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Chapter 47

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 47: Vol1 Ch47: 11 people (5)

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    "That light!" as he saw the blinding light coming from the other side, he ignored recovering his stamina or closing his wounds and hurriedly headed towards that direction.

    The Bizarre Scales was still madly drinking Yadley's blood flowing from his neck, but it suddenly became stiff. Several small black tentacles had already pierced into the Bizarre Scales' mouth from inside Yadley's neck.

    The muscle tentacles began to move and twisted the Bizarre Scales' neck, with its power, it easily snapped and severed the creature's head from its body. The last thing the creature saw was a man who was more of a monster than it was, piercing his black tentacles into its body and ripping out a still-beating heart out from its chest.

    The tentacles slowly pulled back into Yadley's body, constantly writhing and moving for a while until Yadley finally opened his eyes.

    "That really was a close one" Yadley stood up, his new heart had already begun to work and pumped his own blood as well as the residue Dragon's blood throughout his body.

    "How troublesome, my body isn't suitable for implanting Dragon's blood, so I could turn into a mindless Bizarre Scales at any time" Yadley was feeling a sense of fatigue unlike ever before: "After working for so long, the [Black Crow] germs need to eat"

    Yadley glanced down at the corpse of the Bizarre Scales at his feet and put his right hand forward. It quickly morphed into black writhing tentacles that pierced straight into it and devoured the body. Yadley was no longer concerned about being polluted by the Dragon's blood, he had determined himself to go back to pursuing Chris and the others after replenishing his energy. Before he thoroughly became a Bizarre Scales, he intended to use his own life to stop their enemies.


    〖 Enough. Return, Yadley 〗a voice abruptly resounded inside Yadley's mind, causing him to hurriedly prostrate himself: "For Lord Negary, I regret nothing, even if I have to use up the last drops of my blood, I will fight for your sake, my Lord"

    〖 Do you think you've done well? 〗Negary's question caused Yadley's face to slowly become pale.

    〖 Some of our enemies are already quite close to me 〗Negary was sitting on his throne of bones, speaking with an icy, emotionlessly cold tone: 〖 Do you know why I had spread the fake information about my dormant period? 〗

    "This… this subordinate believes that it was to flush all of our hidden enemies out" Yadley hesitated briefly before answering.

    〖 That is certainly one reason, but the other reason is that you and the others are gradually becoming unable to keep up with me 〗Negary's tone was still completely calm, but ‘his' words caused Yadley to feel a chill in his entire body.

    〖 Just look at the weaknesses you showed in that battle just now, arrogant, overconfident, and unwilling to grow. You have all basked in the power I gave you for far too long, you've become weak 〗Negary's words caused Yadley to completely collapse. Now that the very meaning of his life had been rejected, he no longer had any hope to live.

    〖 However, compared to the others, you are still good enough. Your actions of absorbing the Dragon's blood have given me a few ideas. You are still useful, return for now 〗

    "I understand, Lord Negary" Yadley prostrated completely to the ground with tears running down his cheeks. He was feeling a mix of shame and determination, no matter what happened, he intended to do his very best from now on, he could not betray the last chance he was given this time and disappoint his Lord any further.


    Let's rewind time a bit. At this point, the Knight of Divine Grace, Rivers, was currently standing guard by his comrade's dead body, ready to repel any sudden attacks.

    『 Can you hear the commotion on that side? 』a shameless mocking voice resounded from all around, making him unable to determine where it was coming from.


    『 Your other friends are dying as well 』the voice excitedly said: 『 Just like this woman, they were killed without being able to resist, their bodies were pierced through, their blood spilled all over. The most precious thing to them, their very lives stripped away just like that! 』

    『 That's why, the bunch of you are all so laughable. You could've all lived long, happy lives, but you decided to come here and die, then cling to the ridiculous notion that ‘the bodies of the dead cannot be desecrated'. That's not going to do anything but bring you one step closer to death! 』


    "Silence!" River shouted. As soon as he did, the sound of two projectiles ripping through the air could be heard at almost the same time.

    "Protection!" the glow from the Grace of Protection erupted, providing Rivers vision to see where the two bone javelins were coming from, but not in time to avoid or parry them.

    As he barely managed to knock one javelin away, the other pierced through his light of Protection and stabbed into his chest.

    『 How resilient, Mr Knight 』the voice continued to mock him: 『 But your resilience isn't going to do anything but cause you more torturous pain. You can't even find where I am, by my next attack, the only thing waiting for you will be death! 』

    "Who said I couldn't find you? You foolish, dirty, dirt-digging rat, your attacks just now revealed exactly where you are!" Rivers shouted in anger: "My Lord promised me the Right of Sacrifice! For the ideals in my heart, I shall do whatever it takes!"

    Rivers leapt into the air with an intense white glow all over his body. He held his knight's sword downwards and stabbed it straight into the mud and dirt beneath him. With the loud noises of numerous things snapping at once, the ground itself sunk down and revealed some of what was below.

    This was one of the large holes that was used to bury the remains of the crows' food from years ago. Inside it, innumerable bones were piled up with the surface covered in the sunken mud from before. The accumulated bones originally had gaps within them, which was further cleaned out later on. Several channels were dug out to connect them to different locations underground, where voices could also travel from different locations and created the illusion of voices coming from every direction. The reason why the underground voices could be heard from above was also because the bones transmitted them.

    This Grace was called the Right of Sacrifice, those who obtained this Grace could obtain the reinforcement of immense Holy Light and produce an attack of immense power. Naturally, the user would also have to pay a similarly immense price.

    In order to create the channels below the ground to allow movement, the piles of bone had been cleaned out to become hollow, so when Rivers attacked it with his sacrificial attack, it would naturally collapse. Rivers was currently lying in one of the holes inside the pile of bones. After using the Right of Sacrifice, he could feel his lifeforce quickly reaching its end.

    The Crowmen who was buried underground was still struggling to escape. If anyone else was buried alive like this, they could only wait for death, but he wasn't the same. He implanted his [Black Crow] germs into his bones so that they devoured and replaced his entire skeleton. When necessary, he could turn himself into a soft-bodied creature. There were two holes in his palms where he hollowed out the bones inside to turn his arms into bone javelin launchers that could fire any pole-shaped objects.

    He softened his body, gathered the [Black Crow] germs inside him towards the holes in his palm and turned them into digging tools that allowed him to crawl his way up.

    "That stupid knight, using such a powerful attack just to collapse on the ground waiting to die. I'm still the one who won in the end!" the Crowmen thought as he pushed aside the dirt and emerged from the ground. Before he could even celebrate, he saw Chris and two other people standing right in front of him.


    At this point, after the Knight of Divine Grace, Rivers, used the Right of Sacrifice, he was no longer able to fight. The raid team of 15 people now only had 11 people left.