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Chapter 11

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 11: Vol1 Ch11: Divine Grace and Evil Spirit

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    "The biggest obstacle has already been eliminated, if Comoros still couldn't do it, then I can only pick out a different spokesperson" Wang Yuan glanced at Comoros, who was on the ground, and silently thought.

    Naturally, this person would have to be changed sooner or later, even though Comoros was currently under Wang Yuan's absolute control, nobody was ever to be underestimated. When the authority they hold increases, their ambition would soon follow.

    One's position determined one's vision. Comoros currently had a lot of knowledge about Wang Yuan, just because he didn't understand it now doesn't mean he wouldn't understand it in the future, and such a threat should be nipped while it was still in its bud.

    "Let's have him stabilize the situation of the village first. After all, it's easier for humans to accept being under the jurisdiction of a familiar figure, so there shouldn't be too many objections. When Negary had fully integrated into these people's lives, that will be time for Comoros to be discarded for knowing too much" Wang Yuan lightly floated around and observed the village's situation.

    Of course, the thing Wang Yuan was most concerned about right now was what the man named Jacob was planning. From the look on his face, he didn't intend to surrender, but that was natural.

    Before Wang Yuan and Comoros came, Jacob was the biggest beneficiary of this village. The hunting party's leader was his good friend, the next village chief was going to be him without any doubt. But as soon as Comoros returned with Negary's will, the old village chief was murdered, most of the village's authority would now also fall into Comoros' hand.

    For both personal and official reasons, Jacob couldn't just accept it; but due to the threat of the plague, the villagers were now standing on Comoros' side. After all, Negary had already displayed his power, Jacob knew full well that if he tried to openly resist, the other villagers would suppress him even before Negary did.


    Everything happened too suddenly, no one had anything prepared, even the prestigious village chief was bitten to death in front of everyone. Jacob now had no choice but to swallow his irritation, plan things out properly before going against Comoros, as well as the one calling itself ‘Negary'.

    Opening the door to his house, Jacob took a deep breath, smiled brightly and casually greeted: "Isabella, I'm home"

    "You're back early today" a blond young woman sat in the house, holding her somewhat inflated belly and gently asked: "I heard a bit of commotion outside, did something happen?"

    "Hm, some problems did come up, but don't worry, I'll take care of it" Jacob smiled full of confidence in his voice, he slowly approached his wife, crouched down, carefully touched her belly and smiled: "Nala, papa is back, did you miss papa?"

    "That problem isn't as simple as you said, is it?" the sharp woman naturally saw through Jacob's awkwardness and gently told him: "I'll be fine, you don't need to worry for me. You know that I'm from the Tagula family"

    "Alright, things are indeed a bit troublesome" Jacob looked at his wife and sighed: "Comoros was the only person of the hunting party to return, bringing with him what he claimed to be the will and messengers of Negary. He had even killed the village chief"

    "Right now, he is gathering the villagers to have them offer up their foreheads to Negary" Jacob summarized what happened and gave up on this pretend confidence: "My reason is telling me that I should surrender so that there is no danger"

    "But my heart is telling me that doing that is wrong!" Jacob said with conviction: "Dax and the others died some unclear deaths, the village chief was also murdered without remorse, but the villagers are afraid to stand up due to the threat of the plague"

    "If I do not stand up now, I know that I will surely regret this. But if I do so and indeed provoke the plague, then not only will I have wronged the village, but I will also have wronged you" Jacob was feeling helpless, on one side was the wrong thing to do, while the other side had severe consequences that he couldn't shoulder. This made him unable to decide.

    "When faced with two equally difficult choices, I believe it is best that you choose the one you think is correct" Isabella hugged her husband's head and gently consoled him: "I will support you"

    "As for that Negary you spoke about, I think it's possible that it isn't actually a God" Isabella smiled.

    "Isabella, do you know something?" Jacob looked up at his wife. He knew that his wife wasn't a person of the Cauchy tribe, her background wasn't simple either, so it made sense that she knew a few secrets.

    "The one calling itself Negary is possibly an Evil Spirit" Isabella recalled as she explained: "Evil Spirits are entities with strange and powerful mystical abilities, but they are also under heavy restrictions so they do not easily appear. But as far as I know, Evil Spirits have no sense of reason, it's very different from what you said"

    "Evil Spirits, huh?" Jacob nodded.

    "In my hometown, an Evil Spirit calamity once occurred that caused many people to lose their lives. That Evil Spirit had the ability to control fog, called the Devil in the Fog. Many people were lost and killed within that fog. The archbishop of the church of Divine Grace had to purify the Evil Spirit and blessed the world with the brilliance of the Lord"

    His wife was a devout believer in the faith of Divine Grace, but that didn't affect their relationship, as Jacob respected his wife's beliefs.

    "Isabella, you mean to say that the church of Divine Grace has a way to eliminate the Evil Spirits?" Jacob caught the important info in his wife's words. He originally didn't believe the Cauchy tribe's traditional faith of Gods in all things, so Jacob didn't really reject the idea of borrowing the power of the Divine Grace church to get rid of Negary.

    "The Lord is omnipotent" Isabella smiled: "Even if Negary isn't an Evil Spirit, it should be something similar, and the church of Divine Grace has a way to deal with it"

    Wang Yuan was standing nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation and analyzing the information he obtained from it: "Church of Divine Grace? This world's supernatural power?"

    "She said it was called a Devil in the Fog. Perhaps it was the same as me, a remnant soul that had the ability to control the fog and mist?" Wang Yuan continued to analyze the details of their conversation and assessed his situation.

    "Regardless of other things, for now, I've determined that Jacob cannot be left alive" Wang Yuan decided to first deal with Jacob and slowly hovered away. The church of Divine Grace had already formed a religion, so they must be quite a bit more powerful than Wang Yuan currently was, it was best that he didn't mess with them right now.

    On the other side, where Comoros was still conveying the will of Negary to the villagers, he suddenly felt an itch, then saw the two crows flew up and landed nearby, signalling for Comoros to follow them.

    Comoros didn't dare to make them wait and hurriedly follow the crows, arriving in front of a certain building that was currently holding the village chief's granddaughter. Since she was bitten by the plagued Nael beasts, Comoros had her locked up here with the excuse of not letting the plague spread.

    Wang Yuan was also hovering near the girl. She was holding the wound on her hand tightly with a pale expression on her face, weakly collapsed on the ground. She had the charms of a sickly beauty, but this wasn't useful for anything, so as Wang Yuan's interference force acted on her, the girl scowled, hugged her head with a pained expression, then dropped dead without a sound