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Chapter 20

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 20: Vol1 Ch20: The new life that isn’t mine

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    Wang Yuan was fortunate. He was able to randomly encounter and obtain information from a world traveller through their soul, thus finding out the way of Transmigrating to another world.

    But Wang Yuan was also unfortunate because the method he obtained wasn't usable to him.

    Wang Yuan didn't know for sure what a person's soul was made of, but from that creature's actions, he could tell that it considered the ‘something' at the deepest part of its soul, together with its memories, to be its real ‘Self'.

    It was because of this that the creature chose to throw away most of its Soul Essence, only preserving the ‘something' inside its soul as it had no choice but to escape this world.

    When Wang Yuan looked at the deepest part of his own soul, he found that there was nothing there. Rather than saying that he lost that ‘something', it felt more like his current self was the part that was discarded.

    After reorganizing the fragmented pieces of information from the monster, Wang Yuan finally understood his situation a bit clearer. At the deepest part of the soul, there existed a certain ‘something', in the monster's language, it was called the ‘Gusar'.

    This term expressed ‘the true self', ‘the origin', ‘the source' and other similar meanings, the core and beginning of the soul. In the cultivation novels of his old world, this would be the True Spirit.


    Both the soul and the substance he called Soul Essence were nothing more than the derivative, because of that, strictly speaking, the being previously called ‘Wang Yuan' had already been reincarnated, the current Wang Yuan was nothing more than the residue of the human ‘Wang Yuan'.

    And in reality, he was gradually turning into an existence foreign to the human ‘Wang Yuan'. Despite how little he knew about the soul, Wang Yuan could tell that the monster's soul and its True Spirit were very similar, while he found that his current soul was full of impurities.

    These impurities came from the crows, from other animals, from the dead Cauchy people. Since each True Spirit was unique, the derivative Soul Essence would naturally also be unique.

    Through absorbing the Soul Essence left behind by other dead creatures, Wang Yuan was certainly able to become stronger, but it also caused his own soul to become mixed and impure.

    "What a horrible piece of information"

    From what he organized from the monster's fragmented memories, their people could use the unique properties of the True Spirit to Transmigrate themselves from one world to another. Their people had gone to and witnessed many otherworldly civilizations, so they invented a scale to measure the potential of living souls called the Tower scale.


    Their power system was one where they would become stronger through releasing their True Spirit and obtain immense power from their own [Origin]. The power systems of other worlds were also more or less required to be related in some way to the True Spirit to reach higher levels.

    The higher a living being scored on the Tower scale, the more easily it could release its True Spirit. It was precisely because of its high score on the Tower scale that the monster obtained the Soul Transmigration secret and was allowed to travel to other worlds.

    If Wang Yuan were to go to the monster's homeworld and was measured on the Tower scale, the most likely conclusion would be something like this: a remnant soul without Gusar, contaminated by large amounts of foreign Soul Essence, virus control(tentatively highest level), cultivation to become fodder recommended.

    Indeed, if it weren't for the fact that the monster couldn't adapt to the environment of this new world, Wang Yuan's meager strength compared to him was most likely not even enough to be considered fodder.

    "However, without taking the bad news into consideration, the benefits I obtained from this is quite notable" Wang Yuan now had a clear idea about himself, his potential was limited, without a True Spirit to draw power from, his ability to control bacteria and viruses—— would soon reach a bottleneck.

    In this low-magic world, that might be enough to be a calamity, but in other higher-grade worlds, he was probably something any ability user could eliminate without trouble.

    "I really must say, this wake-up call was a bit harsh" Wang Yuan slowly floated back to the village and returned to the large tree to observe the infected baby crows that were currently mutating. Dejection was inevitable for anyone that found something like this out about themselves. Just imagine, in a must-play online game of the century where the level cap is 100 or even 1000, you found out that your max level is a measly 10, and that you can't create a new account, forever trapped inside Novice Town. Anyone would be devastated.

    "Perhaps I should consider the option of reincarnating as a human again" Wang Yuan recalled the impulse he felt as he faced a pregnant woman from before, this time seriously considering this option that he discarded at the time.

    "If I reincarnate, I might be able to obtain another Gusar"

    Wang Yuan floated towards a pregnant villager. This was Jacob's wife, Isabella who came from the Interkam Kingdom, sensing the warmth coming from her belly, he could tell that the child was still a bit away from being born.

    After a long time of contemplation, Wang Yuan slowly floated forward, going closer to Isabella, feeling his impulse to jump in becoming even more intense.

    "A new life!" Wang Yuan sighed but didn't actually enter Isabella's belly. Compared to finding it impossibly hard to improve himself, Wang Yuan found it more unbearable to once again be dominated by something else, even if that ‘something' was his own new True Spirit.

    "The Gusar is only a concept from that monster's world. Perhaps other worlds have other ways to become stronger or other methods to supplement their True Spirit"

    Wang Yuan consoled himself.

    "If the Church of Divine Grace has a way to restrain Evil Spirits, then they should also have studied Evil Spirits to some extent. Let's make a small goal for myself first" Wang Yuan observed the situation of the germs and virus in the village: "Attack and dominate the Church of Divine Grace, obtain their information on Evil Spirits"

    "But before that, I should develop myself" Wang Yuan understood his own worth, and it wasn't much at the moment. He had only been in this world for a month at most, the things he could dominate and control were still lacking.


    One month later.

    "AH!" Isabella suddenly clutched her stomach in pain, she was going into labour. Her neighbours were obviously able to see and hear this, but not many of them tried to help her.

    After all, Jacob had previously tried to ask for help from the Church of Divine Grace and angered Negary. In this village now fully under Negary's control, there were not too many people willing to risk danger to themselves and help the wife and child of a sinner. The most they could do was not bully this poor pregnant woman in consideration of their previous relations.

    Isabella screamed and cried in pain, but still tried to crawl back into her own room, if no one else was willing to help her, she had no choice but to help herself.

    Boiling some hot water, heating a pair of scissors, preparing towels, Isabella endured the pain of childbirth while preparing everything.

    After an unknown period of time had passed, with the cry of a newborn, an infant full of wrinkles was in Isabella's hands. She was a beautiful, healthy girl. As she looked at this new life, even the strong mother Isabella shed tears of joy and bitterness.

    As Jacob had wished when he was still alive, the young girl was named Nala, Nala Dakmi.

    Wang Yuan was hovering not too far away, observing this new life called Nala. He gradually had a somber expression in his face, as Wang Yuan was able to sense the bacteria inside her body, but he couldn't control them.


    The bacteria had already fused with something else inside the girl's body, so even though Wang Yuan was able to sense them, they had already belonged to the young girl.