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Chapter 51

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 51: Vol1 Ch51: Negary (3)

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    Hearing Negary's words, the soldiers' bodies couldn't help themselves acting as he directed them to, their legs bowed as if they were ready to kneel.

    It was as if they had another ‘self' inside their minds that was controlling their movements.

    This was one of the abilities that Negary created in the past few years, he called it the [Words of Domination]

    Throughout these years, Negary had absorbed so much Soul Essence that he understood the human mind better than any human. He had a perfect understanding of what psychological reactions a human would have in each and every possible situation.

    Because of that, from the very moment he saw these people, each of Negary's gestures and movements had been aimed to put invisible psychological pressure on them. At the same time, these soldiers had been breathing the germ-infested air since a while ago, taking in a large number of germs into their bodies, germs that had a connection to Negary.

    When enough of his germs were inside a person's body, Negary could directly speak into their mind, while these people had nowhere near that much inside their bodies, there were still enough for Negary to transmit his will through them.

    Through environmental pressure, verbal manipulation and suggestions, as well as the germs inside their bodies constantly whispering Negary's will into their minds, the weak mental barriers of a human mind would quickly be broken through by Negary. And once that happened, that person would become a puppet for Negary to control as he pleased.


    Because of that, Negary named this trick [Words of Domination].

    〖 Hm? 〗Negary suddenly scowled. The Royas soldiers that were originally struggling against his [Words of Domination] suddenly stood back up straight, their legs were no longer wobbly or unstable.

    With flaming swords in their hands, these soldiers angrily roared, they took out another vial from the belt on their hip that contained a flowing golden liquid and crushed it with their bare hands. The broken shards of the bottle pierced through their palms, allowing their blood to flow and mix with the golden liquid.

    Negary could see it clearly that when they roared, each of them had a missing tooth and instantly understood how they escaped his domination. One of their teeth had been modified to contain some sort of serum, most likely a stimulant that caused their mental state to enter a hyperactive state and escape from the control of the [Words of Domination].

    Negary looked at the Royas soldiers in interest. He wasn't in any hurry to kill them, because if he did, all he would get is a bunch of mediocre emotions.

    Only by constantly giving them a glimmer of hope and keeping it there could he induce these people to exert all of their potentials and automatically adjust their soul's state to its peak, only then would their souls become especially delectable.

    After all, the times had changed. In the beginning, Negary was concerned with his survival so he wasn't picky with his food. But now, since he had more than enough food to spare, he naturally became a gourmand who only ate food that was more delectable and could help him improve himself one step at a time.

    Right now, he wasn't fighting these soldiers at all, he was only cooking and molding their souls to be as delicious as possible.

    As the Royas Soldiers' blood mixed with the golden liquid, the liquid seemed to have been activated as it quickly grew and slid into the soldiers' wounds like an actual living being.

    One could see with the naked eye that something was moving underneath their skin. Almost as if an army of tiny creatures had invaded their entire bodies. Thanks to the serum they drank from their tooth, their sense of pain had lessened greatly so this sensation was only at a level of discomfort.

    Very quickly, the bodies of these soldiers grew one size larger, the muscles on their bodies became inflated and started to give off a golden glow. The blood-red flames on their knight swords also seemed to have sensed this and began to coil around them, turning the soldiers into golden juggernauts burning with red flames.

    Negary could sense the germs inside their bodies quickly dying in droves. Obviously, after taking in that golden liquid, their bodies' immune systems had become considerably stronger, and the limited number of germs that infected them so far obviously couldn't fight back.

    It wasn't as though there aren't any obviously supernatural items in this low-magic world, but they are all extremely rare, either strictly kept within a closed circle, or only a little bit of it remained.

    From what was seen from the Royas soldiers so far, this supernatural power that came from consuming different kinds of serums had been thoroughly grasped and researched. Not only was the usage streamlined, but it could also be mass-produced to an extent. To be able to mass-produce supernatural serums in a low-magic world, he obviously must have obtained something quite great.

    Negary analyzed what he saw:

    Negary observed these Royas soldiers and noticed that ever since they used the golden serum, their mental state had been constantly shifting back and forth.

    Negary had this speculation as he controlled the bones around to hover and shoot towards the soldiers again.

    This telekinesis-like ability was naturally the interference force of Negary's soul, but it wasn't as though it actually grew this strong. The main reason why he could utilize this level of strength was that these bones were completely filled with his germs, by using his interference force on the germs that he controlled, the power he could exert through these germs was incredibly massive.

    However, this time, when faced with these bone projectiles, the Royas soldiers didn't try to avoid them. After the blood-red flames coiled around these golden juggernauts, their properties had somehow changed. As the bone projectiles got close, they began to melt and were already turned into a white goop by the time they reached the soldiers' bodies, the goop was then melted into white mist and disappeared.

    The five human-shaped flames then charged at Negary with great momentum that made it seem like they couldn't be stopped.

    〖 Finally, you at least seem like you're worth the effort 〗Negary finally stood up from his throne and faced the five approaching Royas soldiers with a bit of anticipation in his mind. Ever since the Crowmen were formed, Reya's enemies had always been dealt with by the Crowmen. Even if someone managed to break through the Crowmen's encirclement and sneak into the forbidden zone, they were still so weak that he could easily wipe them out. Now that Negary thought about it, it should be a bit over 3 years since the last time he properly took actions.

    The Crowmen were gradually unable to keep up with him, so this time, he actually got a chance to fight, and the enemy seemed decent enough for him to use a bit of his true power.

    Glancing at the approaching Royas soldiers, Negary clenched his fist tightly and joyfully chuckled.