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Chapter 73 - The ‘unfathomable’ Ellis

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 73: Vol1 Ch73: The ‘unfathomable’ Ellis

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    Jack's decapitated head suddenly grew black tentacles and reconnected to his fallen body.

    After putting his head back on, Jack moved his neck back and forth a bit, then walked up to Black Three's body. He was either triggered by Jack's words to the point of losing his mind, or he simply didn't want to live anymore. Jack took out a firestarter from his pocket, poured some highly concentrated alcohol on the body, ignited a flame and lit the body on fire.

    "Although you couldn't feel the warmth while you were still alive, at least your body can feel the heat in your death" Jack shook his head helplessly: "What use is there in hating the world? If you wanted something to hate, hate the era"

    Jack threw his half-broken dagger away. The reason why he managed to kill Black Three despite his dagger not cutting through him was actually because of the ability of his secondary soul.

    The Ghostmen soldiers were Undead who had been implanted with a secondary soul. And these secondary souls were all created from modifying remnant souls. When a remnant soul was separated from its True Spirit, it underwent a process that was similar to an inferior version of the [Origin]'s first stage being released.

    For example, Negary awakened his ability to control and live symbiotically with germs at the beginning, due to it being a pseudo-release, the awakened ability would be very weak initially. Negary's bacterial control only grew gradually stronger as his soul form continued to grow, at the same time being extremely difficult to improve qualitatively. From a fundamental comparison, it couldn't be compared with Granny Seal'e who had released her [Origin] properly.

    Naturally, Negary had continued to mutate and developed his germs to create other abilities, thus infinitely improving his initial ability to what it was today. This was the reason why Granny Seal'e revered Negary so much.


    The secondary soul that Jack was implanted with had awakened an ability that Jack named Animosity Manipulation.

    Unlike Negary's ability, the animosity he could control wasn't what he generated himself, but rather the animosity of others.

    When Jack used this ability, as long as others hold animosity or killing intent towards Jack, the killing intent would be collected by his ability, then used to form weapons as he wished. Jack's broken dagger didn't even come into contact with Black Three, but the blade of killing intent that grew from it did, which caused serious injury to his mind and even killed him shortly after.

    It could be said that the more killing intent or animosity other people held towards Jack, the stronger he would be, and there was no one better than Jack at drawing other people's animosity.

    As the flames flickered, Jack didn't leave to help the others, nor did he go to the castle to stop the ritual from reaching its completion. Instead, he sat down by the fire lit by the corpse and put his hands out to keep himself warm.

    An Undead might gain a practically immortal body, but they would also lose a lot of things at the same time. Since there was a barrier between the soul and the body, his sense of smell was nearly nonexistent, so he didn't notice how unpleasant the smell of the burning corpse was.


    Black Two continued to press his attacks on Connor Kenway, and left all sorts of wounds on the big fatty's body, but all of these wounds would heal in the blink of an eye.

    The body of an Undead body had no vitals. Since their bodies were composed of germs, as long as the germ tissues that made up their bodies weren't destroyed in large quantities, they could easily be healed.

    Black Two thought to himself. Although he didn't know why the other guy didn't try to stop the completion of the Evil Spirit ritual, once the ritual was completed, the newborn Evil Spirit Ellis would be extremely powerful, and Evil Spirits bred by the Black Abyss stones would naturally be driven by the power of the Black Abyss, they could definitely kill these people without trouble.

    "Enough is enough" Connor, who had been silent all this time, suddenly declared. Black Two, who had circled behind him to continue his attack, abruptly collapsed. Countless wounds appeared all over his body with his blood splattering everywhere, his life gradually slipping away from him.

    The ability Conor Kenway obtained from his secondary soul was called Damage Reflection. Each time anyone dealt damage to him, a proportional amount of damage would also accumulate on the attacker's body. This reflected damage wasn't much if triggered separately, relatively speaking. For example, if someone stabbed Connor, the reflected damage would only cause a small scratch.

    But when the damage was allowed to accumulate and burst out all at once, it was considerably frightening. Especially with Connor's Undead body, there was almost no way to deal with this ability.


    "Ahahaha, all of your companions are dead, and soon it'll be your turn" Cadiz brandished his spear as Black One breathed heavily while facing him.

    Black One had a feeling that this spear user in front of him had the ability to kill him right away, but he was dragging the battle out. There weren't any schemes or tricks involved in dragging this out, the man simply wanted to see him in pain and despair.

    This man was, without a doubt, an outright villain. He took joy in seeing others suffer, in bringing people pain and despair, in torturing them. He didn't commit heinous acts for wealth or fame, he was simply enjoying the fun of doing them.

    Just like how he chose to become a pirate to plunder from other people. It wasn't that he was too poor that he had to resort to it, on the contrary, he originally lived quite a rich life. He simply chose to board the pirate ship to become a pirate. He was an outright wicked person, but he was both blessed and fortunate, he had chosen to submit himself to Negary and gained the power of a Ghostmen.

    "Scream! Show me your pain!" Cadiz moved back to avoid Black One's attack, his spear swiftly thrust forward, and took advantage of Black One's attack missing to stab his body: "Then fall to complete despair!"

    Cadiz twisted his spear and pulled it backwards, pulling Black One's blood out together with his intestines. Although the black smog surrounding him quickly made it so that he didn't take any more damage, Black One wouldn't be able to live for much longer.

    He crouched down on the ground, with an expression full of madness under his black mask. Clutching his ceremonial blade tightly, he suddenly laughed: "You were too arrogant, the Evil Spirit ritual has been completed! Even if Ellis hasn't become the Chopped Hand, her current self is more than enough to kill all of you! She will devour your souls, and the Black Abyss would ultimately return!!!"

    In the castle behind him, the large number of dead bodies had all turned into dry corpses, the Black Abyss stones inside their bodies were now also full of cracks and seemed like they would crumble to dust at the slightest touch.

    Meanwhile, inside Ellis's body, the Black Abyss stone full of holes was periodically overflowing with essence. The newborn Evil Spirit named Ellis howled as she emerged from the castle window, revealing her gigantic soul form in front of everyone.

    The Ghostmen themselves were Undead, so they could naturally see the soul form. While Granny Seal'e, who has been standing in the distance without taking any actions so far, was a Witch who had released the first stage of her [Origin], so seeing the spirit form was a basic skill to her.

    Ellis' soul form was very large, due to the Evil Spirit ritual, this soul form didn't maintain a humanoid appearance. Her current appearance was like a huge mask that depicted a smiling woman with several dozen soul bands that extended like tentacles floating around it.

    This was the unfathomable, Ellis.