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Chapter 59

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 59: Vol1 Ch59: Ghostmen and the infected

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    "Nala, are you hungry?" Isabella asked her in a low voice.

    They were currently inside one of Grosk's secret hideouts. As he was technically more a smuggler than a merchant, he naturally had his hands in plenty of unclean places, so for the sake of his own safety, he prepared quite a few secret hideouts to use as safe houses.

    "Let me prepare some food for you" Grosk consoled them: "We'll probably receive good news soon, don't worry too much"

    "Thank you" Isabella spoke softly, but for some reason, she kept feeling a heavy ominous feeling in her heart, but she had no choice but to hope that she was thinking too much.

    Nala Darkme stared at Grosk's back as he left, a tint of gold flashed over her eyes as her aura gradually changed.

    After leaving his hideout, Grosk's expression changed and revealed a hint of regret and guilt, he didn't go to prepare any food but rather headed away from this place.

    After Grosk left, a group of expressionless men headed towards the hideout. They were the Interkam Kingdom's black ops, a group of hitmen specially employed under Seth the First, people tasked with following Seth the First's orders to perform things that he couldn't be publicly associated with. And their goal this time was to eliminate Nala, the prophesied Saintress of Salvation.


    The power struggles within a country had always been unpredictable, so if possible, it was preferable for him to eliminate all opposition.

    Suddenly, Isabella felt a bit of a headache, by the time she realized something was wrong, she was already too tired to even lift a finger and fell unconscious. Nala- no, currently, it should be Negary, opened her golden eyes and glanced at the door.

    The materials for the Soul's blood came from Nala's Dragon's blood, so Soul's blood and Dragon's blood were currently two sides of the same coin. Since a long while ago, the impurities within Nala's soul had been constantly absorbed and formed into Nala's second personality of Negary, while the original Nala became purer and purer as the days went by.

    But in the end, the thing flowing inside Nala's body was Dragon's blood, not Soul's Blood. Negary was only a visitor within her body, if his understanding and control over the soul didn't vastly surpass Nala, he wouldn't have been able to come out and control her body like this.

    The squad of black ops didn't say a word and directly broke down the door, brandishing their weapons at their target. Even if the target was a cute little girl barely 10 years old, these people would feel no extraneous emotions such as pity.

    Old men or young girls, a prostitute or a scholar, as long as they were the target, then they will be killed no matter what.

    However, as soon as they charged in, they saw the young girl giggling. An abrupt sense of fear that came straight from their hearts engulfed the minds and bodies of these black ops hitmen. Even though they had gone through countless training and assassinations to shave away most of their emotions, becoming assassins who only had their mission in mind, they couldn't help but be frightened by this fear that came from the soul.

    In that split second, the black ops hitman leader instinctively stopped his movements, but it was already too late.

    〖 Food with barely any emotions left. If you're so stale that you can't even serve as food, just die 〗Negary breathed in and abruptly vanished from their sights. During his battle with Smick, even as a disposable avatar filled with fighting spirit, Negary still had over 18 chances to kill him, yet he was still kept alive for so long. Obviously, it was to take his [Light Inheritance].

    Under Negary's field of perception, the secrets of the [Light Inheritance] were laid completely bare to him. The thin white hand pierced straight through the throat of the black ops agent, without a pause, while his blood was still spilling out, Negary had appeared it in front of the next black ops agent and killed him without hesitation as well.

    In just a few minutes, the entire squad of black ops were dead. This was Negary's code of conduct, plain and simple without any extraneous emotions. If they were useful, he would even give a part of his soul away, if they were useless, then they could simply die.

    Negary called the flock of cawing crows down from the sky to clean up these bodies, then cleaned the blood off his hands and slowly sunk back into Nala's blood. Even though his Soul's blood was already considered a finished product, Nala was still a crucial experimental specimen, otherwise, Negary wouldn't have come out at this point in time to take control over her body.


    Smick quickly brought Jason and Luen away to escape. Smick was already infected by the Soul's blood, so he could easily be let go; Luen still had the potential to become top-tier food, so it was still too early to kill him, at the same time, Negary needed him to take Nala back to Interkam.

    As for Jason, having been struck directly by the skull thrown by Connor Kenway, his inner organs had been mostly destroyed and would probably not survive for too long. If he could survive, then he had the potential to become the most excellent dish, on the other hand, if he died in Reya, his remnant soul wouldn't be able to escape either way.

    Noah brought Chris' remnant soul towards Myerson who was now kneeling on the ground. At this point, Myerson had become completely fallen, having indirectly caused Augustin's death, he had gone past the point of no return and could only fall even deeper.

    "Lord Negary has made the arrangements for you" Noah stepped in front of Myerson and slowly told him: "Receive Chris's remnant soul and become the leader of the Ghostmen"


    "Indeed, the Crowmen were people who were implanted with the [Black Crow] germs, because of their stagnation, they have already been thoroughly destroyed during this battle and would soon undergo reorganization" Noah explained: "While the Ghostmen are a new group of soldiers completely different from the Crowmen"

    "At this point, there are only three official members. You will be the fourth, and also their newly appointed leader"

    "The so-called Ghostmen are people who are implanted with a secondary soul" Noah placed Chris' remnant soul in front of Myerson: "The secondary soul selected for you was Chris' remnant soul, you will obtain all of his abilities. Naturally, in order to successfully implant a remnant soul within yourself, you will first need to be modified into an Undead"

    "Your body will be thoroughly modified, your heart, throat, head, and other human weaknesses will be thoroughly removed. You will no longer need to breathe and no longer need to eat or drink" Noah coldly continued: "Naturally, you will also obtain the ability that you so desired, the ability derived from diseases"

    "Thank you for your blessings, Lord Negary!" Myerson accepted Chris' remnant soul and said with a heavy tone.


    When Smick carried Jason to the Royas Kingdom's base within Reya, Jason was already unconscious, his life rhythm weakened so much that he could die at any moment.

    Luen had already left at some point, saying that he wanted to look for the Knight of Divine Grace Rivers and quickly escape from Reya, bringing Isabella and her daughter with them.

    As Smick looked down at Jason, he sighed, as comrades who had fought alongside one another to an extent, if possible, he didn't want to let Jason just die like this.

    As he glanced at the cutlass coated with a strange glow in his hand, a sudden thought appeared in Smick's mind: [This blade can save Jason].

    Clutching his head, Smick immediately used [Respiratory Art] to check his own rhythm, but couldn't find Negary's extremely ominous rhythm anywhere. Instead, he found that his body was constantly growing considerably healthier, even almost breaking through the human limit.

    As a golden glint flashed in Smick's eyes, he lifted the cutlass and stabbed it straight through Jason's heart.

    Jason instantly opened both eyes wide, awoken from his limbo. He could tell that ‘something' about himself had completely changed.