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Chapter 33

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 33: Vol1 Ch33: Crowmen (3)

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    Chris' Deep Rhythm was a high-levelled application of [Respiratory Art]. Every living being had their own rhythm, any problems with the body would manifest as disturbances in their rhythm, and any disturbance in a person's rhythm would similarly manifest on their bodies.

    Chris' Deep Rhythm was the act of implanting a certain rhythm into an opponent's body through his breathing, then using the same breathing to trigger the implanted rhythm, instantly throwing his opponent's rhythm into chaos and causing their body to become unstable.

    The inner organs of every lifeform was intricate and delicate, so because of the disturbance in his rhythm, Nozades' attack affected his own inner organs before anything else, the wyvern that Chris killed years ago was also the same.

    A wyvern's body was far superior to that of a human, together with a layer of dragon scales, most human weapons weren't able to cause them any damage. They were hailed as creatures that humans could not defeat, but Chris managed to use Deep Rhythm to make the wyvern kill itself.

    "Considering the force behind Nozades' attack at the time, his inner organs should have been completely ruptured, he shouldn't be able to fight anymore" Chris couldn't understand Nozades' current actions.

    Nozades was in a frenzy, but still rational, when the black patterns gathered near his mouth, Chris could already tell what he was trying to do. To Nozades, these things were a blessing, but to Chris, they were poison.

    "The fact that his body could even hold up right now is a miracle. If he injects those black patterns that give him his superhuman power into my body, he would die without a doubt. And he knows that" as Chris saw Nozades' abnormally clear eyes, he felt it even more unimaginable.


    "Negary, this Evil Spirit, what kind of hex did he actually use?" Chris used the Metal Rhythm to forcefully increase his own defence, so Nozades' tattered body couldn't damage him. Even so, Nozades didn't give up and was still risking the last of his strength.

    Nozades' eyes were full of determination, he understood the results of his current actions, but he wasn't afraid, Lord Negary's power was supporting him.

    Nozades' life up to now flashed before his eyes, he was among the first to receive Lord Negary's blessing and become a Crowmen. At the time, he was still unclear about most things, but from the years before, he had already understood the limits of his talents.

    He was clever, he was also a bit wild. Among his own clique of people, he might even be considered ‘excellent'. But it was precisely because of that that he understood his shortcomings, he could clearly see the limit that he would never be able to break through.

    It wasn't just him, the others were the same, including the heroic, the legendary adventurer Chris who was his idol was the same, everyone had their limits. Nozades believed this, so he felt powerless and puzzled.

    It was only after he met the Great One, only after he understood the greatness of Lord Negary that he finally found the lighthouse of his life.

    "You chose to implant the [Black Crow] all over your body, what an interesting way of thinking" these were the words of Lord Negary at the time: "You understand your own limits and restrictions well, that is praiseworthy. I want, no, I need this uniqueness of yours"

    "Only by knowing your own limits can you break that limit and become even stronger. Are you willing to become one of my uniqueness?"

    Being offered the outstretched hand of Negary, Nozades couldn't refuse. If he couldn't break through his own limit, then he would follow an existence that could, he would become a part of that existence.

    Nozades showed one last smile.

    "That's why, Lord Negary, whether it's my soul, whether it's my emotions, whether it's my uniqueness, if they are useful to you, please take it all, you will surely step onto the highest throne, and we volunteer to become the steps under your feet!!" Nozades expended the rest of his strength that couldn't change anything, and let death overcome his body.

    Nozades' life rhythm gradually disappeared. A will can accomplish many things, but it is not omnipotent, at least, no matter how strong a human's will was, it was impossible for them to change objective rules.

    But his will greatly shocked Chris, causing him to feel puzzled. Puzzled about Nozades, and puzzled about Negary.

    "You must be very confused" a voice called out, a Crowmen who wore a black robe jumped down from the top of a building, landing not too far away from Chris: "If he didn't do what he did. Nozades who was defeated by you would've had his belief waver, he would have lost the right to even become a step on ‘his' stair. That would truly be unforgivable for a Crowmen, and I would have done the same"

    "A step… Are you also here to block my path?" Chris took a deep breath, fully prepared for another battle. From the other party's figure under the robe, he could tell that this Crowmen was a woman. Women had different weaknesses compared to men, and this information was crucial in a battle.

    "You could say so. But before that, I have something else I must do" the Crowmen pulled down her hood to reveal a plain female face. She raised her right hand, to show a small bottle with a writhing black liquid substance inside, offering it to Chris.

    "I, Tesa of the Crowmen, on behalf of Lord Negary, hereby extend an offer to Mister Chris" the Crowmen spoke solemnly: "Would Mister Chris be willing to become a part of the Crowmen?"

    "You shouldn't refuse right away, Mister Chris" Tesa grinned: "You understand the state of your body better than anyone else. If you become a Crowmen and receive Lord Negary's blessing, ‘he' can heal the hidden wounds on your body. If not, Mister Chris would probably not live for too many more years"

    "I think you don't need to say anything else. Just like how you bunch have your beliefs, I have things I won't give up on" Chris refused Tesa's invitation without hesitation.

    Of course, he knew the current state of his body. An adventurer's life was even worse than one initially expected, even though he achieved and gained many things during his travels, they also left countless marks on his body.

    If he didn't have [Respiratory Art] to help him heal, the long years of adventuring would've already ruined his body. He was indeed the legendary adventurer, but even the legendary adventurer was only human, and humans die.

    Chris already had the conviction to give up his life at any time since long ago, just like the man back then.