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Chapter 61 - What comes nex

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 61: Vol1 Ch161: What comes next

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    "So, Jason, what are you going to do now?" Smick Lancher asked in a low voice.

    Standing across from him, Jason Todd who was concealed under a thick robe remained silent.

    When he heard Smick's question, Jason lifted his hand up to check himself. Smick stabbing his heart did indeed save his life, but it also pushed him down another abyss of no return.

    Jason's hands were now covered in corpse bruises, he could already feel his body slowly dying and rotting away.

    His breathing had stopped, his heart was no longer beating, but he was still alive.

    "This place is no longer safe, Negary's subordinates are looking everywhere for us, we've completely lost" Smick's expression was a bit dazed, although their loss was sudden and inexplicable, a loss was a loss.

    "How about you come with me for now? Since you're still after revenge, I'm sure the Royas Kingdom has a way to deal with your current state" Smick continued.


    "I can't. I've lived and survived until now all the sake of vengeance, so I have no issue with the current state of my body" Jason finally replied, he staggered as he stood back up: "There is a certain place I want to go to and obtain the power necessary to take my revenge"

    During this raid, he was completely overpowered by the enemy. When they were all fighting Negary, he couldn't do anything useful at all, so Jason now fully understood just how weak he truly was, and how much he craved to become stronger.

    He gave up on the chance to become stronger several years ago because the chances of success were far too low, and failure meant death. For the sake of his vengeance, he gave up on it. But now, he once again sought that strength, also for the sake of his vengeance.

    "Please give me a Hans beast, I need to get to a certain place before I thoroughly rot away" Jason said seriously.

    "No problem" Smick replied. He was feeling a bit guilty about turning Jason into his current state, as he glanced at his cutlass, a golden gleam appeared in his eyes as his gaze became blank for a brief moment.

    On the other side, Luen Donner had already found the recovered Rivers and informed him of the terrible news: Myerson betrayed them, Cardinal Augustin and everyone else lost their lives, they were the only people left from the reinforcement sent from the Church of Divine Grace.

    "Find Isabella and her daughter, we need to quickly return to Interkam, we have to find a way to contain that Evil Spirit Negary!" Luen's expression was full of sorrow, this ordeal would probably affect him for the rest of his life: "Where is Grosk?"

    "I'm not sure, I was already here when I woke up" Rivers replied in a solemn tone.

    "Come with me, Negary's subordinates are using the excuse of searching for fugitives to clean up all the forces in Reystromia, if we don't leave now, we won't ever be able to" Grosk ran in right at this moment: "Isabella and her daughter… are at my place"

    Grosk brought the two of them to his secret hideout, where a carriage had already been arranged. Isabella and her daughter were already on the carriage, waiting for them. Afterwards, Grosk ordered a few guards to escort them out of Reya while he remained by himself, saying that he had something else to take care of.

    As he watched the carriage leave, Grosk sighed deeply in relief. From the shadows behind him, Yadley who had scales growing on his face appeared with a twisted smile: "Well done, Grosk, you made the right choice"

    "The tentacle growing in your chest will stay there. Don't worry, I won't take your life, as long as you know to keep your mouth shut" Yadley said as he looked in the direction of the departing carriage with a pondering look on his face.

    Yadley smirked, but he himself probably didn't know that his eyes glowed golden for a brief moment.

    At the same time, Nala's eyes in the carriage also glowed golden.

    The news quickly spread as if everything had been prepared since long ago. This was Negary's victory, but after this battle, very few people actually saw Negary again, the forces within Reystromia were also dealt with by the Ghostmen and their troops.

    The majority of the forces and organizations were either taken in, or crushed without hesitation. The Reya that was originally slipping away from their control once again fell squarely into the hands of the Cauchy people, or to be more precise, the hands of Negary.

    Smick managed to return safely to the Royas Kingdom, but due to his failure in Reya, he went under much scrutiny. Even within the Lancher family, there were those who questioned the possibility of him becoming the next family head.


    Smick was currently sitting in his reading room with his cutlass hanging by his hip. He let out a deep sigh, in order to protect his future position as the family head, his father had arranged him a political marriage. In the future, he would most likely be known as the nobleman Lancher, rather than the military officer Smick.

    But what caused him to feel even more worried was the fact that his body had already surpassed the limit of humans. When he glanced down at the cutlass at his hip, he naturally knew the reason why. Although that extreme ominous presence hadn't appeared even a single time since then, he couldn't help but feel uneasy.

    Somewhere else, Jason's body was fully shrouded under a robe, a foul rotten smell drifted from him. His movements were slow and rigid as he approached a hidden canyon where the headquarters of the organization known as the Sacred Valley was situated.

    The so-called Sacred Valley was a group of mysterious killers, for the sake of a certain belief, they honed their assassination skills and travelled the world in search of a certain artifact. And Jason used to be a part of it.

    「 Why have you returned? 」a voice echoed from within the canyon.

    Jason took off his robe to reveal a body so rotten that it could collapse at any moment, and spoke each word with a hoarse tone: "For vengeance, I have no other choice"

    "May life itself watch over me!"


    "The political situation has changed, your existence is better off not known to anybody" due to the side effects of the Right of Sacrifice, Rivers could no longer fight as he used to, so he stepped down from being a Knight of Divine Grace.

    He brought Nala a set of male clothing and spoke with a solemn expression: "You are still young enough that you can disguise yourself as male for now, while I teach you how to fight. Although your constitution isn't suitable to accept a Grace from the Lord, you still have Chris' [Respiratory Art], you can definitely become a strong warrior"

    "I understand, Mr. Rivers, I will do my best to train" Nala nodded with an immature serious expression.

    "And also, a few days later, I will have to make a trip to Tarroy" Rivers sighed. Tarroy was a small nation on the other side of Interkam.

    "Why?" Nala looked at Rivers in doubt.

    Only to see Rivers pull out a small chest with all sorts of items within it, including medals, bones from various animals, etc. all of them were commemorative items. Rivers replied: "These belong to Mr. Chris, and Tarroy was Mr. Chris' homeland. He has a son who is about the same age as you, so I need to bring these things to him"

    Not too long after this event, the war between Royas and Interkam finally broke out.