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Chapter 69 - Hales who prays to return to the Black Abyss

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 69: Vol1 Ch69: Hales who prays to return to the Black Abyss

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    〖 Let's say she barely passed 〗Negary was sitting on his throne inside his palace as he watched Nala's first battle and commented on it.

    Regardless of what happened, Nala's prowess and composure in battle had managed to win the hearts of a few people, and with Rhys' help, this bunch of rag-tag reinforcement soldiers was finally looking a bit like an actual army.

    〖 Nala is on her own from now on, I've given her enough help 〗Negary squinted his eyes and turned to Granny Seal'e: 〖 Granny Seal'e, have you seen those people? 〗

    〖 That bunch who came with malice 〗Negary tested her.

    "Lord Negary, I've already foreseen those people's goal" Granny Seal'e chuckled with her strange husky voice and replied: "They are people from an organization called Hales, their name means ‘return'. They've been acting in secret while avoiding the Church of Divine Grace's Heresy Hunters"

    "They believe that people should discard their outer layer of ash and return to their original Godhood" Granny Seal'e explained: "At the dawn of time, the White Light cut through a corner of the Black Abyss of the gods. The corner then fell down where the White Light could illuminate the true appearance of gods. What was originally an unfathomable God of was revealed by the light and became fathomable. The flames brought by the light burned the power of God and turned into ash that warped and obscured God's original appearance, thus God fell to become humans"

    "And so, in order to reverse the corruption and undergo apotheosis to return to Godhood, one needs to discard the ash, extinguish the flames and dispel the light, allowing the world to once again return to the Black Abyss. At that time, they would once again become the unseeable, unspeakable, unfathomable, unreasonable, faceless and formless God!"


    〖 This doctrine… how interesting 〗Negary smirked.

    "It is indeed. They probably came to milord in hope of obtaining Lord Negary's power" Granny Seal'e continued: "Regardless of whether or not Hales' doctrine of God is correct or not, some of it can be confirmed to be true"

    "The current order of this world is brought by the Light, the light is its skeleton while the flames are its flesh"

    "In order for them to return to their ideal form of God, light must be dispelled and flames must be extinguished. Since Evil Spirits are the errors of this world, their very existence are the loopholes within the light and the flames, so the more Evil Spirits there were, the weaker the light and flames that constituted the world's order would become"

    "Because of this, what Hales does most often is choosing a suitable target, then turning them into an Evil Spirit through various rituals" Granny Seal'e explained: "The Mist Demon of 20 years ago that attacked the Interkam capital was actually created by this organization"

    "They've done thorough research on Evil Spirits, so they believe that they can control Lord Negary, thus they came with malicious intent" Granny Seal'e once again chuckled with her unsettling tone: "But they are mere humans! How could they understand that Lord Negary's power has already far surpassed that of humans and even that of Evil Spirits! True and pure invincible peerless power"

    "However, even though Milord's power is unrivalled, you should still pay attention to the power of the Black Abyss" Granny Seal'e's abruptly changed her tone.

    〖 The original appearance of the world, the Black Abyss huh? 〗Negary's gaze seemed to be able to cut through all deception and obscurity, directly applying immeasurable pressure to those around him.

    "Indeed, ever since the White Light cut through the Black Abyss and brought fire to this world, four Empires had been born and fell: ‘glory', ‘life', ‘protection', and ‘hope'. But the flames that White Light brought has already dwindled, the power of the Black Abyss has started to move"

    "That power can surpass the limit of this world, although not by much, it is still very hard to deal with"

    〖 Is that so? 〗Negary waved his hand to allow the palace door to open, three people wearing fully black masks with a single white tear below their eyes were standing right outside.

    "May the Black Abyss shroud over all, manifestation of The Dazzled"

    "We welcome the manifestation of The Dazzled, let us return to our origin!" all three individuals immediately began to walk towards Negary with black smog surrounding them.

    〖 How audacious 〗Negary commented: 〖 You ignore the will of others and force your own beliefs on them to erode them away 〗

    〖 How fitting that I am the same! 〗

    The ground below them suddenly turned into black sludge, countless tentacles rose from the sludge trying to catch the Hales members. But while they were cloaked in the black smog, their figures seemed to be illusory as they walked directly through the bindings of the tentacles and kept moving towards Negary on his throne.

    God is unseeable, thus what you see is a shallow manifestation. While clad in this black smog, all attacks would not be able to reach their true self. This was one of the abilities that Hales relied on the most, each official member would be able to perform a ritual to obtain this black smog that originated from the Black Abyss.

    "All Evil Spirits are inherently weak against the members of Hales, because Evil Spirits are the errors of this world. They are the loopholes within the Light and the flames where luminance cannot reach, and where the power of the Black Abyss would reach its peak"

    "Which means that we would also become terrifyingly strong!" the three individuals leapt into the air, the black smog that drifted around them turned into countless chains that tried to bind Negary.

    〖 What a bunch of clowns! 〗Negary remained on his throne as an intense pressure accompanied by an ear-piercing roar erupted from his body, the air itself around him seemed to be breaking apart, everything else became insignificant, and the only thing that seemed to exist in this world was Negary.

    The three individual's lifeless bodies fell down from the air. The black smog that surrounded them before scattered to reveal their naked bodies.

    Hales believed that clothing is born from the Light and the flames, thus using them would further warp and taint their original appearance. Their skins were filled with countless runic patterns and wounds, from which one could tell that these people had undergone untold amount of torture, including being whipped, stabbed, stripped of their nails and skin, castration…and so on and so forth.

    "The flesh is nothing but unclean ash born from the flames, since they rejected anything born from the Light and flames, they destroyed their bodies through pain and torture, believing that they would shed some of the ash by doing so" Granny Seal'e explained: "Some even say that their ultimate fate would be to shed their own bodies and obtain a new body created by the black smog"

    〖 Then what is this ‘The Dazzled' they spoke about? 〗the ground moved and completely swallowed the three individual's bodies, unsurprisingly, they didn't produce any Soul Essence. The organization called Hales had obviously come into contact with even more Evil Spirits than the Church of Divine Grace, so they naturally had measures against the common abilities of Evil Spirits. Because of this, Negary could only rely on Granny Seal'e to know more about them.

    After Granny Seal'e released her [Origin] once, she obtained the power of precognition and learnt countless secrets of many organizations and of this world in general, becoming a truly erudite person.

    "Hales believed that God is unseeable, unspeakable, unfathomable and unreasonable. Because of this, those who gazed upon God could only see the four states, or rather the four sides of God. The Dazzled represented the ‘unseeable', the Cut Tongue represented the ‘unspeakable', the Chopped Hand represented the ‘unfathomable', and the Decapitated represented the ‘unreasonable'"

    "Lord Negary's germs are invisible and boundless, because of that, they believe that you are the Dazzled" Granny Seal'e explained: "It was because the Cut Tongue had returned to their position that Hales had the courage to show themselves again"