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Chapter 60

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 60: Vol1 Ch60: Jack Hans

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    "What is this?" Myerson scowled as he saw the black liquid in front of him.

    "To become a Ghostmen, first your body needs to be modified to have the constitution of an Undead" Noah explained: "This bowl contains a unique strain of germs that will put you into a near-death state that will be better for modifying you into an Undead. Don't worry, this transformation will not be hard"

    "Understood" Myerson had no choice, or to be more exact, this was part of his previous choice.

    As he swallowed the black liquid in the bowl, he felt a scorching sensation from his throat all the way down to his stomach, his breathing became difficult, as if his innards were melting away.

    Noah then drew a gleaming golden dagger and spoke with a sincere expression: "This is the ceremonial blade. A dying person when stabbed in the heart by this dagger will become an Undead, naturally, without the accompanying drugs, this process would feel extremely insufferable"

    As the ceremonial blade stabbed into his heart, Myerson felt the entire world become different. If before, the world around him was vibrant, then it was now completely silent, as if there was a barrier separating him from the world itself.

    "The so-called Undead are in fact people whose dying souls are kept in a constant state of nearly separating from their body through a special technique. In this state of near-death, the importance of the vessel rapidly declines, thus eliminating the existence of the human body's common fatal weak points"


    "And the only thing left that binds your soul to your body is the existence of My Lord on this ceremonial blade" Noah carefully put the ceremonial blade away, then prepared to implant Myerson with Chris' remnant soul.

    The body of a living person couldn't possibly house two souls, such a situation would normally only cause the two souls to pollute one another. Either the host's soul would become polluted by the invading remnant soul and their soul would be greatly altered, or the remnant soul would completely devour the host's soul and take their True Spirit for itself.

    But after becoming an Undead, due to the existence of Negary's Soul's blood, the two souls would be able to coexist peacefully.

    "Most Evil Spirits are mindless and irrational, thus unable to exert the limit of their own power, thus the Ghostmen were created for that purpose" Noah explained, then his aura abruptly changed to give off an inhuman ominous feeling: 〖 And from today onwards, you are the leader of the Ghostmen 〗

    "Yes, Lord Negary!" Myerson felt the power coursing through him and obediently knelt down.

    "Earlier, sir Noah told me that the Ghostmen only have four people including me. So besides Cadiz Moreg and Connor Kenway, who is the last member of the Ghostmen?"

    〖 An unreliable fellow 〗


    "Killer Jack here, find out more!" as dawn came over Reya, a man in a white hooded robe with an amiable face had already begun to hand out leaflets to the visiting merchants in town. If you disregarded his words and the things written on his leaflet, you'd mistake him for a clergyman from the Church of Divine Grace.

    "Why do I feel like wearing a white robe doesn't suit me? Should I be wearing a full-black outfit with belts and a mask? Meh, who cares" Jack muttered to himself doubtfully, then handed his leaflet to an aunty who was carrying food: "Sister, Killer Jack, find out more"

    "I don't know how to read, and I don't need to hire a killer" the aunty answered.

    "That's because you don't understand, sister" Jack insisted that she took his leaflet: "The need to hire an assassin doesn't discriminate from men or women, young or old. Maybe someday your child might lose their life, and then you'll need me"

    "Trust me, sister, a woman needs to know a hitman or two. You can ask my partner, Jack Hans, he's accomplished a feat worthy of his name that countless woman wants to kill him for" Jack spoke with a serious expression: "You know Hans, those animals that think with their lower half"

    "Lunatic, scram. Don't mess with my business or I'm going to call the enforcers" the aunty cursed at him.

    "Hah, business is so hard these days" Jack pulled his leaflet back and continued giving them out along the main road.

    A dirty middle-aged man who seemed a bit awkward hesitated for a long time before walking up to Jack and spoke respectfully: "Lord Jack, the boss said that there's a important meeting and sent me to call you"

    "Ah, little B, go back and tell your boss that I have something important to do right now. I'm not going to some meeting" Jack glossed it over.

    "Lord Jack, my name is Brown, not little B" the dirty middle-aged man weakly refuted him: "But this meeting is really important, boss said that you have to come"

    "Ah, I got it, so it's finally my turn to take the stage, then I'll leave handing out these leaflets to you. Don't be lazy now, little B" Jack gave the stack of leaflets to Brown and spoke seriously.


    "For now, the only official members of the Ghostmen are us four. The other affiliated troops partly come from my old pirate crew, and partly consisted of criminals who came to take refuge in Reya" Cadiz Moreg sat on one side and explained the situation to Myerson. He was not too convinced about this guy being their leader, but since the other party was selected by Lord Negary himself, even if he had any dissatisfaction, this wasn't the time to voice them.

    "I've already sent someone to find Jack, he's also working as an assassin, so if nothing happens, he should be here soon" Cadiz continued.

    "If not for a certain reason, I don't even want to come here" the white-robed Jack walked across the forest of bones while constantly looking up.

    "What's up there?" Myerson asked.

    "Nothing, I'm just afraid of a hammer suddenly falling from the sky" Jack murmured: "Am I being unreasonable when I say that, that name should have been given to me as an assassin? Why the fat guy instead? Why did I learn to sneak around in the first place?"

    "Ignore him, when his secondary soul was implanted, something unexpected happened and caused his soul to become chaotic. He's always spouting some sort of tasteless joke or doing some inexplicable actions" Cadiz helplessly sighed.

    At this point, Jack came up to the fat man Connor Kenway and spoke with a serious expression: "Hey fatty, what do you think about using a hammer? Or maybe a greatsword? The killing business has been bad lately so I'm planning to open up a weapon shop to make a few bucks, you want to pre-order a badge?"

    The 5-meter tall Connor remained silent without saying a word, completely ignoring Jack's banter.

    "So you must be our leader then. I'm the Ghostmen King of Killers, Jack. Take care of me from now on. Until you become a box1, I'll make sure to listen to your orders" Jack displayed a shamelessly malicious smile.

    Although Myerson didn't quite understand what ‘become a box' meant, it was fine as long as he listened to orders. Myerson nodded and lightly gave the orders: "Lord Negary has given us our first mission. We of the Ghostmen shall move out and use the excuse of searching for Chris' comrades Smick Lancher, Luen Donner and the rest to sweep clean the other forces within Reystromia"

    "At the same time, we will be recruiting more Ghostmen affiliate troops, all of whom will undergo the Undead transformation" Myerson slowly explained as an ominous dark glow appeared on his body.