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Chapter 14

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 14: Vol1 Ch14: Naming and development

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    The new hunting party had just returned from their first expedition. They didn't manage to bring back any crows, but they brought back a few crow eggs.

    A total of five ashen-grey black-dotted eggs were brought back and placed at the back of the town, on top of the large tree, as Wang Yuan's two mutated crows had already made a nest there.

    A crow's incubation period was around 16-18 days, but since he didn't really know for how long these eggs have already been incubated, Wang Yuan simply ordered the two crows to continue incubating the eggs until they hatch, which should be quite soon.

    Ever since the feud with his father, Comoros had another house built at the back of the village and lived there by himself, dealing with menial chores and tasks of the village. The village chief was already dead, Jacob who was considered to be the next village chief was also dead, so the one whose words carried the most weight in the village was Comoros. Everything was still basically the same as before and everyone had their own lives to live, but now that Negary's brilliance had shrouded the village, no one knew for sure if some of the things they were already used to would anger the great Negary.

    For example, in the past, if a sheep they raised got sick and died, the villagers would eat what they could eat and bury the rest somewhere near the village to increase the fertility of the land. But now that the village was under Negary's watch, they couldn't casually do it without consent.

    Watching Comoros drive the people who came to inquire about such things away, Wang Yuan hovered towards the large tree at the back of the village and observed the crow eggs.

    "I wonder if these new crows would be able to adapt to the [Progenitor Germs]" Wang Yuan had such a thought, the bacteria had already evolved too many times to actually keep track at this point.


    The original bacteria that Wang Yuan brought from his world was most likely a type of germ that originated from the birds of his world. For people who were vaccinated, it would naturally not cause a lot of harm.

    But when he came to this world, the bacteria immediately mutated due to the sudden change in environment and caused Wang Yuan's death, it then formed a surprising symbiotic relationship with the crows and made them mutate in a good way.

    Wang Yuan also proceeded to name a few more things, for example, the white mist that came out of a dead creature was named Life Essence, while the cool aura came from the crows and humans were named Soul Essence. The other bacteria that mutated from the [Progenitor Germs] also had their own unique names, but most were marked with numbers as prototype specimens.

    Many of these mutated bacteria came from the bodies of the Cauchy villagers, since the village now had a new rule. Any sick person would have to go to the back of the village and receive the blessing from Negary's messengers.

    Once a person had been confirmed to be sick, they would be brought to the back of the village and receive Negary's blessing, which was essentially being infected with the [Progenitor Germs]. Wang Yuan would then observe and study the changes that the bacteria undergo within the bodies of these people.

    Rudimentary germs like the common cold would quickly be consumed by the [Progenitor Germs] and kickstart a new round of mutations. Wang Yuan would then observe the effects these mutated germs have on these people, then made sure the carrier didn't die from the disease before collecting mutated bacteria that had value.

    Even if the disease had nothing to do with germs, they would still be planted with the [Progenitor Germs] and become human Petri dishes that allowed Negary to observe the changes the bacteria would undergo while inside different people. Fortunately, Wang Yuan was now able to highly suppress the rate of growth for these germs and made sure that the infected wouldn't die or become completely immune to these bacteria.


    There was one notable case where a villager contracted a disease that seemed similar to cancer. Wang Yuan wasn't a medical student so he didn't really study them, but he noticed that a tumour had formed inside that villager's dying body and was growing at a rapid pace.

    As Wang Yuan's bacteria entered his body, they would quickly mutate thanks to the existence of the tumour. The mutated bacteria quickly got out of Wang Yuan's control and grew at an insane rate, forming numerous black spots on the villager's body.

    At the same time, the black spots were also quickly expanding until it turned him into a literal ‘black person', feathers were also visibly growing from his body, but before they could thoroughly sprout, the man had already died.

    This mutated bacteria was then preserved by Wang Yuan and fed at regular intervals, maintaining the vitality for these germs that he named [Black Crow].

    When the villager mutated, he showed off powers that regular humans would never be able to do. A normal, originally dying sick man after the mutation was able to leap 5-6 meters with ease and destroyed a house pillar with one punch. Wang Yuan believed that this [Black Crow] bacteria had a lot of breeding potential, but required more improvements.

    Besides the [Black Crow], there was another type of bacteria that was worth Wang Yuan's preservation. It came from no one else but the living person infected with his germs the longest, Comoros.

    Perhaps the [Progenitor Germs] were suppressed for too long inside Comoros' body, it began to mutate in a strange way and slowly became dormant. But as soon as Wang Yuan acted on these germs, they would trigger the release of two different substances inside Comoros' body. The first of which caused Comoros to feel extreme happiness, while the other caused extreme fear.

    Wang Yuan was in full control of which substance would be released, and in fact, even without Wang Yuan's interference, Comoros would not die from the germs inside him anymore.

    This type of bacteria that could trigger happiness and fear was named [Domination] by Wang Yuan. The deeper meaning of which was that if someone were to be infected with them, they would never escape from Wang Yuan's control. But more importantly, the current Comoros was similar to the mutated crows, he was able to supply Wang Yuan with Soul Essence, which was the cool aura.

    Unlike the crows, the Soul Essence that Comoros supplied was similar to how it was when he absorbed the Soul Essence of the dead, it carried emotions as well as bits and pieces of memories.

    "This seems to be similar to the worshipped Gods from my past life. Could it be that Soul Essence was actually ‘Faith'?" Wang Yuan had such a thought and rejected the Soul Essence Comoros supplied.

    Wang Yuan didn't want to become a worshipped God like in the stories. Those Gods might appear to have absolute control, but they were in fact also being controlled by their collective worshippers, which was something Wang Yuan couldn't stomach. He could accept selective, active changes to his personality, but not passive changes like this.


    For his goal, Wang Yuan wanted to become a true manipulator of all things, but not a God. In fact, if such Gods existed, Wang Yuan also wanted to one day dominate them as well.

    "These [Dominator] germs are quite useful, unfortunately, their infectivity and spread have also become exceedingly weak. I can't make them spread widely, so Comoros is the only carrier for now" Wang Yuan sighed, then continued to experiment with the different changes that the [Progenitor Germs] went through in different hosts.

    "Comoros' mother should go into labour quite soon, shouldn't she?" Wang Yuan recalled.