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Chapter 49

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 49: Vol1 Ch49: Negary (1)

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    "Hah… hah… hah…" a Crowmen who wore a black robe was running with everything he had on the piles of bones. He was breathing heavily as he ran but didn't slow down for even a second, obviously, he was trying to escape from something.

    "Why are you here and not patrolling for enemies?" Noah stood among the scattered bones, coldly glaring at this Crowmen.

    "Sir Noah, the enemy is too powerful. Both John and the Bizarre Scales have been killed already, we couldn't hold out, please take Lord Negary and escape!" the Crowmen in question hurriedly answered.

    "Has your mind rotted away while drowning in alcohol and women?" Noah looked down at this Crowmen in disappointment: "Another spoiled fruit, hah..."

    "Sir Noah, what do you want to do!?" the Crowmen cautiously observed Noah as his hair began to flutter like seaweed in water.

    "Ania, you originally obtained the qualifications to become a Crowmen through your persistence and absolute tenacity" Noah's words caused the Crowmen's expression to change.

    Ania showed a complicated expression on his face, then gritted his teeth and spoke again: "Now isn't the time to talk about these things, those Royas people are going to arrive here soon. Taking Lord Negary and moving away is more important"


    "So I was wrong, your persistence and tenacity still haven't disappeared. But the thing that you persist on right now is extreme stupidity instead" Noah showed a mocking expression: "What actually gave you the illusion that we needed to run away? You've truly grown to be irredeemably crooked and must be removed!"

    "I'll be the one to remove you first! Don't hinder me if you want to seek death!" hearing Noah's words, Ania abruptly shouted as his hair moved like living snakes towards Noah.

    Ania had such a thought.

    He implanted the [Black Crow] germs into the skin on his head and turned all of his hair into [Black Crow] germs. This hair was extremely sturdy and resilient, if they coiled around an enemy, they would only squeeze tighter and tighter without letting go. At the very end, the hair would tighten all the way and cut through the enemy's bodies like a thousand knives, granting them a painful and horrible death.

    "Go to hell, obstructive brat!" as Ania saw his hair coil around Noah, he shouted excitedly.

    "Maxymithe!" a golden flame suddenly erupted and lit the [Black Crow] hair on fire. As the hair was burnt to ash and scattered, Noah slowly walked out from within the fire completely unscathed.

    Maxymithe was the Cauchy Goddess of Fire, although the shape she took in the myths and legends was that of a fire-breathing dragon.

    After the Soul's Blood was transplanted into his body, Noah's connection with the Goddess of Fire's name became stronger, so as he chanted her name, not only did his flames become stronger, the colour also changed to become golden.

    "No… that's impossible!" the flames quickly followed Ania's hair back to his body and turned him into a golden human torch. The golden flames caused him searing pain, while Noah's strength caused him to despair.

    "Your ability as a Spirit Shaman couldn't possibly be that strong!" Ania roared in his unwillingness to accept the truth.

    "Do you really think everyone is like you, only striving until they obtain strength and stagnating within it?" Noah coldly stared at the burning man and spoke: "You who have become stagnant don't even qualify to become a step on my Lord's stairs. Both you and your [Black Crow] germs can simply be purified by my flames"

    Not too far away, the sound of brittle bones being stepped on could be heard as about 7 or 8 Royas people in uniform arrived.

    Smick glanced at Ania who was being burnt to death, then looked straight at Noah, the unnaturally calm young man.

    "What's this, you're killing one another? So you're prepared to surrender yourselves to us and become a subject of His Majesty, our King Eldridge?" Smick purposefully asked such a thing.

    He was still only a young man, just in case he couldn't take the provocation, he might unknowingly reveal some useful information.

    "Senseless provocation" Noah retained his unchanging emotionless expression, glanced at the group of Royas soldiers and slowly told them: "Lord Negary is inviting you all to his abode to discuss a few things"

    "So do you really want to take refuge with Royas?" Smick squinted his eyes to try and observe anything he could from Noah's expression but wasn't able to read anything from it. If he had met this youth while he was at that age, he would probably have been heavily provoked by his demeanour.

    "Please follow me" Noah turned around and walked as if he wasn't at all afraid of these Royas people ambushing him from behind.

    Smick scowled. If he thought about this positively, this would signify that Negary was truly scared and wanted to form a ceasefire with them, which would be the best-case scenario. The Royas troops would be able to take control of Reystromia and turn it into a springboard to attack the Interkam Kingdom.

    But from this youth's expression and gestures, he didn't seem like someone who was about to surrender. Furthermore, through the heightened senses of his [Respiratory Art], he could clearly sense the ominous feeling that Negary was giving off. Even if he didn't want to, he had to admit that level of rhythm was already comparable to King Eldridge's own.

    Additionally, from the information that they collected, he knew that Negary was still progressively becoming stronger and more terrifying as time passed. So Smick silently had a thought.

    "Follow him, be careful of traps" Smick shortly reminded his troops before following Noah.

    Ominous, dangerous, eerily and inhumanly charming. These were the first impressions that crossed Smick's mind as soon as he saw Negary sitting on his throne of bones.

    〖 Ah, you must be the soldiers of the Royas Kingdom, quite fine indeed 〗Negary opened his eyes, glanced below at the group of Royas black ops and slowly commented.

    That tone, that glance, all of it caused Smick to shiver uncontrollably. He felt as if Negary was a diner sitting at the food table who was looking down at them and praising: "Oh my, this piece of steak is quite decent, very supple"

    This gave Smick an illusion of being a piece of food— no, that wasn't an illusion at all. The countless bones he saw around this place consisted of many species, but the most numerous were those of humans.

    As a soldier of the Royas Kingdom, Smick had killed more people than a normal person would meet in their entire lives. Even if this was his duty as a soldier and there was no such thing as right and wrong in a war, he would still occasionally feel guilt and unease about his actions.

    But when he faced this… entity, Smick could feel it from the depths of his heart. The other party was truly thinking of them, of these living and breathing people as his food. There wasn't a single hint of apologetic sentiment or discomfort in his gaze, because to him this was an obvious fact.

    "Negary…" Smick spoke with a loud and solemn tone: "As a member of the Lancher family, the heir of the [School of Light], a soldier of the Royas Kingdom, and above all a human; I demand your immediate surrender, or what awaits you will be nothing but death"

    〖 Hak hak hak, what a bold and shocking statement that is 〗Negary was sitting still on his throne with his face resting on his hand, grinned joyfully at Smick's words and replied: 〖 Then come at me, humans 〗