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Chapter 40

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 40: Vol1 Ch40: [Respiratory Art]

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    "The rhythm I sensed through my [Respiratory Art] was correct, for unknown reasons, Negary had fallen weak and is currently hiding somewhere to recuperate himself" standing on the 2nd floor of the manor, Chris said with conviction: "This is the best chance we'll have to eliminate Negary"

    "I understand. I also agree that we should eliminate Negary right now. Evil Spirits are nothing but faithless undead and embodiments of evil. We would definitely not leave it to grow" Augustin stood by the window looking down at the peacekeeping Crowmen surrounding this manor, openly monitoring this place.

    His words caused Grosk to feel a bit embarrassed as it was merchants like him who flocked to this place that allowed Reya to become as powerful as it currently was.

    "And so the main issue is whether we should send Isabella away first or keep them with us" Augustin paused briefly before continuing.

    Hearing Augustin's words, Chris' gaze wandered towards the mother-daughter pair that was eating their meal on the ground floor.

    This question truly needed proper consideration. First of all, sending Isabella and her daughter away first meant reducing both their fighting force and their chances of winning against Negary. Secondly, eliminating Negary meant that Augustin must remain here, and without Cardinal Augustin as escort, considering Seth the First's attitude so far, it would be quite unknown whether or not Isabella would actually make it back safely.

    But if they left Isabella and her daughter here, that would mean they were putting all their eggs into one basket. If they couldn't defeat Negary, the mother-daughter pair would also remain here without being able to return to Interkam.


    And most importantly, Reya itself wasn't safe either, it wasn't just Seth the First, the Royas Kingdom also didn't hold any goodwill towards the ‘Saintress of Salvation'.

    "For now, staying in Reya would be safer for Isabella and Nala" Chris pondered for a long time and finally answered: "Although there are enemies here, relatively speaking, but Negary would also keep them safe for the Dragon's blood"

    "The daughter of Dragon, Saintress of Salvation huh?" the symbol of understanding appeared on Augustin's forehead as he observed Nala who was downstairs.

    "Can I really eat as much as I like?" Nala looked up, her crystal-clear eyes opened wide and glittered as she asked a female priest. Because there weren't many who had the constitution to accept the Grace of Salvation, even a woman could become a knight or priest of Divine Grace in the Interkam Kingdom.

    "Of course you can. All of these were made for you and your mother, if there isn't enough, I'll make a bit more for you later" the female priest's maternal instincts were touched by Nala's pitiful gaze and gently told her.

    "Really?" Nala opened her eyes even wider. Perhaps it was an illusion, but the female priest felt like she saw Nala's eyes glow golden for a split second.

    "Of course…" before the female priest could finish her words, Nala had already cheered and quickly stuffed as much food as she could into her mouth.

    "Itz so dewicious, mama, haf some as well…" Nala's mouth was so full that she looked like a squirrel, unable to speak clearly, causing Isabella to shed some tears out of guilt for not being able to fill her daughter's stomach.

    "She's only a gluttonous little girl" Augustin commented as he lightly pinched his forehead, but exchanged very serious glances with Chris: "Her Dragon characteristics have already begun to awaken?"

    "The real problem now is how to defeat Negary. With our current force, it would be very hard to do that" Chris told Augustin about everything he had learnt during this period: "Negary's side control at least four Bizarre Scales, these monsters are incredibly powerful, coupled with an unknown amount of Crowmen, that Spirit Shaman young man as well as Negary himself, we will need more people to eliminate Negary"

    "Grosk, you've been doing business here for a long time, do you know any experts that we can hire who are trustworthy?" Augustin turned and asked the merchant.

    "I know two people, but I'm not sure if your price is enough for them to accept" Grosk answered after some thought: "Those two are both experts in different fields, but they have equally weird personalities, and I'm not sure if they're in Reya right now or not"

    "Take us to meet them. Chris, you stay here and rest, if you keep fighting with that body of yours, you're going to break yourself" Augustin scolded Chris, he knew the sorry state that Chris' body was in because he had used the Grace of Salvation to heal him as soon as he arrived.

    "Got it" Chris answered without much worry, he knew his own body better than anyone else, and what he feared wasn't death. To him, death might be a form of release instead.

    Suddenly thinking of something, Chris stood up.

    In the living room below, while still stuffing herself, Nala suddenly heard someone calling her. As she looked up, she still had a chicken drumstick in her mouth and a piece of steak on her fork together with a mouthful that she hadn't swallowed yet.

    The blond little girl turned around and stared blankly at Chris who was standing at the top of the stairs, apparently still a bit stunned.

    "Nala, Mister Chris is calling you" Isabella who sat on one side felt sorry, but still scolded her: "Just look at you, where are your dining manners? You're being very rude right now, act more like a lady"

    "I know, mama" Nala finished the rest of the drumstick in about two bites and swallowed. After looking longingly at the steak on her fork, she put it back on the plate, wiped her mouth and hands with a clean cloth. Every step she took towards Chris, she looked back at the food on the table once.

    "Mister Chris, do you need something?" Nala looked wide-eyed at Chris, but still snuck glances back behind herself, obviously still missing her food.

    "Nala, do you want to protect your mother?" Chris put one hand on Nala's shoulder and sensed her rhythm. After confirming that she was completely normal, he felt assured and asked.

    "Of course I do, Nala wants to always protect mama" Nala nodded seriously.

    "Then I have something I want to teach you that can help protect both yourself and your mother better, make sure to study it seriously, ok?" Chris told her with absolute seriousness, Nala's eyes were still a bit confused, just like his past self who didn't have a reason to go adventuring.

    Nala was still too young right now to understand everything. Perhaps when she did, she would truly grow to become the Saintress of Salvation in the prophecy.

    "What I'm about to teach you is called [Respiratory Art]!" Chris pressed his hand on Nala's shoulder and began to breathe in an odd pattern, sending the rhythm into Nala's body through his hand and teaching the pattern to her.

    Nala's eyes glowed golden for a brief second before it disappeared, but Chris was shocked as Nala's breathing instantly synchronized with his own and completely harmonized with her surroundings.