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Chapter 25

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 25: Vol1 Ch25: The final whispers (1)

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    "Is this where Bukittel died?" Chris sensed the vibration of his ring and observed his surroundings.

    This was a Ring of Oath from the Church of Divine Grace, the clergyman Bukittel made a vow with this ring to his God. He had formed an oath with this ring at the moment he did so.

    It was also through this ring that Bukittel managed to keep contact with Cardinal Augustin who was at the headquarters of the Church of Divine Grace in Interkam and sent his final words.

    "Are you wailing too?" Chris placed the ring on the ground and pressed his hand down. His breathing became extremely heavy, a strange flow of power came from Chris' hand and spread all around.

    "[Heart Vibration]!" Chris's expression turned serious: "Bukittel, let me see it, who was it that killed you, let me hear your final whispers!!"



    "Be careful! Those crows won't attack in areas with dense populations, but we have to take into account the possibility of him lashing out" Bukittel held the wound on his shoulder as he hurriedly spoke.

    Next to him, Isabella hugged the sleeping Nala in her chest with a fearful expression: "Mr Bukittel, don't worry about us, we won't be able to run away from here. That demon, he won't let go of me!!"

    "Have no fear, child. The Lord will watch over us" a white glow appeared on Bukittel's hand where he was holding his wound, the black blood was directly expelled from his body.

    When he brought Isabella and her daughter away, two crows had ambushed him. Their razor-sharp claws easily ripped his priest's clothes and left several large holes of blood, but he easily killed those two crows thanks to his Grace.

    "My Lord granted me his Grace to give salvation to others. Because of his Grace, I refuse to give up on anybody worth saving, I shall extend my helping hand towards any being that requires my aid!" Bukittel smiled amiably and consoled Isabella.

    "I've already hired a carriage on the busy main road of the town, we'll be fine as long as we leave Reystromia" Bukittel told her.

    But Bukittel wasn't as relaxed as he appeared to be. First of all, if the other side didn't care about pedestrians and send out a large number of crows, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. When a flock of crows reaches such a number, it was similar to a natural disaster that no single person could resist, only a well-organized army might be able to.

    Furthermore, the existence of a rational Evil Spirit was even more concerning. No such Evil Spirits had ever appeared before, at least not in the Church of Divine Grace's records, it was surely very dangerous. The Evil Spirit called Negary definitely had powers other than the crows.

    "Samira!" a faint chant resounded from afar, followed by a gust of stormwind.

    Bukittel's expression changed as he shifted his body to dodge. As the wind swept by, a wound appeared on his face, spilling blood everywhere.

    "My Lord's Grace grants me the power to protect others!" Bukittel chanted his prayers, summoning a faint white glow around his body to protect against whatever was inside the wind.

    As the gust of wind died down, Bukittel's expression was still solemn. Samira, the Cauchy God of storms; Bukittel knew the Cauchy people's legend to an extent: "A Spirit Shaman? Do the Cauchy people still inherit this power?"

    "Let's leave this place first, the Cauchy Crowmen are only responsible for preserving order in Reya, they don't have a reason to stop an aristocrat from returning to their country" Isabella was still an aristocrat, so if she declared her status, unless Reystromia was prepared to completely turn against Interkam, they would have no excuse to stop them from leaving.

    Bukittel brought Isabella to the carriage he hired ahead of time and began to escape towards the Interkam capital. While driving the carriage, Bukittel was paying close attention to his surroundings.

    "Nuella!" another faint chant resounded, causing Bukittel's expression to change. A piece of the floorboard on the carriage suddenly glowed green and began to grow, in just a few dozen seconds, the carriage itself was broken by the overgrown piece of wood, the horses also lost control and ran away.

    Nuella, the Cauchy God of new leaves and growth. The broken pieces of wood that made up the carriage was now beginning to grow lively green sprouts.

    Bukittel crouched down on one knee, his body glowing white while protecting Isabella and Nala behind him. He knew that this situation couldn't keep going, the more he tried to avoid fighting, the worse the situation would become. So the only choice right now was to find the person hiding in the shadows and defeat them to bring Isabella and her daughter away safely.

    "Cardinal Augustin, please listen carefully, there seems to be a Spirit Shaman serving Negary in Reystromia. They are currently pursuing me, I have no choice but to fight, please wait for my good news"

    Through a secret technique, he sent these words to his Ring of Oath placed in the Church of Divine Grace headquarters, Bukittel then drew the sword he carried at his hip, pressed the flat side against his forehead and whispered his prayers: "My Lord's Grace grants me the eyes that see through all!"

    "Over there! Dispel this darkness!" a rune manifested on Bukittel's forehead, giving him a strange sense of sight that allowed him to discover the one ambushing them. His body flashed while still chanting and swung his glowing sword towards that side.

    "Samira!" an intense gust of wind was once again summoned to attack Bukittel, however, the sword in his hand seems to contain some sort of unimaginable power that allowed him to slice the wind open and reveal the person standing behind it.

    It was a young man wearing neat clothing and a calm expression on his face, together with his long black hair, he appeared to be aloof and cold. He was also holding a book in his hand, with how sharp Bukittel eyes were, he easily recognized the book was the Divine Grace Holy Bible used for missionary purposes that narrated various myths.

    "A young man?" Bukittel wasn't looking down on him at all. The Cauchy people once united the entire continent and formed the great Trilancia Empire, of which the Spirit Shamans contributed greatly.

    When the Trilancia Empire broke apart and fell, the Cauchy people were scattered all over the continent, causing the inheritance of the Spirit Shaman to also be cut off. But now that a young man suddenly appeared and held this supposed lost power, then he couldn't underestimate him even more.

    "Young man, I don't care why you and the one behind you want to keep Isabella and her daughter here, but she is an aristocrat of the Interkam kingdom, as well as a devout believer of our Church of Divine Grace. I will bring them away from this land. My Lord's Grace grants me power!" Bukittel pointed his sword at Noah and spoke in a heavy tone.

    "God grants thee Covenant, thus his Grace grants thee thine power" Noah recited a line from the Divine Grace Holy Bible, then threw the Bible to one side, looking at Bukittel with a cold gaze: "Then my apologies, from today, your Covenant with your God shall end, permanently!!"