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Chapter 63 - Granny Seal'e

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 63: Vol1 Ch63: Granny Seal'e

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    This ‘Granny Seal'e' who was by Negary's side was someone who sought out and joined Reya of her own accord 6 years ago.

    She was a Witch, the very same kind that everyone thought of from the legends whenever they heard the word ‘witch'.

    From her appearance alone, she fit the role to a T. An eerily old face, a rickety figure as well as weird laughter, the spitting image of an evil Witch from any fairy tale.

    And it was also this Granny Seal'e who first prophesied about the Saintress of Salvation, soon after she made this prophecy, she disappeared without a trace. The next time she appeared, she came to offer her forehead to Negary on her own.

    Granny Seal'e's current job was to teach Negary her knowledge about mysticism, as well as the legendary [Dracotongue] language.

    Negary had already managed to extract the inheritance information within the Dragon's blood very early on, but as this information was fully written in [Dracotongue], it was basically useless.

    Granny Seal'e wasn't too familiar with [Dracotongue], but she knew enough to help Negary slowly decipher and derive the inheritance information bit by bit.


    As Negary stood up from his throne, he displayed a body vastly different from his previous viral body. First of all, it was considerably more muscular, a natural sense of dominance drifted and flowed along his frame, and scales began to manifest on his body. Suddenly, this perfect body began to crack and break as golden blood spilled from inside, flowing all over the floor.

    The body then immediately melted into a pool of golden blood, Negary's soul stood up from what remained of the body, looked down at the pool of golden liquid and shook his head: 〖 Another failure, I have already reached the peak of this world's strength 〗

    "That is inevitable. For Lord Negary, this world is much too weak" Granny Seal'e sighed as she watched this happen: "But there is no need to hurry, darkness will eventually come, and at that time, this world would no longer be able to stop Lord Negary's path"

    Negary didn't answer her, instead, picked up a book from the side and began to flip through it.

    He wasn't wrong. If considering individual strength alone, he was already standing at the peak of this world and reached a point where he could no longer improve himself. Furthermore, he could sense that he had completely exhausted every last bit of his potential.

    In the end, he didn't have a True Spirit. He managed to use the Soul's Blood to become a soul virus and once again became stronger, but both this world's environment and the problem of his essence were limits that restrained his growth.

    "The [Origin] is the most essential way for an individual to grow stronger" Granny Seal'e explained: "Through releasing one's [Origin] step by step, one's soul would undergo a qualitative change that allowed them to obtain various supernatural powers"

    "Since Lord Negary does not have a True Spirit, you can only seek other methods to improve the quality of your soul. In this world where it would be hard to even release one's [Origin] once, this should already the extreme limit for Lord Negary to nurture your own soul to this level of quality"

    "Even when this old lady had released her [Origin] once, the power of this old lady's soul was still vastly inferior to Lord Negary, this is what I respect the most about Lord Negary" Granny Seal'e spoke with absolute respect.

    〖 That is not enough. For me, this is still nowhere near enough 〗Negary replied as he slowly flipped through the book in his hand.

    What Negary was reading is a history book that he obtained, as well as various travel journals and historical myths.

    This world had quite an impressive ancient history, before the Trilancia Empire of the Cauchy people, three other Empires were recorded, which were in order the Lomicht Empire, the Laith Empire and the Moy Empire.

    The name of these three empires, in the Cauchy language, meant Life, Glory and Protection, while the name ‘Trilancia' of the Cauchy people meant Hope.

    All three empires passed down various myths and legends with many differences, but there were also similarities.

    For example, the beginning of this world was always described as being a pure white light.

    The Cauchy people explained that the light killed the Progenitor, and the Progenitor's body gave birth to all things in this world. Lomicht's explanation, on the other hand, claimed that the light destroyed a corner of God's realm, which rotted and turned into this world.

    The common thing was that only after that had light came did the world come into being. During the era of the First Empire Lomicht, it was clear that the overall level of power was vastly higher, as the Gods truly did walk the earth back then.

    It was from that era that the [Respiratory Art] was passed down and continued even until today. All practitioners of the [Respiratory Art] knew of and followed a certain ancient covenant, as apparently the [Respiratory Art] itself was related to something extremely important.

    There was also something strange about this, clearly, the [Respiratory Art] was only a means of perceiving rhythm, yet something made it so that only humans could perform this technique. No matter how well Negary understood [Respiratory Art], as long as he wasn't taking control of a human body, he couldn't perform it.

    Eldridge seemed to have obtained an artifact from the First Empire that allowed him to create the Last God troops.

    Furthermore, the destruction of the First Empire was also quite unclear. It's a mystery even to this day. Additionally, records suggest that Evil Spirits did not exist during the era of the First Empire.

    After a long period of chaos, the Second Empire of Laith was established. It was also during the era of the Second Empire that the first records of Evil Spirits appeared, at the same time, the Church of Divine Grace seemed to have been formed from an unknown artifact passed down from the Second Empire.

    The destruction of the Second Empire appeared to be quite orthodox. At the time, the royal family held absolute power and frequently discriminated against and abused the other races of humans, rousing several rebellions that caused the fall of the Second Empire and rise of the Third Empire.

    The Third Empire Moy didn't exist for very long. Apparently, not long after they established their rule, they fought a war against an unknown enemy, the majority of the royal family's army and troops were wiped out without a tangible reason, giving the chance for the Cauchy people to rise and form the Fourth Empire Trilancia.

    Unfortunately, Trilancia fell at the hands of a certain rational Evil Spirit and broke apart. The world's situation from then on became how it is today, with the Cauchy people scattered all over the continent and the existence of several countries at once. There were also countless smaller countries who established their own rule, there was no longer a single large Empire that dominated over the entire continent.

    The Church of the Divine Grace preached that Evil Spirits are the sources of calamity, they themselves are errors that shouldn't exist, and that as time passed, when more Evil Spirits appeared, some kind of great calamity would also approach.

    There seemed to be some sort of secret hidden within this world, a secret closely related to [Respiratory Art], the Church of Divine Grace, the existence of Evil Spirits, as well as the world's misfortune characteristic.

    Through practicing witchcraft, Granny Seal'e managed to release her [Origin], which was also her True Spirit, once. She obtained an ability not too different from precognition and came to Negary to tell him of the future she had seen.

    In the future, the darkness of despair would descend, and that Negary would become the only path of escape from the age of darkness.

    There was no way to tell the authenticity of these words, but since Granny Seal'e had offered her forehead to him, and her expertise in witchcraft as well as [Dracotongue] was considerably valuable, Negary naturally accepted her loyalty.

    It was also thanks to her help that Negary managed to reach the peak of this world's power so quickly. In consideration of her teaching him many things and how valuable she was, Negary afforded her a bit of respect and addressed her as Granny Seal'e.