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Chapter 32

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 32: Vol1 Ch32: Crowmen (2)

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    Nozades once again stopped attacking and resumed his defenses. Once Nozades returned to his defensive state, even Chris' Silent Punches were easily parried or blocked.

    Chris silently counted, took another deep breath and struck at Nozades' head.

    The black patterns on Nozades' face twisted a bit, allowing him to quickly take distance and face another punch.

    Nozades wasn't nearly as smug as he appeared, in fact, he was very worried right now.

    Although Chris currently appeared to be powerless against him and was completely overpowered, he was actually strong without boundaries. Each time that Nozades thought he would be able to attack and end this battle, his opponent would easily dodge it. He could clearly feel that he wasn't able to grasp his opponent's weakness.

    that thought appeared in Nozades' mind as he caught another of Chris' attacks:


    Nozades reaffirmed his faith.

    5 years ago, he was only the second son of an aristocrat in the Royas Kingdom. Unable to inherit his family's peerage, he only had the choice of becoming his brother's butler, or follow a scholar and become his apprentice.

    At that time, he could already imagine the boring life he would lead, until the author Sakri published a book that told the tales of Chris Modo. Encouraged by those tales, he decided to lead the adventurer's life, leaving that impersonal family.

    He travelled across the Royas Kingdom and trained himself to be stronger. Unfortunately, he couldn't change the fact that he was still only the second son of an aristocrat, if he didn't have a bit of wits to him, he wouldn't even have been able to reach Reystromia.

    The Reystromia of 5 years ago wasn't quite as prosperous as it was today. In fact, the Kent people still sent troops to disturb the town's peace from time to time. When he arrived at this place, the Crowmen still hadn't been officially established, only its predecessor the Reya village guards existed.

    He wasn't particularly strong or had the money to buy any weapons at the time. The only thing he could do was barely survive in Reya, on a bad day, it wouldn't be strange if he had gotten sick and died or starved to death. The life of an adventurer wasn't quite the life in his dreams.

    During a job he took as an escort for a merchant cargo, the cargo was ambushed by the Kent people. When he tried to retaliate, he was brutally beaten down by a barrage of fists and kicks, similar to what was currently happening.

    He silently endured the pain and took the opportunity when a Kent person was careless to bite off his throat. It was due to this savage nature that after he was saved by the village guards, the leader of the village guards at the time, captain Yadley, invited him to join the newly recruiting Crowmen organization.

    Back then, he endured the Kent people's punches and kicks in order to retaliate, and he was now also enduring Chris' attacks to do the same. Recalling when he became a Crowmen and had to choose the method of implantation, due to knowing his strengths and weaknesses, Nozades implanted the blessings of Lord Negary on different parts of his body.

    The substance that was called [Black Crow] had now formed a symbiotic relationship with his body, not only allowing his physical prowess to go past the limit of humans, it even gave him a type of unique power.

    The [Black Crow] germs were actually extremely fragile, enough so that any outside stimulus could kill it. Each time that Chris attacked, a portion of [Black Crow] germs would immediately die, causing a sting that alerted Nozades of where the attack would hit.

    At the same time, his opponent's attack method would be ‘learnt' by the [Black Crow] germs all over his body. Once they learn enough, Nozades would then be able to imitate the attack pattern.

    Against these kinds of enemies, Nozades was practically invincible, he could then take the time to learn his enemy's attack, greatly affecting their mentality. As long as he was able to capitalize on their mistakes right at that moment, he would easily be able to defeat his enemy.

    Nozades avoided another of Chris' attacks and threw a punch exactly as the [Black Crow] germs recorded.

    With Nozades' superhuman constitution and the perfectly harmonizing characteristic of the Silent Punch, even though Chris had harmonized with the environment and noticed the attack, his body wasn't able to keep up with his mind.

    Nozades was no longer able to maintain his calm, after all, this attack would determine whether or not he was able to win against his idol.

    An expression of triumph appeared on Nozades' face, but quickly disappeared. Nozades suddenly sensed his heart skipping a beat and a sense of inconsistency inside his body, causing his fist to graze Chris' face before he collapsed.

    "This is…" Nozades coughed up blood with an expression of absolute disbelief, he couldn't even tell if there was an attack at all. In that moment, he abruptly lost control of his entire body, and when he regained his senses, he had already lost.

    Chris ignored Nozades and continued to walk forward, Negary was still recovering, he had no more time to lose.

    "It's the breathing" Nozades struggled to stand up, but once again slipped and fell to the ground: "That inconsistency was breathing, wasn't it!!?"

    Nozades recalled Chris' attacks from before, there were several times that he took a deep breath right before attacking. It was only right before he attacked that Chris breathed out instead, that breath triggered something inside his body and caused him to immediately lose the ability to fight.

    "Just stay still, your inner organs have been damaged by my attacks. If you keep struggling, you're going to cripple yourself, or possibly even die!" Chris said without turning around and continued to walk forward. He didn't hate this Nozades, but he wasn't about to reveal the secret of his own technique.

    "This battle isn't over!!" Nozades endured the pain and leapt forward, catching Chris' right thigh. The black patterns on his body all gathered at his face, as he tried to take a bite at Chris' right leg.

    "This guy… Rhythm Metal!" Chris took a deep breath and regulated the rhythm on his leg to harmonize with metal, this technique allowed him to increase his defenses for a short period of time at the price of causing his rhythm to desynchronize itself.

    Chris was shocked by Nozades' mad actions: "What kind of hex did Negary put on you that you'd be willing to sacrifice so much for him!?"