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Chapter 17

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 17: Vol1 Ch17: The rightful place for the weak is to be dominated!!!

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    Riding galloping horses at full speed, the Kent tribe people were screaming in excitement.

    They loved to plunder and steal. Even taking minor things could cause them to feel excitement and joy. Their very nature was to take things from others and make it theirs, satisfying this nature for them was exactly like satisfying a certain other human nature, it brought them ecstasy.

    Scheming or violence, anything would work all the same, the word ‘steal' itself had been engraved deeply into their bones.

    The Cauchy guards had already noticed the approaching Kent tribe from afar and immediately sent people back to the village while putting up traps on the path, trying to resist these Kent tribe bandits.

    But their resistance was honestly too weak. A large part of their forces had already been forcefully delegated to the hunting party to look for crows.

    The bandits roared in excitement and joy, they didn't mind bullying the weak, in fact, that would only make them feel even more eager. Only intense retaliation and resistance would rouse their sense of respect and make them choose to hold back when they steal from someone.

    The current Cauchy people didn't have the ability to resist, so their robber's blood was practically boiling from the thrill. If they were allowed to freely attack the village as they did a few years ago, the catastrophe of the village being burnt to ashes would most likely repeat itself.


    The Kent tribe people chased after the fleeing village guards in their frenzy. While shooting at them with arrows, they nimbly avoided the practically useless traps and laughed at the powerful fleeing Cauchy people.

    Last year, the Cauchy people had used these traps and various other methods to retaliate and stop these Kent tribe people from going too far.

    Of course, at the time, the Cauchy people's village guards were more like a group of caretakers for bears or servants that served a tyrant. Against the Kent tribe's attack, they didn't have the choice to not retaliate, because doing that would only cause the bandit blood of the Kent to boil more intensely.

    At the same time, they couldn't retaliate too much. Because if they really caused the Kent bandits too many casualties and angered the Kent people, they would ignore the principle of long-term preservation. Quite a few villages had already been destroyed by the Kent people out of anger and revenge because they managed to kill one or two Kent bandits.

    This was similar to having a girlfriend. If you treated her too well, she was going to act spoiled, if you treated her badly, she was going to act even more spoiled. In the end, the core of the problem was because you were the weaker party in the relationship.


    It was because there existed a ‘weaker party' that the relationship simply could not be completely balanced, and so anything you do could be the wrong thing to do, that was just how love worked. And that was exactly how the Cauchy people were in front of the Kent tribe. It was because they were weak that they had no choice but to try and resist the Kent tribe, while trying at the same time not to overdo it.

    Standing afar, Wang Yuan glanced at the fleeing Cauchy village guards and thought of a saying that he heard somewhere a long time ago: Only the weak needed to think of the big picture, because they couldn't handle the consequences of the status quo being broken.

    At the same time, those truly strong had never been worried about the bigger picture, because they themselves were the bigger picture. The previous Kent tribe people were the bigger picture, so they didn't need to pay too much attention about whether or not killing the Cauchy people that way would be unreasonable. Or whether they could survive if their food was stolen. Or whether they could endure seeing their daughters and wives being harassed in front of their faces.

    "All unfavourable conditions in the world are brought about by the party in question not having enough power" Wang Yuan slowly declared.


    If he were strong before, he would be able to notice the hole within the System's fraudulent act and remain in his original world as the Protagonist. If the Cauchy people were powerful enough, the Kent tribe wouldn't have even considered visiting their village, just like how this small group of Kent tribe bandits had never considered robbing the Interkam Kingdom.

    "And now, we are the more powerful party in the relationship with the Kent tribe. That is why they are the side that is dominated" Wang Yuan glanced at the approaching Kent bandits and gave his order.

    Comoros' expression changed slightly and turned around to look at a group of anxious Cauchy villagers. They each held a jar wrapped tightly in cloths in their arms, looking a bit puzzled and overwhelmed. Comoros' playmate who was branded a sinner was also among them.

    "The jar in your chests contains the curse of the great Negary. As soon as anyone is infected by that, they will contract the plague and die. As long as you fling them towards the Kent tribe people, you should be able to draw most of their attention" Comoros explained: "After that, the only thing you need to do is capture as many un-cursed Kent tribe people as possible. They will become our sacrifices for Negary, the more you capture, the more rewards you shall receive"

    "Especially you. If you cannot capture a sacrifice, then you can only become a sacrifice yourself" Comoros told his old playmate. This was his final act of kindness. If this playmate still couldn't take this opportunity, he only had himself to blame.


    Hearing Comoros' order, the group of 7-8 people each ran towards the Kent tribe, each with a jar in front of their chest.

    The village guard members were frantically running away on their horse, occasionally dodging the arrows that came at them. They didn't dare to stop even for a little bit, because the moment they did, they would easily be cut down by the Kent bandits on their pursuit, or killed by an arrow that came from somewhere behind their back.

    The order they received was to lure the enemies to this area. They were told that there would be reinforcements waiting for them. Right now, about 20 Kent bandits were chasing after them, each armed with a horse, a long blade as well as bow and arrows.

    "Kakakaka! I'm going to shoot your butts off! Running away so slowly, are you trying to dedicate your butt to me!?" one of the Kent bandits laughed, the bow in his hand shot out an arrow without hesitation and hit someone's leg.

    He was then disoriented from the pain and fell from his horse. The man tried to call for help, but none of his companions stopped to pull him up. Seeing the Kent bandits getting closer and closer, he tried to crawl forward.

    But how could a wounded person escape the Kent people?

    These bandits quickly caught up to this Cauchy person. They decided to stop pursuing them for now, as the Cauchy people seemed to have given up on fighting back this year. Their lack of resistance made the bandits not feel the need to hurry up.

    The wounded man was still crawling forward. His desire to live was intense, but if a desire could be fulfilled merely by being intense enough, this world wouldn't be so sorrowful.

    "Ah hah, little Cauchy man, you don't seem to have any belongings. Then this gracious me shall be benevolent and only steal your life" a Kent bandit heartily laughed.

    "Don't kill me, please don't kill me!!" the Cauchy man continued to crawl forward with snot and tears running down his face, like a little worm whose only wish was to continue living.

    "We don't need to ask for an ant's permission" the Kent bandit excitedly raised his blade, lopped off the man's head and urged his horse to continue galloping towards the village.