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Chapter 72 - There is no such thing as hope and warmth

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 72: Vol1 Ch72: There is no such thing as hope and warmth

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    Standing on Conner's shoulder, Cadiz Moreg began to emit an aqua blue aura from his body. As he jumped from Connor's shoulder, he drew the long spear from behind his back and thrust it directly towards one of the Hales members.

    "A useless attack, our original form cannot be seen, and what is imperceivable cannot be attacked!" The Hales member laughed as he completely ignored Cadiz's spear and thrust the ceremonial blade in his hand towards Cadiz.

    Cadiz's spear directly went through Black One's body, but his body was like a phantom. While surrounded by the black mist of the Black Abyss, his form was imperceivable, and thus could not be truly harmed. At the same time, Black One's ceremonial blade directly pierced through Cadiz's armour and stabbed into his body.

    "It's over, there is poison on our ceremonial blade to remove the ash, time to become our sacrifice" Black One indifferently declared, all lives that tried to prevent the return of the Black Abyss should atone for their sins in death.

    "What nonsense are you spouting?" Cadiz grinned and swept his spear across, Black One's body was sent flying with blood spraying from his wounds.

    As he looked down at Black One who staggered standing up, Cadiz threw the ceremonial blade aside, completely unfazed by the bit of black liquid flowing from his wound. He was displaying an excited expression: "When you attack, there's a short period where you enter a vulnerable state"

    "Your body is already dead?" Black One also noticed Cadiz's current state.


    "This fight is going to be very interesting" Cadiz said with a smile: "You're usually in a state where you can't be attacked, while my body basically can't die. Both of us have no choice but to look for the hidden weaknesses of the other party in order to win"

    "But I've already discovered one of your weaknesses. Whenever you try to attack other people, I can attack you. Although there's a lot more resistance than normal, I still managed to do it. So what are you going to do now?" Cadiz asked in a wicked manner.

    "That thing breeding in the castle is very important to you, isn't it? If you try to run away, I'm going to destroy it"

    Black One patted the dust off his body. The eyes under the black mask were extremely cold. He could accept his own death, but he could not accept the return of the Black Abyss being prevented.


    On another side, the tall fat man, Connor Kenway, released the weapon on his back onto the ground. It was a thick iron chain attached to a huge sphere. He wasn't slow, but he wasn't nimble either, so he simply chose to remain stationary.

    Black Two charged forward, but because of Connor's large size, his attacks weren't doing much besides tickling him, unable to cause any noticeable harm to Connor at all. And whenever Black Two tried to turn around to help his companions, then Connor would move towards the castle.

    This behaviour made Black Two understand that he couldn't deal with Connor, and that he couldn't leave either, otherwise, he would only cause the Evil Spirit ritual to fail.

    The huge ball and chain hit Black Two directly, but as he was surrounded by the black smog of the Black Abyss, all of Connor's attacks simply went through the body dealing no damage. Connor no longer tried to attack, but if one had special vision, then they would notice a purple aura starting to gather around his body.


    The last member of Hales, Black Three, was the most unlucky one as he faced Jack the Killer who had a kind smile practically plastered onto his face. Jack's posture was very flexible so all of Black Three's attacks were being responded by either being blocked or evaded.

    "What should I call you, brother?" Jack was holding a dagger upside down as he blocked Black Three's ceremonial blade while a white mist drifted around his body. Not getting a response from Black Three, he didn't mind and continued to speak: "Seeing how honest you look, I'll call you... Little Noodly!"

    Jack's words made Black Three's movements stiffen briefly, then his subsequent attacks became more and more violent.

    "Oh, I'm sorry if I hit a sore spot. Really sorry about that, please forgive me, because I'm going to do it again and in even more places" Jack once again rolled away from the Black Three's attack and continued to taunt him.

    "If we get a chance, I'll introduce you to a friend of mine, his name is Nil Jiji" Jack evaded again and said with a smile: "I'm sure the two of you will have a lot to talk about"

    "By the way, can I ask you about something?" Jack's dagger moved and slashed towards Black Three's crotch, but it simply went through without hitting anything. "There is a thing called ‘living while saving the crotch', so why didn't you do that instead and join Hales? Even your ‘little woody' has become a ‘little noodly' now1"

    "Asshole, die!" Black Three's attacks became even fiercer, Jack's cheap words were constantly stimulating him and stirring up his emotions.

    "So you are angry, just as I thought" Jack's dagger danced around and blocked all of Black Three's attacks, then his voice suddenly became serious: "The so-called Hales is just a group of defeated dogs after all"

    "After failing until you had nothing left, you could only direct your so-called resentment towards the world itself. You obviously desired the light and fire, but because you couldn't obtain your hope and warmth, you wanted everyone else to lose them as well"

    "What do you know!!" Black Three attacked Jack in a frenzy. The black smog on his body began to swirl and shrink, then gathered on to the dagger in his hand, revealing Black Three's scarred body.

    It almost couldn't be called a human body anymore, huge patches of his skin were torn off, several ribs were removed from his chest, with iron nails littered throughout his body. As he held the ceremonial blade coated in black smog, there was nothing but desperation in his tone: "Do you really think my scars were made after joining Hales?"

    "Do you really think I don't want to obtain hope and warmth?" Black Three rushed towards Jack, since his body was no longer surrounded by the smog of the Black Abyss, he was no longer immune to attacks: "But the only people who could bring me hope and warmth are no longer there!!!"

    "How tragic" Jack's smile quickly faded, the originally white mist around his body had turned blood-red at some unknown point.

    The ceremonial blade and Jack's dagger clashed. The ceremonial blade clad in black smog directly cut through Jack's dagger, then through Jack's neck. Jack maintained his grip on the broken dagger, slashed forward with his momentum and completely missed Black Three's head, if the dagger hadn't been broken, this attack would have cleanly cut through the upper half of his face.

    But Black Three's body started falling backwards in an upright manner, his gaze under the mask gradually became unfocused, some auditory hallucinations even resounded in his ears.