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Chapter 18

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 18: Vol1 Ch18: Piece of [Black Crow] meat

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    The Kent horses once again galloped forward, but this time, a captured Cauchy person was being dragged along on the ground behind them.

    The captured Cauchy person was screaming desperately but would go quiet soon since there was no such thing as a road in this place. The thing that people called ‘roads' were still dirt paths cleared of trees and rocks, anyone being dragged behind a horse on this was most likely going to die no matter what.

    At this point, the group of village guards who carried the jars containing Negary's ‘curse' had silently approached them.

    There were a total of 28 Kent tribe bandits, each of them were burly powerful men. After all, the only thing they learnt from birth was how to plunder and rob other people, and when it came to robbing things, strength was the most important factor.

    There were only 8 Cauchy people in this little team, so if they charged the Kent head-on, that would be just suicide. Even if they were carrying Negary's curse, they didn't want to openly step out to face the Kent bandits.

    This was natural, as the Kent people's strength had been proven year after year, while Negary's power had only been shown very briefly by him summoning a group of rats that bit the village chief to death. The fact that these people were even willing to step out at all was thanks to a combination of Comoros' brainwashing and persuasion ever since he took over.

    "Is this really going to be useful?" Sen was hiding inside a nearby bush, glancing down at the normal-looking sealed jar in his hands, doubtful about how it would kill a large number of Kent people. As the only son of the El family, just like Comoros, he originally didn't want to join the hunting party.


    But because of Negary's appearance, the previous hunting party couldn't bring any prey back to the village, and the village's harvests were a bit lacking this year due to various reasons, so if he didn't join the hunting party, he could only starve.

    Because of that, Sen decided to join the new hunting party and find new messengers for the great Negary. Every crow he caught would be rewarded handsomely, and this was a lot safer than going deep into the wilderness and hunting large beasts to bring back as food.

    However, because of his inexperience, Sen's method of catching the crows was a bit rough, causing one of the crows' wings to be clipped. At the time, he didn't think too much of it, but turns out that was a huge mistake that he had made. Comoros' cold gaze at the time caused him to almost pee his pants.

    After all, Comoros had now offered his forehead to Negary, his everything now belonged to Negary, so his icy gaze also represented Negary's watchful gaze.

    For his own life, he had no choice but to join the ambush with the other village guards, capture a Kent person to bring back as a sacrifice to Negary and redeem himself. In actuality, he wasn't at all confident about the success of what he was about to do.

    But in Sen's mind, between being offered as a sacrifice for Negary and dying while fighting the Kent bandits, he would rather choose the latter, because that sounded like a more heroic death.

    "Are they here?" listening to the sound of the horses' gallops, Sen held the jar tightly in his chest. As soon as the galloping were close enough, he trembled slightly, exchanged glances with the other village guards, and threw the jar with all his strength.

    "Little Cauchy rats, are you trying to ambush us?" this group of Kent bandits arrogantly laughed, not at all concerned with the jars that were thrown towards them. After all, these Cauchy rats wouldn't actually dare to harm them, the hundreds of Kent tribesmen that had their backs were the source of their confidence.

    However, this time, it didn't quite go as the Kent bandits expected. When the jars were broken around where their horses stood, a large amount of black liquid splashed on their bodies, filling the air around with an incredible stench.

    This stench was so sudden that the Kent people who were originally taking aim missed their shots, while the Cauchy person being dragged behind them was practically soaked in the black sealed liquid.

    Wang Yuan's field of cognition wasn't very sensitive to smell, so he was standing quite near when the splash happened, observing as the liquid was scattered and calmly began his record: "[Black Crow] germs, the first large-scale Kent people infection experiment commences"

    "At the same time, horse infectivity experimentation can also be conducted" Wang Yuan actively controlled the germs so that they quickly grew and multiplied.

    The black liquid in those jars were the catalysts for the [Black Crow] germs, the [Black Crow] germs would infect the Kent people's bodies through the smell alone. Before the Kent people who were splashed with this stinky substance could even become furious, one of them had already let out a pained cry.

    The Cauchy person who was being dragged behind by the horse was completely soaked by the black liquid and became deformed before anyone else. His originally dying body was able to break the rope around his neck, his skin also became abnormally black and rotten at the same time. He quickly jumped towards a vomiting Kent bandit that was on his horse and bit the Kent person's leg.

    The infected Cauchy person was having his muscle activity triggered by the [Black Crow] germs, so the strength of his bite wasn't normal. He immediately ripped off a large chunk of flesh from that Kent person's leg and directly swallowed it down.

    As soon as he did, the mutated person's flesh rotting slowed down, but his head was immediately lopped off by a slash of the Kent person's blade, spouting black blood like a geyser from his now-open neck.

    However, even after being beheaded, the mutated man was still vigorous enough to move around, the flesh around where his neck was cut even writhed and morphed, as if trying to regrow another head.

    Regretfully, in the end, the mutated man couldn't endure it and collapsed, his body quickly rotted away into a puddle of black liquid. Before the bitten Kent bandit could even sigh in relief, he was knocked off by the horse he was riding on and was trampled by the rampaging animal's hooves.

    The Kent bandit was completely confused, unable to understand why the situation suddenly became like this. But among the foul stench, he suddenly found his horse's smell to be exceptionally alluring, tempting him to take a bite.

    Compelled by the robbing instinct engraved in the bloodline of the Kent tribe, the trampled Kent person immediately reached his head up and took a large bite from the horse's stomach. The foul black blood that came from the wound completely soaked his body, but the Kent bandit didn't mind that at all, instead, he opened his mouth wide to drink the pouring blood and continued to rip off the horse's flesh bite after bite.

    The insanity quickly spread among the Kent bandits and their horses. After being infected, their skins turned black and began to rot away, the only method to slow this rotting down was apparently to devour the flesh of another living being.

    Wang Yuan observed the germ's mutation from afar, as they continued to devour the flesh of others, the same [Black Crow] germs were mutating into different strains, infecting and devouring one another, becoming stranger by the second.

    In the end, only a large blob of black liquid of amalgamated flesh remained, still writhing and moving. The mass consisted of the horses' flesh, the Kent bandits' flesh as well as the flesh of the infected Cauchy person at the start.

    The flesh and blood were gathering, slowly moving to bind to one another, apparently trying to form a new lifeform. Through his connection with the germs, Wang Yuan could sense the huge amount of vitality from the giant forming body.

    Wang Yuan was highly interested in knowing what kind of lifeform this mass of flesh would become in the end.