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Chapter 19

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 19: Vol1 Ch19: The missing ‘something’

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    The huge blob of flesh quickly withered away, two black and red tentacles then sprouted from inside the rotting husk, followed by a chunk of strange-looking flesh. A total of 10 eyes were completely open, attached to the chunk of flesh covered in red and black body fluids.

    As soon as the eyes opened, Wang Yuan's expression changed, not because the eyes of the newly born monster began to observe him, but because as soon as the eyes opened, something suddenly happened, causing germs and bacteria that made up the core of this monster to gradually escape Wang Yuan's control.

    The monster's 10 eyes constantly shifted and moved around like it was observing this world, then completely ripped the rotten flesh husk around its body away, revealing its true form to everyone.

    Where the ‘head' of the monster was supposed to be was the strange chunk of flesh with 10 eyes on top of it, constantly shifting around to observe its surroundings. Below the ‘head' was a hunched humanoid form with two black and red tentacles on its back, the monster's legs were the horses' hooves.

    The monster didn't have any skin, it was similar to a skinned frog covered in black and red bodily fluids. It tried to take a step forward out of the rotten flesh husk, but tripped and fell back into the chunk of rotten flesh.

    After more struggling, the monster managed to stand up again, then paused briefly as it tried to think of something. It then leapt directly out from the rotten flesh husk, heading towards Wang Yuan's direction.

    He sensed danger from that monster, this was the very first time Wang Yuan had actually felt danger directly from something in this world. Ever since the beginning, the risks he felt all came directly from himself, the most prominent of which was the lack of Life Essence, most other things couldn't even see him, let alone threaten him.


    But Wang Yuan wasn't feeling distressed. The emotions he absorbed from Jacob were displaying its effects, turning his personality into one that didn't panic in the face of danger. He started to float backwards while closely observing the other party's actions. Unlike a normal newborn creature, this monster showed a clear sense of self as well as a very fast ability to adapt and understand this world.

    "Gu Ru Gu Ru Gu Ru!" several orifices opened on the head-like portion of the monster and spoke in a strange tone as if it was some sort of language. The orifices then changed and made a different kind of sound: "Casca Cassos?"

    "This feeling?" Wang Yuan carefully thought about how the germs that made this monster lose control in the first place: "This feels a bit similar to having a higher consciousness descending on it?"

    "Soul Transmigration?1" Wang Yuan suddenly recalled this word. If that was the case, the other party's strange actions up to now could be explained. But no matter how you looked at it, this monster wasn't human, it even tried to speak another language, some of which included a bit of the Kent tribe's languages. Unfortunately, it seemed to have only just learnt the language so it was unable to express what it wanted.

    "Does it want to communicate?" Wang Yuan analyzed the creature's actions, but before he did anything, after the monster noticed that it couldn't communicate with him, it hurriedly dashed forward. Apparently, it was urgently craving something.

    "I also want to know what you have to say, but regretfully, seems like communication won't be established at this point in time" Wang Yuan could only consider a different method to obtain this information.

    His interference force spread out and disturbed the creature's steps, several small critters with rotting skin and flesh also emerged, clearly infected by his bacteria.

    The main goal this time for him was to experiment with the [Black Crow] germs, but as Wang Yuan was becoming more and more cautious, he took the Cauchy people's failure to accomplish their task into consideration and infected these small critters around the village. Using his control over the bacteria as well as the injection of his will through them, he forcefully took control of these small critters.

    Under the stimulation of the bacteria, the critters jumped straight towards the strange monster and madly ripped its flesh off. While the tentacles behind the monster's back also swung wildly to grab the critters, trying to take something out of them.

    Unfortunately, these critters were infected by Wang Yuan's bacteria so much that their psyche was mostly broken, even Wang Yuan himself didn't think he would get much use out of them in that state. Sure enough, the monster angrily threw the critters away before stopping in place, glaring at Wang Yuan with all 10 eyes as if it wanted to engrave Wang Yuan's appearance into its mind.

    The monster's body then quickly collapsed, a large amount of Life Essence and a strand of Soul Essence began to pour out from the body.

    After a bit of thought, Wang Yuan continued to wait, only when the Soul Essence was on the verge of dissipating did he absorb it, together with small fragmented memories and emotions.

    Because this Soul Essence was worn out so thinly it nearly disappeared, the memories he obtained from it was also pathetically little. Wang Yuan didn't get much from it, he couldn't even decipher the other party's language, the only thing he managed to understand was the monster's final actions.

    That monster's soul, through some unknown method, reached for ‘something' deep inside its own soul, took the ‘something' with its consciousness and left this world, leaving behind a large amount of Soul Essence.

    "So that really was Soul Transmigration? And it was something that the creature actively triggered!" Wang Yuan was extremely excited. In truth, Wang Yuan's main worry was that he would be trapped inside this so-called low-magic world for the rest of his undeath.

    That way, even if Wang Yuan took total control of this world, his desire to dominate would not be sated. He already knew about the existence of other worlds, so if a low-magic world existed, there would surely also be a high-magic world, and how could he be satisfied settling down in some corner of the universe?

    Who would've thought, not only did he run into a world traveler today, he also obtained the other party's Transfer method. Wang Yuan was so excited that he couldn't wait to reach deep inside his soul like the other party had done and try to feel the ‘something' in there.

    A long while later, Wang Yuan opened his eyes to find that the battle had ended. More than half of the Kent bandits who tried to invade the Cauchy village were killed, only a few of them managed to escape, and two of the Kent bandits were even captured alive.

    Sen ecstatically looked down at the captured Kent person in front of him. He succeeded, he managed to take the opportunity and captured a Kent bandit to replace him as the sacrifice, this way he wouldn't have to die.

    "I did it!!" Sen shouted from excitement. Comoros was standing quite far away, ordering the others to use firewood to burn the chunks of scattered rotten flesh around this area, otherwise, the [Black Crow] germs here would quickly infect every living thing around here uncontrollably.

    As for the last monster that appeared, Comoros and the rest decided to treat it as if it never appeared in the first place. When he heard Sen's excited shout, he lightly smiled. Even if their friendship no longer existed, it was still a good thing to see an old friend survive.

    "I…" when Sen was about to say something else, he felt a chill run down his spine as an invisible power directly entered his body through his neck. Without any resistance, he collapsed and lost his life.

    Looking at Sen's drifting Life Essence and Soul Essence, the annoyance and irritation Wang Yuan was feeling finally subsided a bit.

    Just now, Wang Yuan had used the monster's method to reach deep inside his soul, only to find that it was different from the monster. There was nothing even at the deepest part of Wang Yuan's soul. It was at this moment that he understood what his soul was missing.