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Chapter 15

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 15: Vol1 Ch15: The “Righteous” Noah

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    A heart-wrenching scream resounded from the room as a man with a lame leg anxiously waited outside.

    As the newborn child was delivered, Wang Yuan had come to observe the infant.

    "Comoros, your successor has been found" Wang Yuan said as he looked at the infant. As soon as this child was born, Wang Yuan was able to sense Soul Essence being transferred to him.

    Under the effects of the bacteria, this newborn child was extremely healthy, he soon opened his eyes and looked towards Wang Yuan's direction with clear black eyes as well as a happy smile.

    "So you can sense my existence huh?" Wang Yuan smiled.

    Even though it was now impossible for Comoros to escape from Wang Yuan's control due to the [Domination] germs, he still knew too much. Not to mention the fact that this infant was a lot more excellent compared to him.

    The infant was named Noah by his father.


    "The bacteria inside his body will be named the [Righteous] germs" like a sick joke, Wang Yuan named this bacteria. From what was observed so far, this bacteria was able to strengthen the constitution of the infected, as this infant was a lot healthier compared to other newborn babies.

    At the same time, a person infected by the [Righteous] bacteria was similar to a crow infected by the [Progenitor Germs]. This newborn consciousness was highly sensitive to Wang Yuan's suggestions, thus allowing him a great deal of control over the infected.

    In the bible, the ‘Righteous', in principle, wasn't referring to a person's good morals and behaviours. It was more accurately described as an ‘effect' that came about through the 'cause' of having a ‘Covenant' with God. In other words, a person who obeyed the laws of God because of their ‘beliefs'.

    And so, a person who had a ‘Covenant' with God was called ‘Righteous', and the ‘Covenant' between Noah and Wang Yuan was the bacteria inside of him, that was the reason why Wang Yuan named it the [Righteous1] bacteria.

    "So that is my younger brother…" Comoros stood from a distance, looking at the child who was the center of everyone's attention. Towards this little brother, he felt admiration and envy, if he didn't appear, Comoros wouldn't have joined the hunting party, and he wouldn't have run into ‘that'.

    As soon as he thought that, Comoros felt a sense of dread and fear over his body. That was the effect of the [Domination] germs, whenever he thought about Negary in a bad way, his body's instincts would naturally react and release the fear trigger substance inside his body, causing him to feel fear.

    Taking one last look at the family that he no longer had a place in, Comoros turned around and left. He had finally made up his mind to dedicate his everything to Negary.

    Wang Yuan continued to observe the effects of the [Righteous] germs. Noah's growth was unbelievably fast, and he also had an extraordinary mind. If Wang Yuan did not have a constant connection to his consciousness, Wang Yuan would've believed without a doubt that Noah was actually a Reincarnator.

    "Wald!" when Noah uttered a few illegible syllables, a small grey bird flew in from the window. It carried a rolled-up leaf in its talons, when it got closer to Noah, it carefully poured the dew on the leaf into Noah's mouth.

    Wang Yuan was observing this not too far away. Noah's actions couldn't help but remind Wang Yuan of the Cauchy's legends. According to their folklore, ‘Cauchy' represented spirits, and the Cauchy people were a race of humans born from the spirits of the Progenitor of all things. They recognized the names of Gods in all things and could borrow those names to unleash unimaginable power.

    From his observations so far, Noah would occasionally utter a few illegible syllables. Through these syllables, Noah was able to command various animals, the easiest of which were birds, to do as he liked.

    "Wald should have the meaning of ‘the drinker' in the Cauchy language" Wang Yuan scowled and thought about this connection: "Could it be that the Cauchy people's legends are actually true?"

    Through his connection with Noah, he could indeed communicate with the boy, but Noah was still too young to fully express what he wanted to say clearly. Even the vague syllables that he could speak were nothing but a sort of instinct.

    Perhaps sensing Wang Yuan staring at him, he turned towards Wang Yuan and smiled happily. Wang Yuan also smiled, since regardless of what secret the Cauchy people held, at least for now, Noah was his ‘Righteous'.

    "The bacteria will need to be improved further, these current bacteria are unable to give me enough power" Wang Yuan briefly sensed the situation of the germs spread all over the village, but suddenly felt a report coming from the two mutated crows at the large tree.

    "The crows are hatching huh?" Wang Yuan lightly left Noah's side, using his interference force to propel himself towards the back of the village.

    After his soul was replenished a few times, his interference force was greatly reinforced, so his movement speed also increased, and he soon arrived at the large tree at the back of the village.

    Within the crow's nest, only two out of five crow eggs hatched. Two hatchlings with barely any fur were energetically moving around the nest. As this was the mutated crows' nest, the [Progenitor Germs] were everywhere in the air.

    When the two hatchlings came into contact with the germs, they didn't show any adverse effects at all and instead became more lively instead. It was obvious that the current [Progenitor Germs] were extremely suitable for these crows.

    "A normal crow hatchling would need to be taken care of for about a month by adult crows before they become adolescent and can leave the nest by themselves. But these crows might be able to leave their nests a lot sooner than that" Wang Yuan used his interference force to check the situation of these two hatchlings before making a rough estimation.

    Soon enough, the crow eggs all hatched one by one. The villagers had already prepared a bit of food, fruits, worms as well as rotten meat not too far away from where they were, so the two grown crows didn't have to search for food to feed the new hatchlings.

    After all five eggs had hatched, no signs of any disease or adverse reactions to living in a bacteria-filled environment appeared at all, the only side effect was that the birds were a lot more prone to being hungry.

    "A satisfactory situation. Of course, I can't rule out the possibility of them mutating again after they grow up" while observing them, Wang Yuan had such a thought. The crows weren't quite as important as they were before, but the more crows he had, the better.

    Every crow was a stable source of daily Soul Essence for him, even if it wasn't a lot, through accumulation, it was a lot more stable compared to the alternatives.

    "I wonder what would happen after my soul is completely replenished?" Wang Yuan checked the state of his own soul. At the moment, his soul seemed to be complete, but he knew better than anyone else that the vague feeling of being greatly incomplete still existed.

    His own instincts were constantly telling him to absorb more Soul Essence and make up for his shortcomings. In fact, while infecting pregnant women, Wang Yuan had an impulse to throw himself straight into their bellies.

    Because at that time, he could faintly tell that he would immediately be complete again if he did that and would once again reincarnate as a human. But the impulse was forcibly held back by Wang Yuan.

    First of all, he couldn't guarantee that after reincarnating as a human, he would retain his memories.

    Secondly, even if he could retain his memories, Wang Yuan wasn't too fond of the idea of being human again. Right now, he could still become stronger through absorbing Soul Essence, but he would easily fall into danger by becoming human, possibly dying once again. At that time, there were no guarantees that he would turn into a remnant soul again.