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Chapter 58

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 58: Vol1 Ch58: Negary (over)

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    Smick's figure appeared for a split second before applying the elementary usage of the [School of Light] to apply optical camouflage on his body.

    The [School of Light]'s Ultimate Secret Art: Streaming Blade of Light was done through harmonizing oneself infinitely close to the rhythm of light while erasing one's human rhythms for a split second. Through doing this, the practitioner would turn into light itself and travel to a predetermined destination with the light and perform their attack.

    This state of harmonizing oneself infinitely close to the rhythm of light could only be kept up for a split second because otherwise, the human body would shatter. Naturally, as long as the predetermined destination wasn't wrongly selected, this attack essentially would not miss.

    Since Chris used his ultimate Secret Art to restrain Negary, Smick's attack naturally didn't miss. The outer layer of germs didn't contribute at all as defense, his cutlass accurately pierced through everything and into that black blob of flesh in the middle.

    When the cutlass pierced through the blob of flesh, some sort of liquid spewed from the wound all over his hand. On closer inspection, he found that it was golden-colored blood that naturally drew Smick's eyes as if they were the most precious treasure in the world.

    Soaked with the golden blood, his cutlass seemed almost alive. Smick had a distinct feeling as he held the cutlass that he would be able to easily kill anybody as long as he had it.

    Chris fell to the ground and looked as if he had aged several dozen years at once. His life quickly reached its end without even the time or strength for him to move his head.


    A small bit of Life Essence surged forward from his dead body, the [Firewood Links the Fire] technique couldn't be performed without paying the ultimate price. Chris' soul also came out together with his Life Essence, the long years of adventuring made it so that his mental fortitude far exceeded those of normal people, even as a remnant soul, he still managed to retain a bit of his rationality.

    An abnormal guiding force then appeared on Chris' remnant soul.

    Chris had such a faint thought as his soul flew away from the battlefield, through the piles of bones around and finally landed in the hand of a certain person.

    The corner of Noah's mouth raised to reveal a pleased smile: "It seems I've found the leader for my Ghostmen soldiers"

    A few moments later, Chris felt a surge of intense emotions rush into his remnant soul. These emotions directly struck his psyche without giving him even a moment of rest. These emotions were mostly negative, consisting of hatred, unwillingness, despair, as well as a heavy sense of fear and obedience towards ‘that person'.

    "Negary!!" Chris screamed out in despair, but after a long while, he added two more words: "…My Lord!"

    Noah looked down at the subservient Chris in his hand and recalled what he had spoken with Lord Negary beforehand.

    〖 Did you know, Noah? 〗at the time, Negary still hadn't gone inside his viral body, or perhaps, he was never in there in the first place. He was hovering by the great tree and looked down at the bones that littered this place: 〖 Humans are an exceedingly fascinating species 〗

    〖 They naturally have a fixed mindset about certain things, and find it extremely hard to think outside of this looped chain of thoughts 〗Negary slowly spoke:〖 They choose to ignore certain things and believe only what they think to be the truth 〗

    〖 I was also once stuck in this vicious cycle, but why would I limit myself to the mere human form? 〗Negary declared with a smile: 〖 Even when I have yet to reach my limit, I am one, and I am thousands 〗

    This wasn't a world like those in the novels, but rather one that had the Misfortune Characteristic, the situation where the heroes arrived in the exact final moments when the demon king was about to complete his evolution would not happen. And Negary wasn't foolish enough to wait for them to arrive, in fact, even before Chris' raid team even made it into the forbidden zone, Negary had already completed his evolution.

    His soul could be said to be formed from the parts of countless others, but this was originally his choice, so there was no reason for him to limit himself to only a single soul, or even the form of a single human soul in the first place.

    This was the true meaning of the Soul's blood. Dragon's blood had a total of three abilities: improve the host's physical constitution, carry the inheritance information and [Dragon's Pressure], as well as an indivisible mutual connection.

    The Soul's blood also perfectly replicated these three functions, it modified the host's physical constitution, carried Negary within it, and formed an indivisible mutual connection with each other.

    Since Noah implanted himself with the Soul's blood, Negary became a different side of him through the Soul's blood, that was why Noah declared that he had become one with his Lord, and this relationship would continue through his bloodline inheritance.

    If Noah had an offspring, his offspring would be born with the Soul's blood in their body. As his offspring grew up and their True Spirit slowly derived itself to form a soul, the Soul's blood would continually awaken and infect the newly born soul with the soul virus called Negary. Even without being taken over by Negary, a secondary personality would still form and become hidden within his bloodline.

    In summary, Negary had evolved from being a single soul to being a soul virus that attached and grew from a bloodline, as he infected more people, he would similarly grow to become more massive.

    As for the Negary that Chris and Smick killed, that could also be considered to be a part of Negary. Negary had been absorbing the emotions that he wanted from the humans who died, but there were simply too few who volunteered to become his sacrifice or dedicate themselves to him.

    The majority of those he absorbed so far were fighting moments before their deaths. Even if Negary had been careful only to take the emotions he wanted, he couldn't help but absorb a lot of fighting spirit from them as well, causing him to seek battles.

    Because of this, he put a part of this fighting spirit together with the emotions that he didn't need into a viral body, binding them together with Soul's blood. In fact, Negary should be thanking Chris and the rest for helping him eliminate a part of him that he didn't want, while also helping the spread of his Soul's blood.

    〖 Cadiz Moreg, Connor Kenway 〗 Noah, or perhaps Negary, lightly spoke.

    The huge pile of bones behind him moved as a fat man that seemed to be around 4-5 meters tall stood up from within it, together with a man who carried a long spear on his shoulder. Both of them were wearing pitch-black armor with a helmet that obscured their faces. They prostrated in front of Negary and spoke with fanaticism in their voices: "The Ghostmen greets our Lord Negary!"

    〖 It's your turn to take the stage, clean them up. No need to use your full strength, if they can run, let them 〗after Negary gave his orders, the aura of a being that had surpassed humans gradually faded away, leaving behind the perfect Righteous Noah.


    A long black spear came flying from afar and smashed through a skull on the ground, the Ghostman who carried the spear jumped down from the fat man and showed himself in front of the raid party. He, the Ghostman, then lifted the visor of his helmet to reveal a face full of nothing but maliciousness.

    As soon as Jason saw this face, his emotions flared up with hatred and madness: "Cadiz Moreg!!!"

    "Ahahaha, Jason Todd, your little sister was quite the masterpiece" the Ghostman laughed.

    That sentence alone made Jason completely explode with anger, he charged straight at the Ghostman Cadiz with reckless abandon, only to be hit directly by an unbelievably fast skull on his way. The skull shattered into fine dust while Jason's body was sent flying backwards and was quickly caught by Smick.

    "Run! Negary isn't dead!!" Smick shouted in horror, he could already feel an impossibly malicious and ominous will slowly eroding his body, infecting his mind and replacing him.