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Chapter 35

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 35: Vol1 Ch35: A chance

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    "Lord Negary?" Noah, who was standing not too far away from Negary, asked doubtfully.

    〖 You seem puzzled 〗 under the shade of the great tree, bones of various creatures could be seen littered everywhere. These were the bones of the crows' food as well as his own over the years, some of them were even human remains, and Negary was sitting on top of a pile of bones made to look like a throne.

    "Indeed, this subordinate does not understand my Lord's actions" Noah replied with a serious voice. Before this, Noah would have never done this, the previous Noah would have only followed Negary's orders to the letter, but now he was expressing his doubt: "My Lord doesn't have a ‘dormant' period at all. Even though my Lord's soul was temporarily shattered, with my support my Lord should recover very quickly"

    〖 It seems after becoming one with me, you're one step closer to release 〗 Negary sat on top of his throne of bones, his right index finger pressed against his temple while leaning on it. Several dozen crows flew in from afar, dropping a corpse down in front of Negary.

    〖 Nozades 〗 called out the corpse's name, Negary's left hand lifted slightly and summoned the [Black Crow] germs from inside the corpse, slowly absorbing it back into Negary's body.

    The great tree behind him abruptly went from intense stillness to intense movement as hundreds, thousands of crows took flight from the tree and swooped down on Nozades' body, leaving behind a new skeleton in just a few seconds.

    The black flood returned to the tree, returning everything to absolute silence like before. Negary's finger once again moved slightly and controlled the skull of the skeleton with his interference force, calling it into his hand. After contemplating for a short while, he chose a spot on the stairs leading up his throne and placed it down.


    Negary leaned back on his throne and rested his head on top of his right index finger again, but this time he used a bit too much force and caused his finger to pierce through his head, releasing a thin strand of Life Essence that quickly dissipated. As Negary pulled his finger out from his head, tiny writhing black tentacles quickly connected and closed the wound on his temple before a white mucus seeped out, which quickly dried up and reformed his pale white skin.

    〖 It seems that this body is still quite flawed 〗Negary wasn't dejected or regretful. Flaws were necessary, and all he needed to do was think of how to make up for these flaws bit by bit.

    This body was also one of Negary's experimental results. Through the combination of several dozen different germs and Life Essence, a powerful viral body was created. This body's physical strength was unmatched, not even the Crowmen could be compared to it.

    Other than that, it also had various abilities. For example, his fingernails were created from a type of unique germs that liked to devour metal, when bunched together, the germs became as hard and sharp as the blade of a sword.

    The layer of white ‘skin' germs outside of his body also had the ability to form a layer of interference. According to Noah's tests, his spiritual sense couldn't sense Negary who was covered within the layer of interference.

    On the other hand, while Negary's soul was inside, his interference force would not be restricted at all, his control over the flock of crows also wouldn't weaken. And even more importantly, this layer of ‘skin' made it so that his consumption of Life Essence became minimal. Even if sunlight shone directly onto him, he wouldn't consume more Life Essence compared to normal, this was the layer of protection created to protect Negary's soul.

    Unfortunately, it was still incomplete, his control over the body's strength wasn't perfect so occasionally, he would accidentally hurt himself like what was seen just now, perhaps that would change after he obtained the [Respiratory Art].

    〖 Nozades managed to scout quite a few of Chris' techniques 〗after absorbing Nozades' [Black Crow] germs, Negary commented.

    Originally, Negary could only absorb a living creature's Life Essence and Soul Essence right after their deaths, but the [Black Crow] germs managed to make up for this problem for those implanted with it. After a Crowmen dies, their scattered Soul Essence and Life Essence would be absorbed by the [Black Crow] germs, Negary could then collect and slowly absorb this Life Essence and Soul Essence.

    〖 Noah, what do you think Chris will do if they know that I am currently in a ‘dormant' period? 〗Negary asked Noah.

    〖 His job is no longer to simply save Isabella and her daughter, he would also want to defeat me if possible. And when he found that it was impossible by himself, he would naturally seek out reinforcements 〗Negary didn't wait for Noah to reply and answered by himself: 〖 This reinforcement could come from the warriors and priests from the Church of Divine Grace, they could also be the military force of the Interkam Kingdom, or the Royas Kingdom's spies, or any of the other forces here 〗

    〖 During the development of Reystromia, we have accepted too many outside forces, causing quite a few things in Reya to slowly leave our control. Even with the [Diffuse] germs, there are still forces that have yet to come to light 〗

    〖 And so, this is a chance. A chance to remove the unnecessary forces from Reya, a chance to extend our range of influence. At the same time, these disorderly forces need a chance, and I'm giving them that chance, together with an illusion that they would need to join together in order to eliminate me 〗

    〖 Chris is a talented man, he would fit perfectly as the leader of this temporary joint operation 〗Negary slowly explained.

    "So the reason my Lord entrusted the Bizarre Scales to Yadley was to give them pressure. Is my Lord not afraid that Chris would be killed by the Bizarre Scales?" Noah understood Negary's intentions and expressed his worry for Chris.

    〖 If he can't survive, then he simply doesn't have what it takes to become the leader of the joint operation. If he dies, then he dies 〗Negary said without a care.


    Tesa and Chris' fight had brought them to another street entirely, and Chris couldn't help but admit that this woman was tough.

    Her rapier was incredibly accurate, coupled with her inhuman speed, made it so that Chris had to focus almost entirely on avoiding her attacks. Even so, he was still wounded all over his body with wounds that constantly bled.

    "Hah hah hah…" Tesa was breathing heavily. As expected of the legendary adventurer, thanks to his [Respiratory Art], his strength was extremely well-balanced. Even when she had relied on her superior physical prowess and the advantage of having a weapon to press on the attack, she only managed to deal minor wounds to him. If this goes on, she might actually lose.

    "I definitely won't let that happen!" Tesa stopped pressing her attack, bit and ripped the back of her right hand without hesitation to let her blood and the tar-like [Black Crow] germs flow down along her rapier.

    "Each and every one of you, what terrifying charms ‘he' has, that Negary" Chris sighed. Just a few seconds ago, Negary's faint ominous rhythm had disappeared, as if it was hidden away. This caused Chris to know that he couldn't keep letting this drag on, otherwise, he would miss the best chance to defeat Negary.

    Chris glanced at his opponent, Tesa, and couldn't help but have such a thought. If all of Negary's subordinates were as powerful as the ones he had met, it was unimaginable how powerful Negary himself was.