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Chapter 29

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 29: Vol1 Ch29: One final comment

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    "Too many people have sacrificed themselves because of us" Isabella spoke with a pained expression: "I saw clergyman Bukittel die in front of me, that personage would definitely not let me go"

    "I think you've mistaken something!" Chris smiled and shook his head: "I'm not like that fool Bukittel!"

    "You…!" Isabella looked at Chris in surprise.

    "Bukittel wanted to bring you away because of his faith. He wanted to extend his hands towards anybody that is worth saving, but look at you now, you've already given up on yourself, you didn't deserve Bukittel's salvation"

    "But me, I'm a mercenary who took on a job, bringing you out of here is nothing but a mission. I don't need to care about your will. It's fine if you want to be saved, it doesn't matter if you don't, I'll take you out of here regardless"

    "After all, Bukittel paid his life as the reward for this job!" Chris turned around to leave and spoke with an exceptionally serious tone: "That is why, I will complete this job regardless of what needs to be done, only then would I live up to the reward that fool paid!"

    Isabella looked at Chris as he left, unable to hold back her tears. Her fate had always been full of ups and downs, born as an aristocrat, her family was caught in internal conflict and forced her to escape by herself to the border into a Cauchy village.


    She was fortunate to find the love of her life, but he was brutally killed in front of her eyes when she was pregnant. She was forced to give birth to her daughter alone, and struggled to raise her while living under the constant shadow of a devil.

    If Isabella wasn't a strong-willed woman, if she didn't have her daughter to take care of, if Jacob did not wish for her to live on before he died, she would've already gone mad a long time ago.

    "Mommy, don't cry, everything will be over soon" Nala hugged her mother and consoled her.

    Two black-robed Crowmen stood outside the window looking down at Isabella and her daughter with cold eyes.

    "And here I thought Isabella was already scared to death, now it seems like she once again has the will to escape" one of the black-robed men spoke: "Or perhaps I should say, as expected of the legendary adventurer?"

    "From the looks of it, I'll get a chance to fight with this living legend after all" the other one grinned, apparently very pleased with this result.

    "Do it if you want to, Nozades, he's your idol after all, it was because of his legends that you decided to go adventuring in the first place, yeah?" the other black-robed man headed for Isabella and continued to speak: "Leave Isabella's side to us, they're the ones that the Great One ordered us to watch over. Besides this adventurer, there might be others who want to take them away"

    "Understood, captain Yadley" Nozades nodded with a serious expression: "Chris was my idol, but with Lord Negary's blessing, I can definitely defeat him, after all, the greatest respect you can pay to your idol is to defeat them yourself!"

    Comoros once again continued to pray, ignoring both Chris and the Crowmen who were about to act. Looking at the holy effigy covered in crows, Comoros could only pray again and again in order to numb himself.

    Even though his body was still his own, he understood fully that he didn't have much time left.

    The sound of footsteps approached him from behind, causing Comoros to freeze briefly, before relaxing again. He stood up and looked back at the handsome young man who just came in, the boy's appearance was similar to his own, the closeness of their blood seemed to make Comoros become somber, even if only a little bit.

    "I didn't think it would be you" Comoros seemed to have given up completely, only a broken smile could be seen on his face: "Is this Ne… the Lord's cruel joke?"

    "I just happened to be free" Noah spoke calmly, even though he knew the relationship between himself and this person, even though he knew exactly what was about to happen, he wasn't at all concerned.

    Comoros' heart went completely cold, in the end, he was still the same cowardly youth, even now he didn't dare to refer to the Lord by name. In his fright, he almost felt like he had returned to that moment of 10 years ago.

    Facing a trapped flock of crows with a bow in his hand, uncle Dax fell on one side, black blood flowing from his mouth, roaring for him to kill the crows, giving him the courage to fire those last crucial shots.

    But a second later, the fishing net was ripped apart, that person— no, that devil emerged from the crows, cruel and ominous. All of Comoros' courage was blown away simply by seeing that figure.

    "What exactly do you want with me!!" Comoros roared in his frenzy: "Can't I even try to resist you in my dreams, to think of resisting you in my mind!?"

    "Foolish one, didn't you already offer your forehead to me? Why do you still fear me so?" Wang Yuan simply smiled while standing among the corpses, simply by standing there, he gave off a sense of wild beauty and indescribable charm.

    It was also this charm that caused so many people to surrender themselves to him. The Cauchy, the Kent, mercenaries, merchants, even heroic adventurers and faithful clerics couldn't escape the fate of being controlled by this existence.

    The more he felt that to be the case, the more pained and mad Comoros became. Because it was him that brought this devil from the wilderness and spread his influence to the Cauchy people. It was his influence that caused Comoros to be isolated, to become a detached ‘leader', as well as an experimental specimen that could be discarded at will.

    "You are too foolish, Comoros" Wang Yuan stepped closer and closer to Comoros: "If you felt so pained and so sorrowful, then give up on those unimportant matters. Be it your morals or your emotions, and surrender yourself completely to me. That way, everything that troubles you will no longer carry any meaning"

    Wang Yuan stood in front of Comoros and extended his hand: "Tell me your choice, Comoros. My merciful self has already helped you remove all other options, and so regardless of what you choose, you will no longer feel pain"

    "Ahahaha!" Comoros stared at Wang Yuan's extended hand and laughed frenzily, just as Wang Yuan had said, he was pushed into a corner without any choice but death.

    He walked forward, away from his illusion, the one standing before him was no longer Wang Yuan, but Noah, his younger brother, Noah.

    "Brother, if you can, please pass on my apology to father!" Comoros hugged Noah and left his final words. At this point, he no longer had anything to fear.

    Pushing the knife through his heart, Noah pushed Comoros' dead body away without any emotions, followed the teachings of the Lord and collected the golden blood flowing from Comoro's heart. He then turned around and told the Crowmen who appeared outside: "Put the criminal Chris Modo on the region's wanted list. Charge: Killing the former leader Comoros"

    "You're finally showing a bit of devotion, Comoros" Wang Yuan stood under the shades of a tree, glanced at the rotten body being pecked by the crows and gave his once-servant one final comment.