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Chapter 16

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 16: Vol1 Ch16: The Kent tribe

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    Two days later, the hatchlings had grown a lot bigger, now begging and waiting for food in high spirits.

    The new hunting party had also just returned from their second expedition, this time bringing back about 7-8 crows.

    Comoros was standing below the shade of the large tree. As he saw the tied-up crows, his eyes went cold and pointed at a crow that lost ones of its wings: "These crows have yet to become servants to my Master, but that is no reason for you to wound it this way"

    "Which one of you wounded it, step out" Comoros' gaze swept through the members of this new hunting party: "Unless you intend to anger the great Negary"

    One of the hunters glanced around nervously before stepping forward, slightly trembling. Comoros knew this person well as he was an old playmate of his, but now the only thing in this playmate's eyes as he looked at Comoros was fear.

    Looking at his old playmate's fearful demeanour, Comoros steeled himself for what he was about to do. Wounding the crow was nothing but an excuse, and the reason why such an excuse had to be made in the first place was due to Negary's order asking for a sacrifice.

    During this time, the only Life Essence Wang Yuan had been able to absorb was from the [Black Crow] germs. Now that his stock of Life Essence was no longer enough, a sacrifice had to be made, and Wang Yuan conveyed this order to Comoros through his [Domination] germs.


    It was possible for him to randomly pick out a villager to be sacrificed, but that could cause the villager's intense retaliation, so an excuse was necessary to forcefully denounce those who made minor mistakes as sinners and sacrifice them.

    And right now, this old playmate of Comoros was the one standing at the pointy end of the spear. Since Comoros couldn't go against Negary's orders, he had no choice but to silently apologize for his following actions.

    Comoros squinted his eyes and was about to pronounce a sentence when a member of the village guards quickly rode his horse towards them.

    "Chief Comoros sir, we discovered signs of the Kent tribe" this member of the village guard hurriedly got off his horse and reported to Comoros in a low voice.

    "The Kent tribe?" Comoros decided against recalling some not-so-pleasant memories and turned towards his old playmate, declaring: "Originally, your sin should have been paid for with your life"

    "However, you have been given a chance to redeem yourself. A life for a life, join the village guards, capture a Kent tribesman and use his life to redeem for your own!" in the end, Comoros was soft, he decided to indirectly spare his old playmate.

    Wang Yuan didn't mind Comoros' little scheme too much as he was recalling the information he knew about the Kent tribe.

    The Kent people were widely known as natural-born bandits. The instinct to plunder and kill had been engraved into their bloodline. This description wasn't racial discrimination, but rather something that the Kent people had proven time and time again through their actions. This was their nature that couldn't be changed even with acquired education and teachings.

    Once upon a time, in the neighbouring Royas Kingdom, there used to be a kind-hearted aristocrat. He believed that the Kent people were widely known as bandits because the only people they knew from birth were bandits. The only thing that they learned from were skills to plunder and steal, so the only thing they could naturally become was a bandit.

    He reasoned that if a Kent tribesman could be brought to and educated by a normal family, they would naturally grow up to be a normal person.

    During an excursion, he stopped a group of Adventurers from killing an infant girl who was just born within the group of Kent tribe bandits that they had just wiped out. He declared that children were innocent and adopted the infant girl in front of the Adventurer's completely flabbergasted faces.

    That aristocratic scholar never told the girl about her heritage as a Kent person. From a very young age, she was taught etiquette and education like any other aristocratic girl, at the same time meticulously regulated her behaviours, treating her like his real daughter.

    On her 15th birthday, she would have inherited that aristocrat's peerage, if not for the fact that she was accused, with undeniable evidence, that ever since she was 12, she had been poisoning the aristocrat with a chronic poison. She would have been called a Viscountess, and not her current title of Great Robber Ika Elissa.

    At 12 years old, when Ika had never even touched the cruel knowledge of the Kent tribe, after she accidentally learnt of the chronic poison, even without any grudge against him, she began to slowly poison her adoptive father.

    That was simply the Kent people's nature. They didn't feel that plundering from others was a shameful thing to do. In fact, they craved it like addicts, frequently moving out to steal and rob others even without needing to, just to enjoy the pleasure it brought them.

    Of course, even if the Kent people's nature was to rob and steal, they weren't idiots. They would not attack forces that were too powerful or completely eliminate the parties that they stole from, otherwise, if there was no one left to steal from, the Kent tribe that hated working for their keep would've gone extinct long ago.

    And this Cauchy village was one of the parties to be stolen from. Every year, bandit troupes consisting of Kent people would raid the village, and every time, the village would have to do something to protect themselves against these pillagers.

    If the village was completely defenceless against the bandits, they would do whatever they liked. The worst instance was several years ago when the Kent people managed to enter the village and lit everything on fire, reducing numerous houses to ash. If it weren't for the Kent tribe deciding to leave some of the villagers alive to be plundered again, this village would have already been destroyed at the time. That year, many Cauchy people either starved or were frozen to death.

    Of course, there were also some calm years where both sides flexed their muscles against one another. If the Kent bandits considered their village to be a hard bone to chew on, they would only demand the village to give them a bit of food before running away.

    However, this village was now different. This village was now under Wang Yuan's domination, and Wang Yuan couldn't possibly let the things under his control to once again be controlled by others.

    Because of that, Wang Yuan's policy against the Kent people from the very start was total elimination. These Cauchy people, for better or for worse, were under Wang Yuan's control. They were ‘assets' that would increase their own values over time, so Wang Yuan didn't want to be too cruel against them.

    But towards the Kent people, Wang Yuan had no mercy.

    Wang Yuan was looking forward to finding this out. But before that, he needed a certain number of armed forces. After all, the Cauchy village originally didn't have much when it came to armed forces, only the hunting party and the village guards.

    But the hunting party was completely eliminated by Wang Yuan, leaving only the newbie Comoros alive. While the village guard's captain, Jacob, was also killed, the remaining members of the village guards were delegated to the new hunting party to search for crows, so the current fighting power of the village was at an all-time low.

    If they did not have confidence in the existence of Negary, most of the villagers would've already prepared to flee.

    Seeing the newly captured crows, Wang Yuan recalled the incomplete [Black Crow] germs and had a certain thought. The Cauchy village people lived a very secluded life, so they knew too little about the outside world. Perhaps this time, he would be able to learn a bit more from these Kent tribe bandits.