current self was only a remnant soul of the person who used to be called Wang Yuan. People would eventually change and grow, if you look back at your current self several years from now, you would find only a stranger.

    And growing was exactly what Wang Yuan wanted to do if only a lot more accelerated: "As long as they are my own choices, there isn't anything to be worried about"


    Comoros just stood still and looked at the two crows pecking at the corpses, not knowing what to do. He didn't dare to interrupt or urge them to hurry, his mind was already completely broken. Even when the crows were desecrating the corpses of his comrades, he couldn't do anything but watch.

    Earlier, when Dax opened his mouth after death, Comoros was already fully convinced of Negary's existence; and now that he was afflicted with the plague, if he didn't want to die, he could only swear total loyalty to Negary.

    Furthermore, the humiliation of seeing the corpses of his comrades being devoured by animals in front of his eyes caused Comoros to be incredibly shaken. To make his mood feel a bit better, he could only make excuses to himself.

    "I'm not cowardly, people just simply can't win against a God, doing that would only bring calamity to the village. Yes, that's right, I'm doing this for the village, I'm going the right thing. Dax resisting the messengers was the wrong thing to do, their corpses being pecked is them paying for their sins!" Comoros gradually convinced himself and subdued the guilty feelings in his heart.

    While absorbing the remaining white mist from the corpses, Wang Yuan was observing the change in Comoros' expression, so he was able to tell the general mental journey that he just went through. Wang Yuan silently but greatly praised him for this, as the more he thought that way, the more likely it was for him to stand firmly on Negary's side. He would spread the words of Negary's invincibility and turn into a true devout believer of Negary because doing otherwise would mean admitting that he was a despicable coward.

    Even if that was the truth, who could willingly admit such a thing with peace of mind? At least, Comoros couldn't, and that was why he had fallen completely under Wang Yuan's control.

    As he looked at Dax's throat being ripped out by the crows, Wang Yuan couldn't help but recall his quick thinking during that previous moment of desperation. He had used his interference force to control Dax's vocal cords and imitated the feeling of talking according to the memories he absorbed, which was why the voice was so eerie at the beginning.

    In truth, that was just Wang Yuan's attempt at bringing a dead horse back to life1. If he hadn't absorbed enough cold aura and caused his interference force to become stronger, it would have been a lot more difficult for him to do such a thing.

    "That is also a way to communicate" Wang Yuan thought: "Speaking directly into someone's mind is only suitable for those already infected by the germs and have almost no white mist left around their body, so having another way to communicate is a good thing"

    "My soul has been replenished quite a bit" after Wang Yuan completely absorbed the rest of the white mist, he controlled the crows to stop pecking and stared at Comoros with their jet-black eyes.

    Comoros froze for a bit before realizing that it was time to go and bring these followers of Negary back to his village.

    Wang Yuan was following him not too far behind, carefully sensing the situation of the germs inside Comoros' body. Due to his soul being replenished a bit more, his control over the bacteria had gotten a lot stronger, and since Comoros was still useful, he couldn't die too early. In order to make sure of that, Wang Yuan controlled the growth of bacteria inside him to prevent him from dropping dead the next day.


    An arrow was accurately shot and hit the target, a boar-like creature that he called the Croc Pig. The Croc Pig wobbled slightly before falling down and died, as Comoros approached it, he had an expression of joy.

    With the help of the great Negary's messengers, even the originally tough Croc Pig was easily dealt with, further solidifying Comoros' thoughts about bringing the messengers of Negary back to the village to be a good thing.

    "Divine messenger sirs, please wait a few minutes" Comoros respectfully told the crows, chopped off one of the Croc Pig's hind legs, minced it up before offering it up to the crows.

    Comoros made a fire and grilled some of the meat, then carefully lifted his shirt up to see that a few black spots had already shown up on his skin.

    "The Cauchy tribe's village should be up ahead" Wang Yuan was absorbing white mist from the Croc Pig. As he didn't want to reveal the fact that he couldn't move around too easily in the day, Wang Yuan's schedule thus far had been chaotic and his white mist had been consumed quite a bit.

    However, that was no longer too much of a problem. Since they were already close to the village, Wang Yuan was drafting various contingency plans, with Comoros' help, to spread the greatness of Negary through the entire village without much trouble.

    Even if the name Negary had been deeply engraved in the Cauchy tribe's culture, making it so that they wouldn't mind the integration of a God into their daily lives, it was still far from enough to convince everyone to help him breed crows and sacrifice one or two people from time to time.

    "Which means, a conflict will be inevitable, and I can use that conflict to my advantage" Wang Yuan looked at Comoros who still had a troubled expression on his face. During this period of time, Wang Yuan had time and time again displayed unimaginable feats of miracles in order to further persuade the young man's beliefs and help solidify his mentality. From the looks of it, things seemed to be quite decent, but it was only at the level of being ‘decent'.

    "Considering this brat's cowardly and weak nature, I will need to prepare another hand to play" Wang Yuan had finished absorbing the Croc Pig's white mist. He still needed a trump card in order to deal with any unexpected situations.

    A rodent approached the corpse of the Croc Pig, licking the blood that was spilt from its body. Wang Yuan silently moved in front of the creature and picked it up with his interference force, he had a certain idea in mind.

    Finally, Comoros arrived at the entrance to the village, the two crows landed on a branch of a nearby tree, their jet-black eyes reflecting the figures of the people in the village.