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Chapter 52

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 52: Vol1 Ch52: Negary (4)

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    Negary was analyzing the situation, in a battle, as long as it was not a complete curb-stomp, any intel about an enemy's abilities was crucial.

    〖 Let's test it out, then 〗Negary clenched his fist and threw a single punch at one of the Royas soldiers rushing at him.

    Yadley managed to obtain superhuman strength through replacing a large part of his body with the [Black Crow] germs, but Negary's current body was completely made up of germs. The power and speed Negary could display with his imitation muscles were so great that the Royas soldier couldn't even react as the fist pierced through his chest all the way to his back.

    The Royas soldier's expression did not change at all, under the effects of the stimulant and the golden serum, his mental state had reached a state of false apotheosis. He was currently not afraid of death for the sake of his beliefs, the man used the rest of his strength to grip Negary's arm tightly and ensured their mutual deaths.

    "You will fall right here! The Last God's Flames will burn through you and turn you to ash!" even with a hole in his body, the only thing that poured out was the blood-red flames and not fresh blood.

    〖 So this fire is called the Last God's Flames? 〗Negary looked at his quickly melting right arm without any agitation or fluster, only pure curiosity.


    As the flames were about to reach his shoulder, Negary's arm suddenly broke off by itself to reveal a cleanly cut opening, from which an infant's arm of black muscles covered in a slimy liquid suddenly sprouted.

    The arm quickly expanded like a balloon to an adult person's size, at which point white mucus seeped out to form a new layer of skin.

    〖 I already have a general grasp on how fast and strongly this fire can burn 〗Negary moved his newly grown arm a bit as something seemed to be gathering from the air around him. Displaying his pale-white growing nails, Negary declared: 〖 Which means, you can die now! 〗

    While Negary's words were still echoing in the air, his body had already appeared behind a Royas soldier, one of his pale-white nails pierced into the muscle-bound flaming body like a rapier. It seemed as if he didn't have to put any strength into it at all, but when they regained their senses, all of their bodies had already been diced into pieces.

    Negary's slowly melting fingernails then detached from his finger by themselves. During the time that the fire burned his right arm just now, Negary had used the various germs in his body to try and resist it, thus figuring out that the metal-eating germs that formed his bones were the most resistant to this kind of flames.

    If he had continued to experiment a bit more, Negary would have been able to composite a different material out of germs that had a higher resistance to this fire, but that was now unnecessary. After using the two serums, these people's beliefs and confidence had already peaked, so there was no need for him to waste any more time.

    〖 With some condiment, these ones will serve as quite a decent appetizer 〗Negary turned around and glanced at Smick: 〖 Then, have you prepared yourself, Mr first main dish? 〗

    "As an Evil Spirit, you must have been a human at one point!" Smick looked at Negary in fear, although he already knew that Negary would be very strong, he didn't expect him to be so frighteningly strong.

    They couldn't fight back at all, in an instant, the Last God squad that he was in charge of was completely wiped out. Whether it was physique, fighting techniques or battle instincts, Negary could be considered one of the best in this world.

    To become one that dominated over others, fighting was definitely inevitable, so there was no way Negary would forget to improve this aspect for himself. Reya had many frequent mercenaries, some of whom were excellent fighters in their own rights; and all of them had, at different points in time, taken up a job to teach a certain VIP of Reya how to fight.

    Perhaps they weren't quite on the same level as the legendary adventurer Chris or underwent formal methodical training like Smick, but as wandering mercenaries who did this dangerous job for a living, they more or less had skills of their own. Being ‘taught' by several dozens of these teachers, Negary absorbed their battle experience, their skills and even their battle instincts.

    Even without his terrifying physical prowess, he could still be considered one of the strongest Combatants among humans. But with his viral body and all sorts of unique abilities, he had far surpassed the limits of the species known as humans. He held an overwhelming advantage in every aspect over any human, so it wasn't strange for these drugged Royas soldiers to be easily killed by him.

    〖 So what if I was? Should I worry about whether or not my actions conform to the norm of society? Then feel condemned by my inner morality? 〗Negary smiled without care: 〖 Compared to what I pursue, they are nothing but unimportant, needless baggage 〗

    〖 I. Want to dominate everything and everyone, not be dominated by those boring baggage. The only thing I need to obey is my own thoughts 〗

    After absorbing the Soul Essence of the Royas soldiers and learning what he needed, Negary turned to Smick and spoke: 〖 A normal person is always weighed down by their so-called conscience. This is nothing but the product of an artificial ‘common morals' created through living in a society. Whenever one does something that doesn't conform with common morals, one would feel pressured by their conscience and becomes hesitant 〗

    〖 You are the same, Smick 〗Negary spoke: 〖 You are hesitant because of the common benefits of the nobles versus your loyalty for Eldridge. You don't know whether you should support Eldridge who can bring benefit to the Royas Kingdom as a whole, or support the benefit of nobles from which you were born 〗

    〖 However, Smick, the things that are causing you to feel hesitant are nothing but useless baggage 〗Negary offered his hand towards Smick: 〖 Try it, Smick, push open that gate of virtues, discard those useless things and surrender yourself to me, you shall find that you have obtained permanent peace of mind 〗

    Smick was trembling. He can't help but admit that he was feeling tempted. He was wavering, his faith and belief were currently unable to resist Negary's invitation.

    It was true, everyone in this world was locked inside a large prison cell of their own making, restrained by all manners of chains and restrictions. And it was also true that deep down inside, everyone was eager to push away these chains and escape, to obtain the pleasure of being free of their morals. Right at this moment, this pleasure was tempting him.

    Smick Lancher looked at the military uniform he was wearing, then at the Lancher family crest on his chest, he then took a deep breath and once again showed a determined look in his eyes: "Negary, the things you call ‘useless' might be constantly weighing me down and causing me trouble, but they are also what created and formed the human known as Smick Lancher! I am not a monster like you, and I will not discard what makes me [Me]!"

    〖 You made the correct choice, Smick 〗Negary praised him: 〖 Only your current self is qualified to become the first dish tonight 〗