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Chapter 54

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 54: Vol1 Ch54: Negary (6)

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    "Are we late?" a hoarse, half-coughing voice called out and stopped Smick from continuing his attack.

    Chris' group of 10 finally managed to make it here. As Chris glanced at the bones and dead bodies around, he sighed, then placed his gaze on Negary.

    Before seeing Negary, all Chris could sense from Negary was an extremely ominous rhythm, but after looking directly at Negary, Chris could only draw a single conclusion: this kind of entity should not exist in this world.

    "Evil Spirits are the errors that shouldn't exist in this world, they are the natural-born enemies of humans. Because of that, Evil Spirits must be eliminated" Augustin's gaze became stern. He had already participated in an Evil Spirit subjugation before, so he knew how dangerous an Evil Spirit was.

    Each growing Evil Spirit was a calamity, a disaster. Their very existence required the lives of countless others to be maintained, just like the Interkam Capital's Mist Demon, the Green Plague that once wiped out a certain town, the Ocean Disaster on the Eastern seaport.

    And the thing that alarmed Augustin, as well as the majority of the Church of Divine Grace's upper echelons, was that Evil Spirits were showing up a lot more frequently. This caused them to consider the possibility of the calamity prophesized in the Divine Grace Bible, especially when a sentient Evil Spirit like Negary had appeared.

    Within the records of the Church of Divine Grace, the Cauchy people used to be the most powerful human race, uniting and ruling over the entire continent as the gigantic Empire of Trilancia.


    And the main reason why this powerful Empire fell to ruin over 200 years ago was due to the appearance of a certain sentient Evil Spirit within Trilancia. That Evil Spirit had the ability to control the hearts of people, he instigated internal strife within the Trilancia Empire and caused this vast Empire to slowly head to its ruin.

    "Evil Spirits are the source of chaos, they are the results of errors, their appearance itself leads to bigger calamities. Because of this, Evil Spirits must be purified!" this was the Church of Divine Grace's common principle.

    〖 So the main dishes already can't wait to join in huh? 〗Negary's gaze swept through these people, the same gaze that seemed like he was looking at food caused them all to feel a chill down their spine: 〖 Then go ahead and come at me at once, I don't mind a difference in number, the results would be the same in the end 〗

    〖 After all, the majority of you have a reason to fight and win against me 〗Negary was smiling as he said this, pointing specifically at Jason Todd: 〖 You must be the one called Jason, you came to Reya to find Cadiz Moreg, didn't you? 〗

    Negary's words caused Jason's emotions to immediately flare up. He would never forget the horror that befell his family that day when his everything had been taken away, the only thing left that kept him going was the singular will to find and make the culprit behind everything pay the price.

    "So that bastard really is here" Jason spoke with a clearly provoked tone of voice. After the group of pirates who killed his family disbanded and went their separate ways, this was the first concrete clue he found of them in seven years.

    〖 It isn't him alone. After Cadiz Moreg came to me, he also called his old friends to join him 〗Negary confirmed it: 〖 All of your enemies are currently under my command! 〗

    〖 If you want to take revenge, then use everything you have to defeat me 〗Negary declared temptingly.

    Negary then turned towards the metal-mask man among them: 〖 Before Comoros passed, he asked Noah to tell you his apology, but since Noah was busy with my matters, he really didn't have time to do so. As his Lord, let me pass it on to you instead 〗

    As soon as he said this, the metal-mask man's hands that were clutching his bow and arrow trembled restlessly. He was a father, and the thing that caused a father the most anger was seeing any of his children's lives being ruined, let alone both of them.

    Negary didn't care much for the metal mask man's anger, or perhaps the angrier he became, the happier he would feel. At certain points, anger was also a kind of power.

    〖 It was quite unfortunate that I couldn't devour the Church of Divine Grace's Bukittel's soul. Hopefully, the rest of you would be similarly delectable 〗with just a few words, he riled the anger of all the priests and knights of Divine Grace.

    〖 And you, Chris 〗Negary finally placed his gaze on this legendary adventurer: 〖 If you don't want your secret to coming to light, then risk everything you have and fight 〗

    〖 Believe me, news travels easily and they travel fast from Reya to other parts of the continent. If you lose, all of that person's and your efforts up to this point will have been nothing but wasted 〗

    Negary's words caused Chris' pupils to contract. He didn't ask how Negary noticed or found out his secret, that was no longer important, the only thing he needed to do now was to triumph over Negary.

    "Stop your chit chat and let's do this" Jason's eyes were burning with the flames of anger as he raised his bow and aimed at Negary.

    Chris, the Knight of Divine Grace Myerson as well as another knight of Divine Grace all charged at Negary at once, the two knights immediately used their Grace of Protection to protect themselves while their swords were clad in the Grace of Justice, swearing to cut this devil down with their swords.

    Jason, the metal-masked man as well as a cooperator who joined the raid party for his own reasons raised their bows and unleashed a barrage of attacks to interfere with Negary's actions.

    Augustin and his disciple, Luen Donner, both used their Grace of Understanding to watch out for Negary's tricks and occasionally used the Grace of Salvation to dispel some of the germs that filled the air.

    Smick once again concealed his figure and waited for a chance to unleash a fatal strike.

    The other masked combatants who joined them from Reya decided to slack off at this point, these people were sent out from their respective forces who came from outside Reya, they participated in this battle in order to earn as many benefits as possible. As far as they were concerned, the more intense Negary's battle with the others was, the better it was for them, they only needed to make sure to protect their own safety.

    Being ganged up on by this lineup, Negary was constantly swinging the blades on his wrists. The swords of the knights of Divine Grace were reinforced by their Grace of Justice, allowing them to remain intact. Chris was a lot calmer than they were, only throwing the occasional punch while he mainly observed the situation.

    〖 If you don't intend to fight, you can die first 〗Negary's gaze suddenly stared straight at the two masked fighters at the back who were slacking off. He ignored everyone else's attacks and swung both arms forward, the two blades attached to his wrist suddenly detached themselves and pierced through those two's bodies.

    "My Lord grants me the Grace of Justice so that I shall cut down the darkness!" the knight of Divine Grace didn't waste this chance and slashed straight at Negary's neck with his reinforced sword. Under the effect of the Grace of Justice, the sword cut through him like a hot knife through butter and decapitated Negary's head.

    But as soon as he finished his strike, he noticed that the sensation wasn't quite right. The cut on Negary's neck revealed the inside to be completely empty, while the head that was cut off abruptly exploded and splattered liquids of various colours all over.

    Negary's headless body split apart by itself to reveal a smaller, younger-looking Negary inside, covered with white liquid, who slashed upward with his hand. The nails at the tip of fingers were razor-sharp, immediately broke through the knight's Grace of Protection from below, pierced into the knight's neck and lifted his head off his neck.