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Chapter 27

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 27: Vol1 Ch27: The final whispers (3)

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    "Khak!" Bukittel abruptly crouched down and spat out a mouthful of blood: "Without me knowing, my body has been filled with germs as well?"

    Bukittel let go of his sword to see that his hands were covered in wounds, a large number of germs went into his body through these wounds.

    "My Lord's Grace grants me the power to protect others, Grace of Salvation!" while he was coughing up black blood, Bukittel's faith was stronger than ever. His body glowed with luxuriant light, and a huge amount of white smoke left his body.

    "The Grace of Salvation has the power to heal wounds and cure diseases" Wang Yuan didn't bother to stop him at all and simply observed as Bukittel attempted to remove the germs inside his body: "I think you understand already, the germs have eaten through too much of your body and has become an irreplaceable part of you. Removing them like this can help you escape from the bane of the germs, but you wouldn't be too far from death"

    "Devil! What are you trying to say!?" Bukittel glared straight at Negary as wounds began to open up on his body and amounts of black blood overflowed from them without stopping.

    "Surrender yourself to me!" Wang Yuan offered Bukittel his hand: "Even the Grace of Salvation won't heal your current wounds!"

    "And so, surrender yourself to me, let my germs pour into your body, offer your forehead to me, accept my blessing and become a symbiote with the germs. Under the aid of my germs, you will be able to continue living"


    "Are you questioning my faith, devil!?" Bukittel shouted in anger as five white runes appeared all over his body, Salvation, Protection, Understanding, Justice, and Vitality.

    "You are angry, you are wavering aren't you?" Wang Yuan laughed as his finger began to extend indefinitely, turning into black tentacles of germs that slowly stretched towards Bukittel: "You are also afraid of death, clergyman, your Lord did not grant you the power to fight against death"

    "You are using your anger to hide your fear towards death. Clergyman, surrender yourself to me, and you will find that you no longer have anything to fear!" Wang Yuan's words contained an indescribable sense of charm, as if they were able to directly affect the deepest part of one's inner thoughts.

    During these 10 years, Wang Yuan had absorbed the Soul Essence of so many people that he had an acute understanding of the human heart. He accurately grasped the fears of humans and was using them to stimulate Bukittel's mind.

    The white glow around Bukittel's body gradually weakened, the black germ tentacles had already reached him, pierced through his skin and spread all over his body through his blood vessels.

    "Accept my blessing, ahahaha!" Wang Yuan laughed as he poured the germs into Bukittel's body.

    "I truly am afraid of death! Even now, my body trembles from the thought that I would no longer live" Bukittel's voice was exceedingly calm at this moment.

    "My Lord truly did not grant me the power to face death, but the Lord's existence grants me the belief that I can fight even against death!" after the calm was a thunderous, powerful storm: "Die, Devil!!"

    Intense light came out from Bukittel's body, following the germ tentacles back towards Wang Yuan. At the very moment the germs pierced into his body, he became Bukittel's disease, which meant he could be ‘cured'.

    "Hak hak hak…" as the light faded, the humanoid figure was covered in smoke. The smoke was the germs that had been ‘cured', but after only a few moments, the dead germs turned to ash and fell to the ground, revealing the black blob of flesh inside.

    The blob of flesh once again morphed and overflowed with white mucus, and Wang Yuan reappeared before Bukittel in mere seconds: "Hahaha, your plan was very decent, but you know too little about me. I've already considered the possibility of sudden attacks since a long time ago"

    "That is why I purposefully model this body this way. My body doesn't need to be closely connected to the human body, my skin is formed by dead mucus germs. This makes it so that I'm like a matryoshka, one layer after the next"

    "This type of non-piercing outside attack can only kill the outermost layer of my body. And inside this environment of germs, my body can regenerate in just a heartbeat, you won't even reach the innermost layer of my body" Wang Yuan approached Bukittel again and spoke: "One last chance, offer your forehead to me"

    "That's impossible, devil" Bukittel collapsed on the ground, he was feeling his death to be closer than ever before. He was afraid of death, but his faith towards God gave him the belief to overcome this fear.

    "Then there is no other way. However, in my eyes, your faith has been cooked into the most charming delicacy. Even if I can't tame you, a nice meal is decent as well" Wang Yuan once again reached his hand out to the dying Bukittel.

    Whenever Wang Yuan faced his enemies during the past few years, he would stimulate the other party within a certain limit. If the other party couldn't endure it, then they would simply choose to surrender to Wang Yuan, but if they were able to endure and keep to their faith until the very end, to Wang Yuan who wanted to absorb their Soul essence, this faith was the ultimate delicacy.

    And the unyielding tenacity that Bukittel displayed right here had only made his soul become more delicious, not to mention the secrets of the Church of Divine Grace within his memories.

    "Your unyielding tenacity and faith, I shall accept!!"

    "As you said, we know too little about you, Negary, but there is no need to hurry. I shall send this information back to the rest, and they will triumph over you, Negary!!" Bukittel now recalled the information he knew about Evil Spirits.

    The Church of Divine Grace had studied Evil Spirits quite a bit, so they knew that a person killed by an Evil Spirit would have their memories read to a certain extent. But as people Graced by the Lord, their everything had already been dedicated to the Lord, how could they allow a soul that belongs to God to be tainted? So the church of Divine Grace created a certain secret technique that allowed members to turn their soul into a unique wave when they die.

    This secret technique protected the members of the Church of Divine Grace from being tainted by the Evil Spirit, at the same time recording the final whispers of the dead, preserving his final memories. Only people of the Church of Divine Grace or an expert [Respiratory Art] user who could sense rhythm and waves would be able to read the information inside.

    "Hm? No Soul Essence came out?" Wang Yuan stood in front of Bukittel's body, feeling a bit puzzled. As he recalled Bukittel's final act, he chuckled and left under Noah's respectful watch.


    "These final whispers of yours, how can I not accept it! Bukittel!" Chris stood up with anger on his expression: "Negary! Following Bukittel's last wish, I will definitely defeat you!!"

    "Hak hak hak…" under the great tree, Wang Yuan opened his eyes and chuckled: "I'll be waiting to see that!"